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Feb 4 2007

Blast from the past?
Seeing as I had nothing to say here, but still wanted to updated, I decided to look up a Feb entry from last year and see what sort of stuff I was going on about. It sure wasn't much. I guess some things never change? No, fuck that, they do. Lots of things have changed since then, and hopefully more are coming. Maybe it's a mid-life crisis thing (in which case, maybe I'll get myself a Harley and a leather jacket) but I'm needing to feel like I'm doing something with my life other than spending it on random stuff. I've been trying to do more writing, so we'll see how that works out.

A sitcom to call our own.
Seeing as I'm Canadian and Mzebonga is British, we should be able to write a great sitcom. I've got a great sense of humour and he's a jackass, things that are needed when writing any great sitcom. People love to laugh, and they love to hate the jackass. When he visits, him and I will write out a pilot and then some TV network can pay us stupid amounts of money to keep writing more scripts.

More random research.
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