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Monday February 20

Wow it's been awhile hasn't it? Where to begin?

For a week, my head hurt. This is odd for me, as I'm not a headache person normally. It did a good job of rendering me useless for a week. When I woke up from its grip, I had to catch up on all the things I hadn't done. I hate it when I get behind on simple tasks, so that week was quite frustrating. I lost myself for a while, and I'm not all the way back yet either.  I'm out of sync with everyone else around me right now.

Due to my current mood of not feeling myself, I've remembered the real reason I began drawing. Instead of spending my moments of frustration and depression doing nothing, losing hours if not days of my life, I decided that if I could do something, anything during that time, I'd be better off for it. I could still do it while I felt like shit, but at the end of it all, I at least had something to show for it.
This is not a word I think of when I look for words to describe myself. It's not a bad thing to be, however I just don't see what I say or do that would be considered as such. Odd? Yes. See reason for this under the heading Ow.
While using up a gift certificate, the woman clerk who was ringing in the crap was extremely chatty. I'm not a shopping kind of girl, so this threw me off a bit. She was going on about having a gift room, where she stockpiles random gifts all year and as events come up, she wraps them up. It sounds like a logical idea I guess. I've never really thought about it. I wonder how many rooms are out there right now, filled with ungiven gifts, just waiting to be given.
Watching TV sucks. Instead, I've begun to rent TV shows on DVD. Life without commercials is grand. So far I've watched Arrested Development, Absolutely Fabulous and Faulty Towers. Funny stuff in the hopes that laughter really is the best medicine.

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