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Thursday April 6

Verbal vomit.
Today is a good of a day as any to babble on about absolute crap. Why not? Everyone else online does it, at least I throw in a few killings here and there to keep us all vaguely amused. The truth? I'm quite tired and can't focus on doing much else.

Each morning I insist on coffee. Yesterday, it turned out that the thermos I brought contaminated my coffee with black chunks of crap. I had to pour it ALL out. Devastated, I went to cry into my jacket (so my coworkers wouldn't hear me and mock me for my lack of caffeine) and found $10. Wiping away my tears, I gave my $10 to one of the co-workers who had to go out this morning to the post office, and asked him to buy everyone there coffees. Crisis averted! Who says money can't buy happiness? I just bought some for myself and everyone here for a bit; well worth the $10 I'd say.

I bet he does.
While chatting with Schizoid recently, we decided that it's time for Patton to start singing properly again and to start creating more music. We've all indulged his insanity for long enough and it's time for some real singing and music. Then Schizoid and I agreed that he probably sings around the house or in the shower. He probably sings wonderfully, and only his wife and the houseplants gets to hear it. Of course he would sing when no one else can hear it, just to piss the rest of us off. In fact, I bet the asshole sings great songs in the shower. If he's truly insane, he'd sing Epic. (If I heard him singing Epic in the shower, I'd flush the toilet a few times until he either screamed or sang something else.) I demand you sing and make real music Patton!

Guns in the house?
During my ride to work each day, a variety of conversations occur. Sure, there are days of complete silence (it's best not to deal with others when the right amount of coffee hasn't yet been consumed) but on other days, like today, some odd conversations do occur. Today it was the conversation of where the guns will go when Ver and I have our own house out on some huge hunk of land. We are assuming that some huge crazy event may happen in our lifetimes (December 21, 2012?) and if it does, well we're going to have to be able to protect our chunk of area from crazy people. (Yea of course we'll help those we can and such but let's face it, there will always be those around who don't want to share and just want to take. When it's things that you and others rely on for life, and they will cut all that short, well THAT is when you need to defend things.) So the argument was where the guns would be kept. Being the insanely paranoid freak that I am, I demanded they not be in the actual house. This leaves it open to the question of how stupid would that be if I'm IN the house and need to get them? Well ok, fine. That's a legit point so I'm willing to concede that an underground room that is locked up and hidden might be ok. There are laws in Canada about how to store them safely, but I want to make SURE that there is no way some weirdo can get at them or any of my family members (it's ok if I want to shoot them though.). While I'm not one for gun violence, and 99.9% of the time think we'd all be better without them, I have to admit that I do want to go to a gun range and fire one a few times.

More guns.
Since I'm talking about guns, I figured I'd talk about how I've been playing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas a lot more lately. Seeing as I'm an adult, I know that video games do not equal reality. There are people who still get all bent out of shape about these games and well, the only people who should be blamed for kids playing this are the parents and other people around who LET them play it or don't inform their older children not to let the younger kids play. (Has no one heard of hiding these games from kids or putting them where they can't be reached? Or, this is a new idea, discussing with them that this is not real life and how to actually handle their anger properly?) Beyond all that, I for one say that a game like GTA allows me to get out my frustrations on random computer pedestrians instead of real pedestrians on real streets. Basically, you should all thank this game series for making it so I don't snap for real, at least for another few years.

TV makes me think of questions.
Why on earth would someone spend time training an ox to go through a flaming hoop? What a waste of time and energy. Just give it food, some land and leave it alone!

I'm sick of them. I want them out of here. If you have any suggestions on how to sell them quicker, then let me know.
This rocks. Sit back and watch this demo of a game that will be coming out. It's total insanity in all the right ways.

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