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: September 2004 Results

What if all your thoughts were being picked up by a radio station,
and sold as a 'reality' radio show?

It wouldn't do them any good because my thoughts are all concentrated on plots to take over the world. You know, selling poisonous blinding pink plush teddy bears to Osama bin Laden so he can use them to blind and corrupt small children, then use them as pawns to my evil will, then I will step down as supreme ruler and make way for the impending doom of the cats. Once they take over, they will use me for their evil will, and it will not matter if the world knows my secret plots.- bluemonkeyfearer

I'd quit thinking.- j0eg0d

I'd start forcing extra paranoid and offensive thoughts so that the program would be mostly beeped-out. Or like, I'd pretend to be an alien and keep sending messages telepathically back to my home planet, telling them to go ahead with their plan to vaporize the planet or some crap like that. That way I could get some hysteria and riots going on. Alternately I'd be tossed in the loony bin. With all that fun padding, you could just sleep on the walls..either way I win!- FartMonkey

i would sew whoever thought that my thoughts were that intresting and waisting someones time for gettin my thoughts. ne ways it wouldnt make for a good show.- pinkmonkeybutttons

Ah, liek the trueman show. That is probably what is happening anyway. There is a secret government program called C.O.B.R.A. that tracks every phonecall we make, every e-mail and text message we send, and can apparently even acess your webcams even when they are off. You see, they are always watching, and they are never what they claim to be. Which is why I have given up all of my stuff, even my PC. You may wonder how I am able to answer these questions and surf the internet... it's not just the government holding secrets you know... - Mort

I would blow up the world before anyone got a chance to hear it.- Kali

I would do the whole "cloud your mind" luke skywalker thing, and I would use the force to take over everyone who is listening with my mind power and everyone would be under my control, and I would rebuild the Roman Empire, and I would become the new Ceasar and Everyone would be like, feeding me grapes and using big leaves to fan me and like, id hire a court jester to like, Entertain my royal subjects while i hack into big secret governemnt agencies and take over america, and I would teach penguins to fly, so that I would have my own Penguin army, id call it... My Penguin Army... and i would have my penguin army learn the ways of the ninja and samurai and all my penguins would have SuperPenguin Powers, and id send them on an attack agains the United States Government, and take it over, and id show everyone that A Penguin Army Government, is a Perfect army Government [insert maniacle laughter here]- General Sock Penguin

Within lies what of all decipher to way no be would there.- freak ninja

They are. It's called static.- Fish

You mean... they aren't already?- Hufflebunny

Everyone would use the show for inspiration on what sort of answers to write for this website. The concept of 'MonkeyButt Answers' would become just a myth and the site would lose its appeal. I'd then have to start thinking of bad answers such as 'Gee, I dunno!' to confuse dumb people so that I could save the best ones for myself. By the way, if any other answers are similar to this one; you know who they stole it from!- Fredward

I'd definately tune in. I'm the most interesting person I know.- RachelSometimes

they would think im pretty fucked up and prob put me in a mental hospital- trixie

You mean like that crap ive been watching on FOX? i could think of a better plot for a reality show!- libertarian

Is this place where my thoughts are being broadcasted? Because I suddenly have urges to press that 'submit' button.- Lucar

Well I'd imagine the FCC would shut down the radio station for extreme indecency, and if they ever found out who's thoughts they were angry villagers would hang me, burn my body, and send the ashes into space so as not to defile any place on the planet with my remains.- ArchbishopShaggy

I'd sue.- m k

It would be boring because most of the show would be commercials.- Encrusted Ernie

I'd be incarcerated for twenty five years to life once the fuzz realizes its been me all these years.- Angry Dan

I'd go on the reality radio show and ROCK THE SHOW!! - MonKeYsPaNkEr2010

i knew it!!- Jenna

dude, who would want to see my thoughts besides 40 year old transvestites that live in their mother's basements and jack off to tellitubies all day... while playing dungeons and dragons. howl- Wolf Man

they would have locked me up by now- crack o'the ass

I would start thinking controversial thoughts like the fact that I want to like my dog's anus while rubbing a raw chicken all over me. That'd get the ratings up. Anything for a bit of fame.- Turtle

I don't think that would sell very well, unless people like to hear the word "Sex" and "vagina" used alot in unnecesarry places. -me

that's be pretty cool. Everyone would know i've been right all along. The downside me be that girls would stop wearing such skimpy clothes.- Jag

Haha that would be kidna funny....- PsYcHoJeFfLoVeR

You think the Insane Domain is wierd, you guys haven't seen shit until you take a walk in my shoes. That would be a real screwed up station......I don't even want to think about the stuff I think about.........fucking sicko....- harbingerofhell

I would sue! - Juniper

Then they would have alot of pornographic thoughts.- HappyAnnie

Then I would walk into the radio station with a big gun an da lot of ammo, then see what they broadcast...- Fleoa

Fun fun fun- munia

Hopefully the station is co-owned by FOX, which is A corporation that fears enough commitment where I wouldn't have to worry about the show continuing for too long. And maybe, just maybe, Lifetime will buy the rights and stretch truths from far corners of the world. I'm not sure where I'm going with this, but I guess I could conclude: It'd be cool.- weird

Not much of a reality show. The ratings would be at an all time low. Then there will be that useless blank sound that runs through alls minds at the time of the end, but then again there is always that thought of the ones that know will know more then they know half the type they are.- CorruptedPuppet

Pepsi would sponser it.- j0eg0d

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