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: September 2004 Results

What if you could travel back in the future to 5 years ago?
Yep, you read it correctly.

Back in the FUTURE to five years ago??? Back refers to the PAST. I am confused. Does this mean travel to the year 1999 or the year 2009? Well, I hope it means 2009, because I'd rather be twenty-one than eleven again. Boy, it sucked, being in the sixth grade... Anyhow, if I WAS to go back to being eleven, I would torment my idiotic junior high teachers and parents by babbling in my extensive knowledge of Spanish, and make them all think I am a genius by performing my trigenometry and calculus knowledge to them and all of their simplicity. Then they will pay tribute to me and my cats to avoid making me angry for fear of me invoking the power of lightening and striking them down. Mu ha ha evil plots of doom.- bluemonkeyfearer

I wouldn't want to do that because then it would make me older than I already am, and I have a hard enough time picking up these cute young things that jog by my door.- j0eg0d

I'd learn to play all the songs I possibly could and then I'd release them as my own when nobody else knew about them yet. - FartMonkey

i would be in the past but in the future of 5 years ago....and that wouldbe mucho funo!!!- pinkmonkeybutttons

Now THIS is a question. I've been favouring the What If's section recently. Anyway, I'd already have to be in the future ten years to travel back five years to be in the present, so if I could do that, I'd tell everyone I was from the future, and that I was now older than my older sister. They probably wouldn't beleive me so I would prove it by going back into the future and telling everybody there I was from the past. Hopefully not getting stuck between the two in the nothingness of time. That would suck.- Mort

I would tell my past self to kill my future husband as soon as I saw him.- Kali

Than I would be like, "dude, OMG, its cher!!!" *takes a blowtorch to cher and exclaims---*"WHO SET THE TIME MACHINE TO -5 KNOTS WITH THE ENTITY SWITCH SET ON FUTURE! GIYAH- WE IN A DIFFERENT DIMENSION NOW !"!!!! And i would go around and i would make sure that I got all the ugly azz celebrities *starting with Britney Spears* and had them all in the same area while i take my Penguin Army and had them use SUPER NUKES ON THEM AHAHAHAHHHAHA, and then, id send the scraps of all the ugly azz scary celeb's to the creamter, and than after that, i would toss them into space, in collision with the sun, so no more ugly azz celeb's and like, yah, i would go back after i saved the other dimension, id travel into the past to five years from now XD "SET THE TIME MACHINE TO +5 KNOTS WITH THE ENTITY SWITCH SET ON PAST!!!!!"- General Sock Penguin

first of all how did you expect to go BACK into the future 5 years ago...i am so confused - freak ninja

Well, this is theoretically possible. If you take time to be the fourth dimension (the fourth dimensions is more an abstract spatial dimension we cannot perceive thanks to the limitations of our evolution with Euclidean geometry), then we can create a four-dimensional parabolic representation of time. Such a representation would allow us to find some point in time at which the 3 'fundamental' dimensions were equal to those found some five years ago, and travelling to this point would allow us to reach some point in the future identical (at least in spatial arrangement) to the said point 5 years ago. We have thus travelled forward in time to reach a point equivalent to 5 years ago, thereby proving the fundamentally cyclical nature of time and thoroughly destroying the way the entire universe functions. Take that, reality.- Fish

Well, I guess I would Travel to the year 2009 and go back 5 years to 2004 again, and yammer on about how great the year 2009 was until the men in the clean white coats take me away.- Hufflebunny

I would be pissed off that my time machine was broken again. I would find the person that invented it and complain. The person wouldn't actually have invented it and would have no idea what I was on about. Then they would pay me 27p to account for the damages and I would leave them the time machine and have to wait 5 years until I was back to my normal time. During this time I would find my younger self and teach him how to play tennis. After I tought myself how to play tennis the person with the broken time machine would have ripped it apart and discovered the secret behind it. They would then invent it and become a millionaire. As for myself, I stopped my younger self trying to travel through time. Everything went back to normal. The time machine was never invented and I cant even remember any of it! - Fredward

I definately would have taken the green pill instead of the purple one...stupid old woman. UNCLEAN LIAR!- RachelSometimes

you cant travel back into the future its the past and 5 years isnt that long, but ive prob do it anyway- trixie

hmmmm, it would be 1999. So I would invest all my money to prepare for Y2K. - libertarian

What if you could fuck back in the ass while inside the pussy? Hah! You can't without a dildo! Which means time travelling back in the future to five years ago also requires a dildo. Simple logic.- Lucar

i'll probably choose this year so I'll be doing just the same thing as I am doing now. Answering this damn confusing WHAT IF'S question!!!!...or maybe...NOT!!!!- loise

I'd finally be able to give my girlfriend that double teaming she wants without having to let another man touch her.- ArchbishopShaggy

I'd drop out of high school and work right away. It's not like I'm using anything I learned now.- m k

I'd place bets on the hockey playoffs and make millions!!- Encrusted Ernie

I'd go up to the past version of me and kick his ass. Why? Its personal.- Angry Dan

i'd buy some cheap gum.- MonKeYsPaNkEr2010

i would find myself and go on a quest to kidnap george bush and torture him viciously so he could not become president and fuck up the US even MORE. The torture I'm talking about, of course, is an old method: plastic surgery to make him look like his wife. - Jenna

if i could travel back 5 years ago i would, but then i wouldnt be here to travel back 5 years ago, but then i wouldnt so i would still be here... and my life would be perfect. howl- Wolf Man

i'd be pretty fucked up let me tell you that. then i'd tell myself a great many things but it wouldn't matter because itd be back in the future and no one would know- crack o'the ass

I'd be pretty damn ugly. Like an adult looking baby but not that extreme- Turtle

Well, if I traveled back 5 years back... I think the only thing I'd do is tell myself NOT to go out with that Gouin chick. She was pretty hot 'till you got her pants off. *shiver* only thing I really regret.-me

Five years? I'd probably worn everyone to not vote for nader so that Al Gore would win. Then this whole terrorism thing wouldn't have got started, thousands would be spared. Then i'd invest in like phone stock or soething, making me rich now. Finally, i'd move to canada, Japan, or Austraila.- Jag

i would be a happy little nine year old. - PsYcHoJeFfLoVeR

Oh you have no fucking clue how cool that would be...................Things have gone down the shitter in the last 5 years...........and all the lotto numbers!!!!!!!!!!!!Man thats a lot of dinero.........Screw Donald Trump he wouldn't have nothing on my cash reserves........Stock market inside tips, all the havoc and mayhem you could wreak..... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- harbingerofhell

I would be very confused! - Juniper

Well first I'd have to travel to the future then years ago. Reverse that by five and then divide by one tenth the square root of 24 which would give me the approximate time in which I could travel in time. Then I would hope that I did it right and then I would worry that I didn't so I would freak out and wouldn't do it.- HappyAnnie

If I could travel back in time for any length, I would probably do everything I did before, just the opposite way.- Fleoa

I woould go strieght gay and nevr toch a guy againI do no ngiv- munia

I'd pay my phone bill on time.- weird

Well now that will all have to pretain to where I would travel back 5 years. Can't be to sure when someone ask you "Hey you want to travel to the future?" and your like huh? So yeah it's hard to justify the true meaning of it all with just little information that is given under the right time of day and night. Then again you have to understand that only half of the world would really understand the pure potential of the whole time travel ordeal.- CorruptedPuppet

How do you travel back if it's in the future?- j0eg0d

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