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: May 2004 Results
What if your family and friends decided to start calling you 'Spanky the wonder horse'?

People already call me things like that. I love it when they begin to slap your arse and say that they want to ride me.- M. Mort


i would come to your house and use a slugger and knock you out for telling them that- mr.rocker

There was a guy where I worked who used to call me "Claire". Honestly, I really couldn't give a flying fuck.- Mzebonga

Then shall it be! GRAH! only a bloody stump of a foot can save us now, spanky! ONLY A BLOODY STUMP! A BLOODY STUMP! neh, fem. we shall all be catapulted into the vast oblivion someday anyway. why not do it with blood, gore, a lot of alchohal,more alcohal, and a name like Spanky the Wonder Horse?- Morshada

i'd wonder how much they see that i don't know about.- eva psychotic

then i'd better live up to my name- SG*

haha. Spanky the wonder horse? Well, hum. that would make me giggle an awful lot just because it is funny. altho after a while I would get annoyed with it I am sure.- keraZie

I think I would rather enjoy it. Even though I am not a horse, and don't spank people. However having a different nickname then others would be rather interesting. Well that is my thought of weridness for the day~Jeepster

Would I get spanked and ridden?- Mzebonga

id kill them to.- sammy

I'd get it tattooed on me.- Virnomine

I'd get really mad and say, "Excuse me, but it's Wiggles. Get it right, dumbasses."- McDiablo

i would truly be impressed on how much my insanity has rubbed off on my family whilst also being proud of the [hopefully] non-litigious nomenclature- Sven the Masseur

is tell them its monkey not horse- cheese

Id shank em all.- jesterozzy

Well, I'll be damned! I would go around in nothing but Toy Story boy briefs and red cowboy boots...and my woodeen stick horse! You when your parents couldn't afford the whole rocking thing so they gave you stick with a HORSE HEAD on it! How sick is that? I'm surprised that the really poor kids didn't go around decapatating real horses and lappping there heads on sticks! ARGGHHH! ...but back to sexy moi in red coboy boots and toy story underoos...- ChunkyFlamingoTesticles

I would get more chicks- Franky_TooCoolo

geeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzz my names bad enough.- key board

Then id b fucked- Dave

I'd act all enthusiastic and get a necklace that said Spanky the Wonder Horse on it and wear that around my neck. Then after a week or two I'd start gradually replacing my speech with mysterious grunts and neighs. Then one day I'd go out and get a horse and put my necklace around its neck, along with strategic scraps of my clothing. I'd hide and videotape their reaction when they came out and saw the horse, and then I'd skip town and never come back. When people ask what my story is, I'll just show them the tape and refuse to explain any further. - FartMonkey

I would start calling all my friends that name as well. Soon, we would all look alike and start drinking the same type of sand. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to drink the same kind of sand. If I had sound, I would know.- JWOOSTYLE

ill be really mad- Starburst

finally!! some recogintion for my enormous penis and promiscuous go get me a beer before I kick your ass..... - RealmO-K

Then i would happily dress in a plaid flannel shirt with a cowboy hat on, NOTHING ELSE. And i am an extremly fat person, that is a Very scary sight. Anyways, i would prchase my self one of those demented horse head-on-a-stick and merrily gallop around going along with the ridicule. As a result my so-called family and friends would quit because 'I took all the fun out of it.' I love how humans have feeble minds.- freak ninja

i would say thank you- steebs

i'd stick my butt in their face!- chicklett

i'd constantly nah and my choice slogan would be... "i WONDER if i'll get spanked today" is anyone else noticing a pattern of spanking with me????????- ristixxx

crap that would suck- sushi

I would like it a lot because I am werid like that . I probably would take have that put on my name tag at work and have everyone call me that . Even the customers and my ex . He would enjoy it a little too much . All of the bitches and ho's I work with would think it was ridiculous but they suck .- kandy Melt

SWEET!- queenjen

I would start calling them hanky the frog licker.- pitty witty

oh shit i'd kick their asses and then i'd piss on their faces and... ok well that just isn't needed now is it? i'm sorry i shouldn't have done that. i'd just tell them to shut the fuck up then- spanky

big deal, I always knew my rides were worth while- eddiot

I would like it a lot and probably call my self that too.- slavekandy

... id run- Riku

than i would bite them all in the ass- monkey nuts are awsome

But that is my name.- spanky the fishmankurtus

Id laugh harder- doucherboo

nothing shocking, really. I actually carried the nickname "the unibomber" for several years. Many people have done things that they regret later, but do we get off without the nickname? NO!- eva destruction

i would kill all of them and make love to the cat and make a race of super incested big balled mutants and then who would be laughting then HAHAHAHAHAHA(licking my lips)- smutings the godess

hay is for horses- igor

then i would leave- ledzeppelinforever

then i would fuck them all with my 2 foot horse like penis repeadly until they bleed to death- Billhgates

My God I would LOVE ITTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!! This is my dream. But I don't think that my family would ever be nice enough to call me something like that. - queenjen

I'd put on some loud music, sit in the corner and jack off.- Some Guy

I would like it bitch- kandi melt

hahahaha omg seriously honestly my nickname is spanky cuz of my last name rhymes with it......hahaha....wonder horse? i could get them to start- spanky_da_biznatch

*looks around: Have you talked to my mom recently? *Hides all baby pictures* That is not what I was called when I was little *looks around scared* I swear its not, I was never Spanky the wonder horse *pouts* please believe me...look Ill give you a dollar...look a dollar*waves dollar* dont talk to my mom anymore ok? You'll learn alot of stuff like how my sisters name was slappy the slap happy headgehog- monkeeskittles

Well I've been called worse- chained

i'm a MOOSE dammit a MOOSE!!!!!- Calaba

mass homicide follows - spanky the wonderhorse

id go muha i am duck girl and torture them and drag them round the room by their hair and stuff- turquoiseraven

i'd be beaten up by my equine friend, spanky. he'd give them all a good spanking too. that must be why people call him so... name envy- turreima

How did you guys find out about my nickname?- BadassArchangel

id tell them "NO NO NO! Its spanky the wonder dog"- nullboy

id fuck a dog in the ass =D- Tom

Cool. - Krackhead.


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