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: May 2004 Results
What if children ran the world?

I would be quite impressed if every child was to run the length of the world. I think it may take quite a long time though, and it would all be for nothing seeing as we would all shoot them at the end of it. I'd like to see that though. Maybe. Unless they run in a very long line, then they'd just get in the way and probably wouldn't make the end to get shot.- M. Mort

I would be fine with that...Everyone would bow down to me!!! .......What do you mean I only have the 'mentality' of a five year old?!- InstantOatmeal

Point in case: George W Bush.- Mzebonga

It's really going to suck when they grow up.- Morshada

lil' bushie-poo would be in a corner, the al-kay-da would have soap in it's mouth, and butched out lesbians would be hired to do a lot of spankin' that the world obviously diserves. Frickin' Ben and Jerry's would rule over starbucks.- eva psychotic

then I'd be the elder.. hopefully.. and if not I'd try to kill as many of those damn twerps as possible..- SG*

that would be awesome. Think about it. you'd have no resbonsibility, all the candy and junk you wanted, sleeping in, taking naps. ahh the joy that would be.- keraZie

Are teenagers considered to be children? Because if they were, that would kick ass! I would make it so that the fugly teachers who tortured me had to go to school every single day, 24 hours a day, without sleeping and having only three stupid minutes between each class to get to their lockers. And I would never give them a bathroom pass, even if they're getting their periods. If teenagers/kids ran the world, my band would definitely be like, the royalty. And Benji Madden, his twin Joel, Tom Delonge, and any other guy who I think is sexy has to be my pet and they would have to follow me around on a leash. Oh man, that would be so great. But, if by children you mean kids ages 6-12, THAT WOULD SUCK ASS MAJORLY! Because little kids are so stupid. We'd live in a crazy hellhouse of gigantic barbie dolls, massive race cars, and...well, it would basically be like living in a monstrously large FAO Schwartz. The girls would force us to listen to Hilary Duff, Avril Levine, and the Backstreet Boys, and all of the clothes would not fit us. Also, we would only be able to watch movies that are G or PG. There would be like an 8pm curfew, and it would just SUCK! In a nutshell, if teenagers ran the world, it would be cool, and everyone except our stupid teachers and anyone else who made me miserable would be totally happy. But, if little kids ran the world, it would suck ass.- Ka Ka Chawinga

If Children ran the world it would probably be a much better place. Ice cream for every meal, probably would fight with nerf balls instead of bombs, and it would be all about the sharing. Until someone was all "I am not sharing" then the nerf balls would be flying! ~Jeepster

Then all my aspirations of eventually achieving world supremacy and blowing the world up would be behind me. I'd have no reason to live.- Mzebonga

then it would be a living hell.- sammy

It would be great, naps and recess. Where do I sign up?- Virnomine

'Teletubbies' would be on T.V. 24/7, I'd constantly be tripping over toys, there would be a Junk Food Diet (screw Atkins), playgrounds would be as big as cities. In short, I would die--although that Junk Food Diet sounds pretty good..- McDiablo

then the world would be run by littler people. alternatively (if they were really little) then the world would be crawled by children.- Sven the Masseur

they would be sluts- cheese

The news would only come on Saturday morning, cartoons all week.- jesterozzy

Well that's impossible...but let's say they did. I guess it wouldn't be so bad! Snack after breakfast..naps after lunch! I could go to work and wear whatever I wanted! (kids don't care!) Alcohol would be legal at a younger age and social security would be attained at a much younger age. OH! and school would prob. be deleted from history. But, we could always hire aliens to kill off all the children and then we can have our boring adult world back!- ChunkyFlamingoTesticles

At first it may sound good, like the idea of them making us play instead of going to war n' shit... but then... um... I lost it. I had a great one, I swear! Sorry. - Franky_TooCoolo

wouldint the world be a better place if they did . eat all day,sleep, never do anything. - key board

Then the world b awesome- Dave

Oh man that would be awful! There would be bright colors everywhere and you'd get paid with candy or cheap stickers and there would be snot wiped on every wall you could see and everything would always be sticky because somehow it always is when there's a kid around. But on the plus side, children would be even easier for the cats to outsmart, so the childrens' reign of terror shouldn't last more than a few hours. - FartMonkey

If children ran the world I'd open up an ice creme shop on a hovercraft. All children are perplexed by the combination of hovering and ice creme.- JWOOSTYLE

ill be going nuts - Starburst

that would suck cos' insteed of watching cool t.v shows,- (like Seinfeld) we would have to watch shit like "Barney" and everyone would always be drinking chocolate milk and fruit juice insteed of beer and scotch whisky. Note: Playing Musical chairs and eating cookies aint my idea of a party; Bring out the kegs of beer, the kilo of weed and the french prostitutes.............god damn it!! go to your room.....and that meens no t.v and no nintendo you little brat.- RealmO-K

if children ran the world, it would suck. i could go on about this one, but, i'm not, so ,there, give me a butt award, I DON'T GIVE A FUCK.- freak ninja

it would be full of kids with bad teeth and candy would be like gold- steebs

there would be no world it would be called hell!- chicklett

then we'd be the oens getting spanked and punished.... but it woudl be wrogn because the kids owuld be doing this to us. so it owuld lose its sexual possibilities. hwoever, there are soem sickos out there who would LOVE to be spanked by children. "yes susie, i AM bad, spank me and send me to your room". the world is just sick.- ristixxx

evil...- sushi

It would be firgin awesome . People who be much happier and you would not have to worry about assholes messing eveything up .- kandy Melt

Everybody would be really retarded and act like those spoiled brats on the OC. I also think that children would be alot happier than adults. Adults are so negative.- queenjen

the world would be probably nothing but violence- pitty witty

i'd kill all the little fuckers and then i'd kill the parents and then everyone would be dead- spanky

NO school, we would all be aids infested, and the world would suck- eddiot

It would be really different and stuff- slavekandy

we'd all be running wild- Riku

if children ran the world, my name would be flappy butt cheeks- monkey nuts are awsome

They don't?- spanky the fishmankurtus

No Drama- doucherboo

mommy's and daddy's would be required to wear "church clothes" all the time, and eat only green veggies and liver, the dog would get their room, and my big brother would be sent to siberia..- eva destruction..

then we all die.- igor

then theyre would be no world- ledzeppelinforever

then what i did last night would probbly be legal- Billhgates

I think that the world would be alot better place.- queenjen

I'd rebel and spank their ungrateful little asses till they bled.- Some Guy

WHAT ABOUT IT ?- kandi melt

oh shit- spanky_da_biznatch

I would build a spaceship, charge $10 a person for all the ones who wanted to escape, go to pluto and build a new world out of the bodies of the ones who didnt survive- monkeeskittles

We'd all die- chained

pixie sticks and gummy worms.... yeah... money baby!!- Calaba

never-ending recess - spanky the wonderhorse

mwhhaaha you mean you didnt know Tony Blairs children have him drugged and are secretly running the world? I mean, cmon, it would explain a lot wouldnt it?- turquoiseraven

um.. they already have... they're everywhere... in the supermarket,in the streets, hanging around you until you give them all the money and possessions that you have... and then they want you to love them? little barstards.- turreima

then everyone would be dead cause kids can be some truthful mudderfuc*ers at times and most people when they hear the truth are compelled to comit suicide.- BadassArchangel

we would all have lots of toys- nullboy


Well it depends on how old they are. - Krackhead.


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