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: Feb 2004 Results
What if there was a law against the color red?

A law against it being used or being in your possession? Cuz i was just holding it for a friend, i never used the stuff in my life, i swear.- eva p.

That would totally suck, because every month most chicks between the ages 11-50 would have to be sent away to prison for about five days. There would be no more romantic red roses on valentines day, no more red-and-green for Christmas.. we would even have to change one of the colors on our flag...And what about McDonalds atrotious internationally recognized insignia? they would rather curl up and die than change the colors. I would have to throw away ALL of my red nail polish, we wouldn't be able to eat certain fruits like apples, strawberries, raspberries-God, that would be so weird-and we would never be able to drink Dr. Pepper, or wine again. Good thing I hate red wine, and that Vodka isn't red, heh heh. BUT I LIKE THE COLOR RED!- Tinkerbelll

you'd be a little rebel for typing that question, and what would hospitals do when someone was bleeding? Would tampons have to have color taker awayer in it?- alex

Practice passive resistance. Plant yourself in the middle of a busy street at rush hour, and slit your throat. All that red blood sure does make a nice political statement.- JihadJesus

There should be. Red is evil. When I was younger there was a shade of red that made me want to vomit. Seriously. I have no idea why. But I'm over it now. You're categorically not allowed green. Nor do you really want it...- Mzebonga

a law? Against red? well. Not sure how exactly that would affect me. I would have to get rid of a few of my possessions. Other than that I feel the world may be a better place. Perhaps there would be no more bullfighting because the matadors would no longer have their red capes. They would have to either shave clifford and call him Clifford the big naked dog, which would likely be made into an adult porn show, or kill him and no longer have to listen to a giant dog teaching little kids essential things. Why couldn't purple be banned? Then we could kill barney. Ah but then that would include light purple which is my favorite color. Let's just make barney-colored purple illegal, okay?- bluemonkeyfearer

i would run a speak easy where you could have just about everything red u needed..there would be ketchup, apples, strawberry flavoured condoms, watever u needed :) but whenever the police showed up i wud flick a switch and the place would turn into a grocery store, clever or wat? - glitter me

If there was a law against the colour red I wouldnt be able to answer this 'what if' because its written in red......- Superman Dave

Once a month, women would over crowd prisons.- weirdDAR

i would be i jail- twitch gonna be in jail so many times this yr if it becomes illegal....wat the hell m i gonna do with all that fuckin blood now....damn wat the hell will us chics do when we get our rag.....fuck now were in deep shit....- lostwithoutdc

Then albinos would have a serious problem considering their eyes- Shwee

black and white films would be quite easy when filming gothics then as they arnt badass as it seems just geeky and sad.- dumbass who likes to lick dogs for fun

Then this site would be pretty much screwed since there's a lot of red on it. And since TID would be no more, the universe would implode and all those little sparkly dots in the night sky would be eaten up by that big, bright yellow thing "normal" people call the sun, and we would all be turned into blobs of blue jelly.- CasualFatality

Then I'd Paint the white house red, and the president's daughter red. MWAHAHAHA- Cosmic Justice Dude

Just for the hell of it, I'd call the "We don't like red, therefore we banned it" Bureau, or WDLRTWBIB, and tell them of all the red on this site. Then tell them of the supper markets and there section of aisle solely dedicated to catsup/ketchup. STOP THE DOMINATION OF RED NOW!!! AAAAAARRRGGGGGG!!!!!!...*poop*- Anthraxboy

Girls would be arrested every 28 days, for a couple of days. The world would be calm, as all those bitchy pms freaks would stop, um, bitchin for a couple of days. The would be arrested during those days and released on the good days.- Toocoolo

I would say it's discrimination, and that anybody driving better watch out at intersections.- ears

i don't own anything red anyways... and that means you have to do your site over... because.. obviously.. most of your site is red... =D- SG*

So what if there was? I couldn't care less.- Mr. Mortician

I'd wear it, smoke it, and paint everything red.- Cougar in Training

well we'd all b rebelious wldnt we- crazy bitch

bleed upon the stupid idiot who banned blood- georgie

As long as there's no law against The Color Purple, 'cause that's my favorite freakin' movie!- ChickSinger

If there was a law against red, the government has obviously gotten a wee bit out of hand, and the simple human nature of the desire of freedom would cause the people to mmake a rebellion, overthrowing the government. I would help do my bit i the revolution, by catapulting lamps off my secret mountain lair at passing trains.- Morshada

that would kinda suck as i like the color red. also it would be scary, cz what would the world be coming to if such things were allowed.. laws against the color red..wth- blasianchick

I don't mind. I'm goth I like black- Kunt

Then I would wear red underwear.- Kindell

i'd shoot somebody.- moon

i'd where red constantly and bitch slap the bastards and their stupid fucking government lets shove dynamite up their asses and watch them blow up!- chunky funky seXXXy monkey

Then I would assume this website would not look as cool as it does.. cuz it is red... hmmm maybe blood would be a different color too!?!?- Jeepster

Then there wouldn't be this webpage at all. Just pink and purple spirals, woo *o* oh dizzyness...- turquoiseraven

I'd go to jail- Simone

rage against the machine. in red- idiotmonkeyfuck

I would buy the last few red pullovers in the next store- ra

i wouldn't noe ...cuz i'm locked up in my doorless and windowless room guarding the money i earned. XD!!!- Gelly

then this page would get arrested. duh- Bug eyed earl

I probably wouldn't be too bothered, I don't like red much anyway. I know I never wear it. But it would kind of make my liking for red and black illegal, but I never had anything against illegal activity. I'd just make the red pink when the cops come around. I like pink. Then I'd go and bite whoever made the law against the colour red.- WaterDragon

I would be very pissed, I couldn't cut anyone and watch their luscious blood flow anymore because I'm totally against breaking law.- Wolverine_the_Ripper

then that law would be gay because you couldnt bleed- kennay


i would most proberbly laugh and wear red clothes just for the sheer hell of it- Boughie

AHHHHHHHH that would suck hardcore.- The Girl who Rules All

then nobody could bleed- BaYBeeLeTTe

I would run the world`s largest underground movement to liberate red...I would also wear my little red panties with the curtains wide open on Tuesdays.- onewithdawit

that would suck... its the only color that can say I love you and I hate you as much as mosquito's all in one- tigriss

Then this site would be all badass because you guys would be breaking the law. Honestly, you have a good excuse...what other colour looks good with black? That's what I thought.- McDiablo

then I would sue the supreme court.- AliŽra

I'd be in jail right now- hufflebunny

People would become perversely obsessed with red and most people would secretly run around wearing red underpants and selling each other red stuff for outrageous prices, grading the various shades for excitement qualities such as a drab, brick red object being considered a cheap "commercial" red, going for something like fifty bucks a yard, to vivid, blood red at fifty bucks a square inch. Rich people would throw wild "red" parties aboard their yachts in international waters. Corporations would create off-shore "red" shelters. The prisons would be half populated by red street dealers. People would develop fundametalist religions around a royal blue aesthetic, and would likely conduct ritual exsanguinations of children to exorcise the "red demon blood" from their bodies to save their souls. - Enfante Terrible

red would become my new favorite color ::sings::"I fought the law and the law won"- purr fuct

Then i'd pity the poor indian bastards.-me

There would be less headaches worldwide.- Fun Knee

then no one would wear red and you would infact not be able to wear it see it speak it or smell it- Becca

that's okay, I only wear black. But not so good when I want to cross the road...- evilmiss

i would wear blue instead- kate

Then this site would be illegal, so would killing people too huh? Since blood turns red.- Brittie

then you guys would have had your asses up in court.- elephantine

I'd kill everyone and then fuck them dead.- what

Then there would be a law against this website, wouldn't there? But who would really care anyways? There would be plenty of cool car accidents to watch because no stop lights or stop signs, so I mean plenty of entertainment elsewhere. Not to mention the fact that I'd come here anyways out of spite because hey, whatever's illegal is automatically the thing I want to do.- ferretchick

*whines* Noooo!!! Red is my favorite color!!! You meanie poop face jerks! I hate you! HATE YOU!!! *shakes pokeing finger* I'll get you for this...I swear by Binky the garter snake...I'll get you....- another fucking idiot

I'd laugh- Jesus


They would change the name of the Red Sox to the $%! Sox, fire engines and stop signs would be green and blue respectively, and the blind and people with red/green color blindness would be the only ones unaffected. - nonamed loser

i could not reconize the question,,,,,,,legaly- rayyo77

I would break it by spilling everybody's blood who conformed.- Mr Mortician

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