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: Feb 2004 Results
What if you woke up one day and all your doors and windows
were covered up as if they had never existed?

Wonder if the same was true for the rest of the people in my building. We are all sinners and liars. Use my room mate as a battering ram. - eva p.

That would be kind of weird. Because I don't have many windows in my hideous apartment, that wouldn't be much of a problem. But the door would be kind of inconvenient. I know what my (highly intellectual) stepmother would do. She would start some sort of religious fanatic chant while telepathically sending SOS signals to.. God knows who. I, on the other hand, would probably try to psychoanalyze the whole situation, then give up after a while, because psychology always ends up perfectly explaining my irrational behavior, even though I thought that I was totally justified in behaving that way (does that make sense?) Hey, at least I wouldn't be able to go to school, YAAAAAYY!!!! Would my refrigerater door be blocked up too?!- Tinkerbelll

call the ghostbusters- alex

slowly starve to death, most likely- JihadJesus

Surely they'd have been bricked up? I mean, if you cover up a window, the windows are still there... And it's clear that they still exist? Did the person who wrote the Jack Asshole letter make this thing up? Or maybe Nikon?- Mzebonga

ahhhh... this happened to me in a story I wrote once. Then I noticed a panel of glass on one of my walls with blue monkeys behind it recording my behavior. The glass turns out to be made of a magical material called spaghetti glass that zaps you back in time if you hit it too hard. The story progresses into an insane tale about llamas, ancient bluemonkey civilizations, and people with tiny penises that bone each other's bellybuttons. If I woke up to find this story was true.... oh my god. I would hide in a corner and pray that the belly-button boners stay at least 50 miles away from me.- bluemonkeyfearer

i wud hav to either live in solitude with no escape and waste away OR develop sum sort of mining machine out of the odds and ends in my house and tunnel my way out back into the world [but then again that would require sum amount of effort so probably just the waste away part]- glitter me

Ah, that's happened before. There was a glich in the matrix.- Superman Dave

Going back to sleep would probably work out.- weirdDAR

i would think cool finally solid darkness- twitch

whoa....musta been one hell of a fuckin party last nite....when the hell did i end up....wonder if i finally met the monkey....damn and i can't even remember...wonder if i fucked him....hope im not fuckin gonna have monkey babies.....damn that woudl be cool....ill have my own lil army....- lostwithoutdc

i would assume it was another government conspiracy....somehow all related with the supposed "landing on the moon"- Shwee

What doors, what windows... - dumbass who likes to lick dogs for fun

I would think nothing of it and go back to sleep. I would then wake up to find that I couldn't get out of my house and I would cry because I wouldn't be able to go to the pet store and tease the dogs. I would no longer be able to go make fun of the creepy half blind cat down the street! What kind of Hell would I be living in then?? What are you trying to do to me???- CasualFatality

I'd use my incredibly hard head to make some new windows, forget doors, I'll crawl out the windows, just like James Bond.- Cosmic Justice Dude

I would start screaming like a mad man: "Taaaaank!!! I need an exit!!!"

That would indeed be tragic, interfering with my daily walk which is always the high point of the day.- ears

i'd be damn happy, the sun is bad for you anyways- SG*

I would go back to sleep.- Mr. Mortician

I'd have to break out the sledgehammer (again!)- Cougar in Training

id b scared as man- crazy bitch

go back to bed- georgie

I have doors and windows? For blind folks like me, this doesn't seem to be a problem.- ChickSinger

well, it would be rather dark, wouldnt it? well after the three hours it takes me to wake up, i would begin running about madly in the darkness, smashing into walls and lamps and and such. i would probably end up turning into some gollum-type creature by the time it took me to acually find i pitchfork. and if i did find a pitchfork, i would make a vain attempt to find any last bit of sanity by finding the world outside my little home. i would use the pitchfork to chop a hole in the wall. light would pour in the hole, and i would quickly be blinded. i would scream something along the lines of "AHHH...THE LIGHT, IT BURNSS USS SSSSSSO....!!!" and stumble backwords into the black oblivion, where I would rot.- Morshada

well, that would be quite scary- blasianchick

I'd go back to sleep.- Kunt

I would totally freak out. I would probably go back to sleep and hope it was a dream. Then I would cry when I woke back up again unless it WAS a dream. Then I would try and call someone.- Kindell

covered up?- moon

i'd laugh and say "fuck the light" - chunky funky seXXXy monkey

SLEEP.... then finalyl be awake and wonder.. how the heck am I going to get out of the joint?- Jeepster

I'd go through the door in the roof that wasn't there- turquoiseraven

I'd run in to the walls- Simone

i might wake, bu i wouldn't get up.- idiotmonkeyfuck

I would laugh :)- ra

i will be protected from this cruel world. i wouldn't noe about the wars and fighting...oh yeah and also my frenz won't be able to take the $10.o0 that i earned pooping on the mail man!- Gelly

then i guess there was no reason for me to sit up all night naked with my shotgun in case the government came a knockin' at my door.- Bug eyed earl

I'd run around in circles, pounding on the walls, screaming bloody murder... Then I'd go and get a sledgehammer and make new windows and doors, even if they might be kind of um... rough-edged... and then I'd run out and bite whoever took my doors and windows.- WaterDragon

I would scream and yell. "What if publisher's clearing house came?? I couldn't win, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!"- Wolverine_the_Ripper

i would say what the hell and probably get a hatchet and chop down a wall- kennay


i would think "wot the fuck" then i'd go downstairs and find that all the windows an dorrs were covered, i wud get worried an start searchin my house 4 a serial killer and viciously bang on my non existant doors and windows- Boughie

I'd cry. haha no...Well at least my Cd player and phone is in my room...i shouldnt get that bored.- The Girl who Rules All

then i wouldn't need to spend money for blinds n' shit- BaYBeeLeTTe

I would attempt to chew my way out until my teeth no longer existed...- onewithdawit

I'd think the blu munkeys were expirementing again- tigriss

That reminds me of a scene in 'The Matrix' right after Neo sees the black cat and says, in his robotically robotic voice, "Whoa, deja vu" and then everyone freaks out and Trinity tells him that usually means that "they", the Agents, have changed something and so they're trapped and Mouse gets shot, but he has cool guns, but still he's shot and killed and..and....and........I need to stop associating things with other things so much.- McDiablo

I never exist. I have no life.- AliŽra

I'd watch the guy next door through the cameras I secretly installed in his house- hufflebunny

My prayers would finally be answered.- Enfante Terrible

I'd be happy because then i can turn lights on and off and make it day and night when i wanted it to be.- purr fuct

I'd bump into walls alot.-me

I'd be confused.- Fun Knee

Then i wouldnt know that that was abnormal because they never existed- Becca

Well, i'd probably go back to bed- evilmiss

i would go back to sleep and wake up another day- kate

If I can't get out of the house, does that mean no school? Whoo!- Brittie

I'd go back to sleep in the hope that when i awoke the madness would have crawled back to the secret space it occupies in my mind.- elephantine

I'd SHIT MY PANTS!- what

That'd be so great, then I could slowly starve to death and finally suffer as I always knew I should. I'll bet you they never did exist and I was really in a coma and I've finally woken many chick flicks was that the plot for?- ferretchick

Ahh, good...The sunlight was bothering me anyway...I'm going back to sleep sleep now.....*snore*- another fucking idiot

Then I would jump for joy!- Jesus

mmmmmmmmmmm darkness... MUA HA HA- roy

I wouldn't act surprised.- nonamed loser

i would have finnaly found the exit.- rayyo77

I would continually bang my head on them and try to remember if I left a window open when they were there so I could pass my small fury comb through and check if anybody else is outside. On the other hadn, I may not realise that there is an 'outside' Perhaps where I am is the whole world - in which case, I would then kill myself.- Mr Mortician

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