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: Feb 2004 Results
What if we gave you five dollars to crawl around and bark like a dog?

Maybe, if everyone else was doing it...- eva p.

Actually.. you wouldn't have to give me five dollars.. I do that all the time, alone or with my friend. It's a sort of hobby, we like to intimidate people by letting them see stuff they don't usually see. Like if you're in NYC and you see two chicks (sometimes accompanied by a guy with a mohawk named Joey) running down the street wearing cardboard boxes on their heads, that's us. Or crossing a street barefoot while screaming sum41, or...never mind. I wouldn't mind sniffing people's asses and pissing on fire hydrants either.. free of charge! - Tinkerbelll

I'd do it for free, under the right circumstances. (spelling?)- alex

Would you give me 50 to do it naked?- JihadJesus

Five dollars? You know Bush fucked your economy and that your currency is worthless to me now. I mean, even I have limits. And when I reject your offer of cash, you know things are bad.- Mzebonga

hmmmm... well, that depends. I would do it if.... there weren't many people around, and no one that I hate or am intimidated by. I wouldn't do it if I had to act like a dog for a long period of time, because then i might have a brain fart and think that I really AM a dog, and then i would have to go back to the mental ward.- bluemonkeyfearer

i would b the most excellent dog u'd ever seen, i would make it evn more authentic by humping ure leg and then afterwards lifting my leg and pissing on you [with no extra charge] im that kind of a classy lady. - glitter me

That would be nice. I wouldn't act like a cat for any amount of money though. There would bound to be someone acting like a dog who would chase me.- Superman Dave

I would thank God someone is finally paying me to do so.- weirdDAR

id take it money is money- twitch

holy fuck im a dog...score...lets go fucking shit on my boss's door...that fuckin bastard is gonna pay.....damn im not actually a dog i m...fuckers u had me thinkin that i was....mother fuckers....gonna pay now.....fuck fuck fuck.....- lostwithoutdc

i'd ask for ten...but when refused, i would do it ne's money even if it's dog money- Shwee

I would take the five dollars crawl around and behave like a dog! Do the barking and the chewing on your ankles all in one easy payment. But sense you put no time limit on it i will end up cleaning the flesh off your ankle bone and have you fall over and the contents of your wallet taken as i decide to stop the dog behaviour and steal your shit you sick bastard.- dumbass who likes to lick dogs for fun

I would do one of two things. 1) Take the five bucks, run away laughing, get hit by a bus and die. 2) Take the five bucks, run away laughing, get attacked by rabid hamsters, contract rabies and die. You know what? Keep the damn five bucks! There are plenty of other people who would like to see me crawl around and bark like a dog! I don't need you to give me five dollars for it! - CasualFatality

I'd not only bark like a dog, I'd bark like a dog with mad cow disease.- Cosmic Justice Dude

Then I'd take the five, hop on all fours, crawl around, speak in dog-tongue. And as a freebie, I'd hump anything that looked remotely humpable.- Anthraxboy

I'll be happy then.- Toocoolo

That would be awfully generous of you. Like my old boss used to say "I wouldn't be doing anything else anyway.- ears

i do that anyway- SG*

I would tell you to piss off as I'm english and would prefer Pound Sterling.- Mr. Mortician

then I'd have to be crawling around with an empty bottle of tequila too.- Cougar in Training

I wld b rich. lol- crazy bitch

i would run away and laugh because you gave me the five dollars too soon- georgie

Who's we? And what if I refused to take your money because crawling around and barking like a dog is my idea of a damned good time?- ChickSinger

Then i would. and not only would i, but i would do it ten times better than the last person you told to do it. and, i know exactly how they did it, because five minutes before even you saw me, i had already searched the last hidden corners of your filthy, maggot-filled little crematorium of a brain. i would then lay on my back like a dieing turtle, just until the moment when you had given up on me, when i would spring at you like the rabbit in Monty Python and the Holy Grail and bite you in the nose. then i would grab your purse, or wallet, or pants, or whatever you keep your money in, and take the rest of your money.- Morshada

five dollars isn't enough to act like a dumbass- blasianchick

so?- Kunt

I would totally do it. I need money all the time to support my drug habit, wait, I don't have a drug habit. I mean, I need money for other... stuff. And since there is no time limit, I could only be on the ground for a minute or two.- Kindell

okay.- moon

i dunno...i'd hump their leg but i don't think i'd be willing to crawl around...if i could go naked then i'm all for it....if i could howl instead of bark too - chunky funky seXXXy monkey

Five bucks.. who needs that.. I would do it right now with out the money... ask away!- Jeepster

Finally I can get those damn fleas without being stared at!- turquoiseraven

I'd do it- Simone

i'll try anything once, but only for the first time. the first time is sweet.- idiotmonkeyfuck

I would do it- ra

i'd poop on the mailman if yooh give me ten.- Gelly

oohh.. so now you'll pay me for it?- Bug eyed earl

I'd crawl around a bark like a dog like you've never seen someone crawl around a bark like a dog before. Then I'd bite yall. Then I'd go spend the $5 on a CD.- WaterDragon

I would do it, with a big smile on my face, well actually it would be a growl! ARFF! ARFF! ARFF!- Wolverine_the_Ripper

i would do it for one dollar- kennay


i would most certainly do it- Boughie

Sure! Let's go! Then when I am can pick up my shit on the ground.- The Girl who Rules All

i would do that shit..5 bucks damn id feel like a millionare or would i be a fiveanare?- BaYBeeLeTTe

sure... unless it was required of me to perform this with a doggie bone sticking out of my ass. I might let the bone part slide if someone had a camera... I better get a copy.- onewithdawit

I'd do it!!!!- tigriss

Then I'd ask you to give me ten dollars to flop around like a fish. I think I'll do that right now. It sounds like a good form of exercise.- McDiablo

need ta gimme more- AliŽra

I'd lick my ass like a cat for 10- hufflebunny

You'd have to give me twenty just to get off of my ass first. I don't know what I might do for five after that. Maybe just stand there and squawk like a chicken. Then I would expect you to throw corn if you wanted to keep me from pecking your eyes out with my "beak".- Enfante Terrible

I'd take the $$ and then hump your leg till you gave me a cookie.- purr fuct

Well, i wouldn'tjust bark like a dog and crawl around, i'd piss all over the place and chew your furniture to bits ! -me

True.- Fun Knee

I would do it because I do random stuff like that all the time. And i need money so im sur i can fit it into my nonsense schedule!!- Becca

I'd ask for a hundred dollars....- evilmiss

then im on all fours and barking- kate

Five dollars? Whoa, sometimes I do that for free.- Brittie

then i'd get on my hands and knees and crawl like a dog to the airport, where I could get a flight to the States and spend the five bucks you'll give me for doing it.- elephantine


I'm afraid it's too late for that, I get paid the same to do that very thing with the satanic children I babysit for. Their parents don't believe in tv, so I have to be the pseudo tv. Wow, now that I think about it that's really pathetic, kids suck.- ferretchick

WOOF!!! WOOF!!! Money, now. I'm gonna spend it all on manga.- another fucking idiot

then you would have $5- Jesus

hmmmmmmmmmmm.... what should i buy with this windfall?- roy

That would be great if I didn't have to do it formore than 30 minutes. - nonamed loser

you would have made a bad investment,,,,,,no bow wow here- rayyo77

I would then turn into a dog and carry out your request. Well actually, I guess it kjind of depends on waht mood I'm in. I may not want to be a dog, perhaps a chicken, but that's no the question is it. I's like to be a tortoise though.- Mr Mortician

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