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: June 2004 Results

What if an underwater race laid claim to the oceans as countries?

Then I'd laugh all the way to the bank with the rest of the environmental lobby. Suck on that, American corporate bastards!- Mzebonga

what would they name those countries?... that'd be interesting.. and I'm wondering if they're welcoming any dry landers... I'd love to join- SG*

i would ride dolphins!?!?!?!?!- ilovetuna

Great. How long until they get bored? Next it will be: not only do we own the ocean, you must give up tuna. The Belgians started the vegitarian movement in the same way.- eva psychotic

i don't even understand the question.. i must be so fucking tired.. lemme see if i can try and answer this - i'd be a ruler and for my army, i'd pick that aqua dude from hellboy to lead - he seems smart and agile.- SiNiSTaR

Well, it had to happen one of these days. But since I'm selfish and American, no doubt the whole country would have to go to war against this underwater race. Those were OUR oceans! They can't take them away from us! Then thousands of troops would march into the ocean and realize they can't swim. So yes, they could have the oceans.- ferretchick

LET'S BOMB THE PACIFIC OCEAN! Whoohoo!- InstantOatmeal

WHY???? WHY MUST every...last...piece...of FREEDOM be marked as OFFICIAL TERRITORIES!?! GRAH...HAH...*breathes.* It's really okay though. Im an amphibian, o i'll just go swim to the bottom of the ocean and get the sea cucumbers to start a revolution. They will, too. I'll just have to tell them that I wrote the first Star Trek episode, and those cucumbers will follow. I'll supply them with pitchforks i bought on the black market from a homeless guy who steals them from a farmer in Louisiana. the poor guy wont be homeless anymore, thus i can say i did a good deed in helping the poor. This will help me, because i will then tell the government about my good deeds, and they will fund me with money so i can start a charity for helping poor people. But i'll acually use the money to help the sea cucumbers in their revolution. and when the government bothers me about it, I'll just strangle the president with me feet and i will get the centipedes to overthrow the human government here in the United States. and then, i will have won entirley. i win.- Morshada

Then why did we claim those countries to be oceans?!- When's Lunch

I would join them as an ally. They would come to trust my vast knowledge. Then, when they least expected it, I would enslave them all and take over! HA! BOW DOWN TO ME, YOU SQUIRMING LITTLE SEA-RODENTS!- CasualFatality

I like the idea of yacht races anyway, but submarine races? Cool. If they want to claim the Marianna Trench as the new "Everest," well, I say unto thee, let them plant a flag.- willies

we'd cause some other kind of pollution that'd reverse global warming and the melting of the icecaps- JAG

SWEET!!!- queenjen

That would suck cause i cant swim- Bitch

Then id agree go with what they sed until they wouldnt let me have the biggest lobster for dinner...then id get a giant kleanex and soak up the sea!watch the underwater buggers squirm...ha ha ha!!!**evil laugh**- keli_x_james(I'M-BACK!)

What the hell? I read that wrong the first time: Underwear race? Whoa, I had weird images in my head for a second there. Tightie whities moving as fast as they can past thongs, bras and boxers. Man, I think I need glasses.- McDiablo

Well, that depends. Can this race survive on land?,,,,,,,,if not, we would probably kill them and take their environment (like half of the other damn species on the planet) If they could survive on land and came to us demanding that the ocean was thiers I would have to assume the govenments around the world would exterminate them and claim it was all a weather ballon.....Just like what happened at Roswell. Which I hope wouldn't happen as I would actually like having this new species around.......I would proably end up living with them as long as they had no rap/pop/RnB/country music and had atleast some form of alcoholic beverage.- RealmO-K

I would Let them do what they want, not every day your reflection talks to you- Hufflebunny

we'd finally have characters to play out my [REALLY bad, incomplete] sci-fi drama based in the Marianis trench without having to worry about the sci-fi bit.- Sven the Masseur

i don't understand - kandi melt

Than they must be really hi-tech cause all them there mid-ocean plate thingys and hot spots and stuff, and yah, and the underwater race would have to like, attack us cause we are constantly eating up all them there fishys and pollutin all them waters and stuffs- Nino God O' Yal

People would fish them out and keep them as sea monkeys in fish tanks and aquariums.Also we would get into a mass war because we piss in the ocean and if we couldnt hold it, shit in it.Sucks for them- OOmpalOOmpa Or Die

that would be crazy.- igor-sevulba

it'd be harder to travel- amaranthine

I would swim like WHOA- The Cady

nuke em- ilike penguins

Ha...then the navy would be fooked*fucked*!Bush will serve another term and we will have an elite new branch of the navy and they will go and search the underwater countries for "weapons of mass destruction" and then we'll wage war and then they will hate us land people for centuries...but all the smart people and geeks who realize this issue with global warming will ask the aliens to transform their bodies into aquatic bodies so that they can go and live underwater since all the ice is gonna melt and the whole world is gonna flood anyways...and the whole bush family would be fucked and nobody would let them into the underwater civilization.- ChunkyFlamingoTesticles

That'd be cool. Then we could trick stupid people into going to visit them and they'd drown because they're stupid. They'd probably be cool too, not always pissing and moaning about saving the whales because whales would always try to eat them, and they would hate the whales. - FartMonkey

I'd say thats english bitch, land speaking! Underwater speaking is a "new race", 'So make something new about it besides being more competition, you scoundrels. Well, if they are to get technical and say they were the race here longer then humans and there language was a given gift from the pope1 and taught to them personally by his wise feeble demeanor. I'd say shove it sluts and dicks, claim a new title for the fucking oceans... which is our term for it so dont get any ideas. Howabout landfill?, you hopeless cunts. BWAHAHAGHAHAHA! Then I'd tell them off so nasty and slightly incoherantly that'd they be turn off from ever uttering a english word again because of how extensive the offensive vocabularly divulges. They'd say "whatever"in dolphin and I'd be so.. "Blah blah blah.. Thats right thatttt is so right another victory for us humanssss...ugh ugh ugh.." *gasp* My oxygen would run out then I'd gulp ton after tons of water uncontrolably sucking for oxygen in the deep blue countries... (I'd die, quite karmaically)- POasod

A titanic strugle would ensue between humans and the forces of linen.- Inconvenient

cool- fxdlo2

sounds good, theres the element of being attacked by something- earache

We'll call Justin timberlake to sing "Rock your body" underwater and kill all of them.- Fuego

huh? to many big words...- Em~B

Well who is in this underwater race? Not I as I am scared shitless of deep water, but if someone else wants to go do it and finds that the ocean is countries *smacks forehead* They were countries all along werent they? This is just a question to make us think that they arent but they could be, but really they are.- monkeeskittles

Then I don't understand the concert.- Sexy Muffin

Then I guess we could visit a heck of a lot more places, and dang it you know those little maps RVers have.. haha they could add to that saying they had been their.. hehehe~Jeepster

then i geuss we wouldnt be livin in ne kind of country ne time soon!- NyHotie

Then I would join them and sail the oceans in search of new lands that are not America.- Mzebonga

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