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: June 2004 Results

What if you found a family member shitting in a bag and your name was written on the bag?


I'd blow into the bag to inflate it and then burst it in their face.- Mzebonga

i caught my cousin doing that... heyy... are you my cousin??.. jason!!?? I know thats youu!! grr...I know where you live! ...*cough cough* well I'd yell at you again and kick you then take the bag and throw it at you ^_^- SG*

id keep it...if it says my name its mine...biatch! and then i would take out of the bag and make a pillow with it...i love my family- ilovetuna

buy a nice, big, juicy tuna (no offense fish-people), and hide it under their matress. and no more sack lunches....- eva psychotic

i'd pull the old switcheroo when they weren't looking - i'd throw the bag away and fill another bag (which is an exact replica) with flowers, so that when they gave it to me or whatever, they'd see the contents and think they shat flowers, then they'd go on talk shows and on Oprah and shit and then they'd leave me the fuck alone for once.- SiNiSTaR

I'd be like so THAT's what that mystery meatloaf was, I gotta be more careful what I eat. Especially if grandma was doing the uh..."cooking" because then chances are my 'meatloaf' would taste like prunes.- ferretchick

*gasps* HEY! That's MY shit-bag, you bastard!- InstantOatmeal

It would probably be my dad. Well, i'd just throw my friend Toasty the Toaster at him, thus hurting and bewildering him. before he could make a move, silently and quickly, my leprecaun posse will make their approach,quietly until the attack. In a flash of movement and funny little irish voices, they will have shat all over him. and he will be further bewildered. i will use this moment to jump out of my house, hijack a train, and go to mexico. While I am there, i will hire an ex-convict from brazil named Hilajaro Gentoasta to go back to my parents home in it's confidential loactaion, and sit on it. therefore, i will live happily in the tropics while Hilajaro is sitting on my dad's house. i win.- Morshada

I'd go, "DUDE! That was MY bag!"- When's Lunch

Simple. I would wait until they were asleep, cross my name off the bag and replace it with THEIR name, then I would very quietly place the bag (with the top open, of course) in their sock drawer. That'll teach the bastard...- CasualFatality

First off, I detest the idea of naming an elder-woman a "bag." Secondly, I have heard of these new "sex games," whereupon folk insert wierd things into any manner of bodily orrifices (Is it orrifi?). And, lastly, even if you do pass out at my flat, no one will use those wicked "sharpies" and write anything on your bod. Least of all, my name. Poor elder-woman. Getting pooped into, and then having my name written on her forehead. It just as well might have the end tag: "" Ya know.- willies

wonder why they'd waste my lunch bag when a public facility is nearby- JAG

You really think that something that good would happen to me.- queenjen

I would kick their ass- Bitch

i would simply say "i hope you kno that is not a toilet" and just laugh and walk away.- keli_x_james(I'M-BACK!)

I would say, "Geez, so I forgot to say that that glass of 'apple juice' in the fridge was actually pee. This is uncalled for."- McDiablo

Then I would have get the bag, sneak up behind them and then proceed to cover the persons head with the bag (hopefully suffacating them in the process). If that doesn't work I would just end up killing the person by making them eat kilos of my faeces until they just die from it. Do you remember the movie "seven" when the fat guy is forced to eat heaps of spaghetti? it would be similar to that except more comical.- RealmO-K

I'd put the bag in a slingshot and shoot fling it back at them- Hufflebunny

it would carry a certain sense of poetic justice. I'm already a big load of Bull (born 23rd April), so why not be represented by a bag of shit? I would be a bit proud of being the complete bullshit package.- Sven the Masseur

i would be confused - kandi melt

THAN I'd GO CRAZY!! i mean COME ON FOLKS, it doesnt take a dog to read a bag, even if it was the LAST bag on earth, YOU should ASK BEFORE YOU SHIT!!!!, i dont care WHO you are, ALL YALL SINGING HORSES OUT THERE>LISTEN< IF I CATCH YOU SHITTIN IN MY BAG ONE MORE TIME>IMMA GONNA SHIT IT your BAG!! GOT IT??? *growls-beats foot on ground* damn squirrels dont know WHAT they messin with, and like, YAH-if i caught someone shittin in MY bag--They would first be ball-ess and than be added to my 'save for desserts' list, and than taken to the darned dumpster to take my bag, and CLEAN IT OUT, eat it alllll out of the bag, id tourture them till my bag was completely clean, not a single drop of there dna on it, that will take forever :)- Nino God O' Yal

I would make sure they didn`t see me the sneek up behind them and put a match and a pack of fire crackers right next to the bag so the fumes light on fire wich in turn will light the fire crackers and they burn their ass hairs off and I laugh.- OOmpalOOmpa Or Die

i would pee on them- igor-sevulba

i'd do it right back- amaranthine

I would cry and thank god.- The Cady

id make them eat it with chopsticks- ilike penguins

i'd be happy that they weren't shitting in my pillowcase with my name on it! But i would be mad nonetheless...and since they are family and i can't kill them i would make them shove the shit back into their assholes and then make them shit outside in the yard...and then make them clean it up. Or i could just rub their faces in it and slap them with a rolled up newspaper while i scream BAD BAD MOM...We DON'T SHIT IN BAGS...especially with my name on it. Then i guess i would go and have some milk and cookies...ohh! but if it was a brother or a sister..i'd make them carry their lunch to school or to work in that bag with the shit still in it...teach those damn bastards a lesson! - ChunkyFlamingoTesticles

Wtf? That'd be pretty weird. I guess maybe then I'd write his/her/its name on a bag and shit in it too? I'd draw some bunnies and hearts and smiley faces on the bag too because those they suck. Then I'd fling my feces at him/her/it. Then I'd go buy some life preservers because it would suck to drown. - FartMonkey

That old lunch joke gets so old, I'd just gleefully prance and gloat i caught him before i ate his shit again. Hah! ..yeah ha... - POasod

Someone gets beaten - with a bag.- Inconvenient

already has happen- fxdlo2

bravo, a shame i ruined the gag- earache

I'll fuckin choke them with the fuckin shitbag- Fuego

I'd probly be to disgusted to realise my name was on the bag, but in any case I would have called whom ever a dirteh dirteh bag shitter...- Em~B

Id pretend I didnt see them. Id go sit down and come to this website and yell at you guys for putting ideas in their heads. If that bag got thrown on me, I would pick it up carefully and stick it in a box and mail it to you and I would rig it so that when you open the box, the bag flies out...*Hey Tammy!!* ::Turns around:: *splat* ugh Ive bee pooed- monkeeskittles

Then I would eat the shit placed in the bag.- Sexy Muffin

Well. I think that they would be returning the favor for what I had done to them. NOt that I am suggesting that I would ever think of doing something like that.. hahaha~Jeepster

I would sit and ponder what exactly was being ruined and wonder if I really actually wanted it- Blood_Junkie

i would run away farrrr away!!!- NyHotie

I'd inform them that writing my name on the bag would not enable them to fake their stool test but rather alert the doctor to the fact that they were faking it. I would duly find a bag without a name on it, shit in it for them and write their name on it then give it back for their test. I would also keep the bag with my name on it then smear the contents on JCP's curtains and rugs.- Mzebonga

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