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: July 2004 Results

What if tree frogs crept into your room while you slept, started eating all your stuff,
and then shit it back out into your face?

Firstly it should be 'onto' my face... although it would SUCK if was into your face... Um what would I do.. I would probably eat all theri stuff, or them, and shit it back out onto THEIR faces.. [or the faces of their relatives if I ate them.]- M. Mort

I have some heavy stuff in my room. I think my face would cave in and I'd be dead. Fucking tree frogs! Who asked them? Anyway, don't they hang around in trees? Wouldn't they be "room-eating shitting frogs" if they did that?- Mzebonga

i'd croak- granny

I'd set up a webcam and charge admission. I'm sure there's somebody out there that's fucked-in-the-head enough to pay to watch it.- Indomitus

i'd give them a box of cornflakes and tell them to eat it and leave my socks alone.they would, and then we would have a pow wow for the rest of our lives, just sittin there around the fire, smoking the peace pipe and eating and shitting and singing. starberries would fly through the air and little munchkins from fairy land would sprout wings and fly to their evil headquarters in the vast city of Hem-roid on one will find them there! then they might try to talk over the world and make humans victim to brutal suffering and torture. but theyll respect the fact that i'm having my pow wow, and leave us alone and everything will be allright.- Morshada

i would eat it- pea nut guy

bastards....i would cry then react completely violently and kill all frogs for the rest of my lief as i would be emotionally scarred...then i would be forced to call tony on my next action..- stephano

Make tree-frog soup?- totseloz

I would make them eat their own shit. Then if they tried and pulled that shit again I would coat everything in my own shit. But that probably wouldn't stop them from shitting my own shit back onto my already shit covered face, would it? Fuck, this is an impossible one there really is no solution, I quit.- TheMatt

I'd grab them, and squeeze the living shit out of them, saying "DIE!!!"- UndeaD_SOul

Whazzat?! Hmm.. Pudding... Uh...uh... No no..more.. Grandpa the doctors orders! I cant keep eating your puddddinn... Snort snort...hmm... Nooooo! AH! *heavy Breathing* *smacks face* Real pudding! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! No wait. *licks* This tastes... *licks again* My pilates ball and... *licks* hmm? My jean skirt!,... *licccckkk* Gag! My Cactus, Couch, Stephen king novels,... Oh man... *meanders to the bathroom* *fips on light* AHHH!! *Greenbrownish mush slides off of face... and frog hops on top of head and has a crap* Theres a hundred chewing on the toilet and in the sink and in the hamper. I remind them I dont own the toilet and they hop off onto the shower curtain. I scream. They Eat. I scream. They eat. I scream. They eat. I run away. They eat. Smack into door. They eat. I pass out. They eat and eat and eat... Wake up an hour later unable to move since the room is tightly packed with treefrog shit, a frog swims towards my face and craps again... My air bubble is slowly closing.. I clammer for a breath... push to the direction of the door... Tears streaming down my face as I fear i have faced my doom... But then I realize I can be saved there is a hope. I stand tall and realize my attempts in opening the bathroom door will be futile. I use the last of my air to shout for them, The Gnomes! and then I pass out with my future in there hands. But before they could act my Mom was awoken and pissed about being awake so she screamed "Shut-up" So i did... And now im dead... and Thanks alot mom, you stupid hore. The gnomes... Ya know They were probably busy saving other peoples lives... one with moms that actually cared if there daughters were being suffocated by tree-frog shit.- GargleSwallow

Then a UFO would appear outside of my house (while I slept) and aliens would invade my room. The aliens are strange because they eat the shit off my face and then they shit out stuff (e.g. wardrobes, televisions, clothes). So basically the frogs eat my stuff and shit on my face. Then the aliens eat the frogshit off my face and shit my stuff back out. and I have no idea because I'm asleep the whole time.- Fredward

The treefrogians and I have been at war for quite along time, Thust I don't take this tatic as a surprise. It would be increadable depressing although that they had hunted down my home base after such lengthy disclosing of my whereabouts. I took my name out of the phone book and everything... went around to everyone i know or once knew and burned there phone book(s). Well, i didnt have time exspecially when the book wasnt alphabetical. I felt comfortable, at peace, I collected 104 cats, 230 dogs, 1100 ferrets and 121 pigs to paroll my grounds, yet they had not warn- QuicklyMasterIsAwaiting

I'd eat the frogs. That'll show them. Wait...tree frogs aren't poison are they?- InstantOatmeal

yum- X

You mean they HAVEN'T been? Dammit, that's the story from the transient I let sleep on the couch this past week. Thank you. Good bye, Transient. Being, that is. - wILLies

I'd eat their homes and shit them out all over them.- cyberwaste

That would really suck. I mean I like frogs, but I wouldn't like anything/anybody eating all my stuff (including non-food items?), nor do I support the idea of any kind of feces coming near my face, unless it's my own and I need to fling it at somebody. And those frogs have been with me for years, why would they suddenly rebel? They stay on the ceiling all day and they tell me, "Irving! Go burn down (some building)!" and I do, and they reward me with sugar. My name isn't Irving, but I don't want to mention this to them, for it might anger them. - FartMonkey

I would put them in a cage and every day I would put a drop of HCL on their heads until their brains stop functioning from a chemical burn.- Such a Beautiful Bitch

i guess id have a messy, messy face! what could i do?lol- Keli-Weli

lol I'd scoop it of my face and into a bowl and feed it to them. They can et their own mess.- field

slap the little fuckers and stuff fire crackers up their asses and blow the shit out of em- plank

This is kinda embarassing, but last time that happened, i freaked out.- TheCady

I would capture them in a cage and force them to sit still while I craped in their faces.- BoB_D_Mouse

Why, I would swollow. It's only polite. Additionally, didn't you know that tree-frog-shit tastes just like escargos? I would, however, be totally PISSED OFF that they had eaten all of the food that I keep in my room (I've been stockpiling for months - my parents aren't too happy about it ;)).- Sven the Masseur

dude i'd be be like man you guys suck- seamonkey

Hopefully I would wake up and catch the little fu**ers in the act. Thats when I lock them in my room, and then sims style, light up the fireworks and WATCH THE MOTHER FU**ERS BUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRN....BURN BABY, dare them pesky tree frog attempt that in my own home- Planque

I'd wake up, look in the mirror and scream, thinking that somehow I'd morphed into Britney Spears overnight. - Hayz

I would eat all i could then follow them to their "Den" or ever ever they go and take a giant shit right down their! (if they didnt have a home i would put them in a jar then shit in the jar) ~Oh yeah Payback is sweet.~- Kino

i would think: damn, these are the best shrooms I have ever eaten...- alisonwunderland

I'd go burn down their endangered forest, and shit on the remains- Hufflebunny

well i would bee bee as many as i could,then deforest my neibours property! they have oak trees!- james

I would capture the tree frogs and force them to become my minions, then i would send them into other peoples houses to do my biding >:]- TommyTheCat

try to wake up quick- jumpen jones

i'd grab a shotgun and lie still in my bed the next night....waiting for them to come back. - la femme cinema

I would grab a tree frog and slap it in the face, then chuck it into the toilet and flush it down with a big dump.- hewardtinkleberry

Im going to bring all my stuff to your place now. They don't want to bother you guys. They work for you. I know they do. If my stuff is at your place then they wouldnt eat it and try to shit it out on me. If they turned on you and ate all of my stuff and your stuff then it'd be a huge shit - monkeeskittles

I'd take their shit and throw their shit at them because they are all little shits. BLAARRRGGHHH! *Takes her relaxers* Ohhh, yaaay. I'm so happy to beee heeere. I'm even adding extra letters to worrrds. Ok, nap time.- McDiablo

I would clean it up, and the squish all of the frogs with a hammer. - samiwhami

that would be kewl but not as kewl if it were an elephant- megica

i would poop on them!!!- faye

i'd shit right back at them!!! just like monkeys!!! because i am a monkey and i like to throw poo at you!!!!!!!- poothrower

I wouldnt do anything because i love frogs...Its evil to hurt one of them..Well if they shit in my face i think i would get a little pissed- Im Coming For You


thank you sir may i have another- pine tree

I guess i'd have a face full o' shit.- AbortMe

I'll bet those frogs are a product of Australia. You can always count on the Aussies to breed a race of evil, destructive frogs to shit in people's faces for destroying the environment. Geez, litter a few times and suddenly you're in deep shit, what's this world coming to?- ferretchick

Well I guess I wouldn't do anything because tree frogs are endangered and the last thing I need is Animal Rights Activists on my ass.- Staticca

I'd think my head turned into a monkeys but- cocoplops

Then one of them would crap a desk out on my face, and i'd be a lil' pissed.- me

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