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: July 2004 Results

What if TVs could emit smells during commercials to sell products?

i would be watching it all night hoping there's a vagisil commercial- spank-me

That would be excellent. Then when you see the Herbal Essenses adverts or the "lady product" adverts, you wouldn't need conventional porn anymore.- M. Mort

Then it would all stink of crap because, mostly, it is...- Mzebonga

it'd stink- granny

We'd get a more vivid sense of how bad the "new fall line-up" is before it premieres, that's for sure. Now there's a smell that'll be hard to get out of the carpet.- Indomitus

i dont like televisions. they are tool of a vast conspiracy lead by the roman catholic church and the male gender. in greed, they make war and destroy mother earth. stupid ass-bastards. stupid telelvion. im a hypocrite, obviously because i'm using a computer. but a computer can spread knowledge and secrets, so its allright. narf. but without a telelvision there would be no simpsons. NOOO, I HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED. i am know promptly going to stick a fork in my pelvis and bleed to death. *sighs,* don't you just love basking in a pool of your own blood?- Morshada

i would too- pea nut guy

ummm that would really suck during those constipation commercials and periuod commercials..- stephano

In that case i'd video the air freshener commercials and stick them on a loop. Although people might start to choke to death in electrical shops.- totseloz

Then I really wouldn't want to be caught in front of the TV when the Preperation H commercial for itchy ass cracks comes on or when the Maxi-pad commercial for super-sized vaginas comes on air. I would always try to stay away from channels like QVC when they have those cake make-up hags selling their cheap shit so they can have another face-lift done. I can only just imagine the smell of those hags... ricotta cheese, library books, stale vagina... please no more of that.- TheMatt

It'd be fucken nasty.. imagine all those fat ass chicks, trying to sell sex products... GOD, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!- UndeaD_SOul

Well since its only for commercials I would be increadable displeased.... Emitting smells could do so much more then brainwash people into Glutton Consumerists.. bagging up every needless item they hear, see or now smell. Emitting smells could boosts rating to every cooking show out there and we'll boost increadable hunger...... adding more to the worlds(north america) obesity problem.. oh man, Thats horrible cus ya know half the nation only eats and watches doubles the eating while watching with emitted smells. Well, thats peoples pathetic faults. W/e Im frankly excited bout imaging what it would be like with smells Emitted From Teles! Id save alot of money on candles and spray but although those tv schums would probably emit toxins in the odurs they send and thus shortening our life span.. Man why is there always a down side to these things. Ciggerates and now this... I hate Television!- GargleSwallow

Watching food commercials would be great, pizza companies would recieve more orders and get rich BUT..... when diaper adverts come on I would have to smash the smell emitor. Then the different gases from it would mix together creating a new substance that I would name "Gatrooply"; 1.274 second after naming the gas I would realise it was poisonous and die. The gas would then spread around the world and kill everything (apart from the fishes in the sea because water is the cure for the gas).- Fredward

Sniffing will grow dull like incoherant staring- QuicklyMasterIsAwaiting

I would destroy the TV, just in case it tried to gas me.- InstantOatmeal

how can i answer that- X

It's true. Smell in advertising is neglected. I know already, through personal experience, that everything tastes like glass, as I've licked the T.V. screen on various occasions.... However, other than touch, (most products, which my peepee informs me, are cold and hard, also like glass...) all that the adverts focus on are sight and sound. Well, as you put it, what about parfums and bowl cleansers, or some new Febreeze that actually DOES get rid of the smell of the bodies? ..You have hit a new nail on the head with a shiny hammer. I, too, have hit some heads...- wILLies

then the living room would smell of beer, food, baby's asses and perfume all at the same time.- cyberwaste

That would ruin the point of those stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid commercials where it's random images in black and white that flash past the screen, and/or some skinny chick with a facial expression like she was just informed that she has cancer waltzing around in a field somewhere with some ugly guy, and there's some really irritating woman singing in the background, but not real singing, like that idiot whimpery singing with no words to it? and all the while you're thinking WtF could this POSSIBLY be trying to make me want to purchase? WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY??! And then at the end they show a bottle of perfume and somebody says the idiot name of some dumb perfume, for only $80 a drop. The TV emitting the smell of the perfume would spoil the surprise; it would cause people to say "They can't fool me anymore- the smell coming from the TV tells me that this is a perfume commercial, and they haven't even mentioned or shown anything vaguely related yet! Ha ha!" On the other hand when the commercial for Beano comes on I'm gonna heave a shoe through the screen ASAP. - FartMonkey

As long as they weren't bathroom sanitizer or bad breath commercials is cool. And no food commercials when I'm hungry!- Such a Beautiful Bitch

we would all have to buy nose pegs.and damn those red marks u get from them!!!- Keli-Weli

Well i supposse the world would get incredibly smelly. Don't you? I mean take the Kandoo advert for instance. Starts with babies pooin everywhere. EEEEWWWW! image that and then the smell of Kandoo. Even worse. LOL!- field

i would prob get high off the soaps ads- plank

I would do a forward roll and say skee a few times- TheCady

I would rape the T.V.- BoB_D_Mouse

Why do you want to know? Do you have some secret oedipal syndrome based around commercialising odours? I don't, honest! No, really, I don't.- Sven the Masseur

Urgh, think about advert for sanitary towels for people with bowel problems...or nappies.....*vomits*- Planque

The human race would die out. C'mon, how many people would really have babies if nappy adverts had smell-o-vision?- Hayz

I would be forced to obey them cause if im infront of the t.v im not movin away for anyreason >.<- Kino

Sweet, I wouldn't have to worry about my room smelling like pot all the time......- alisonwunderland

I suppose that would be good for companies, but what about the ones for foot deodorant companies? when they show the people with smelly feet, the feet would most likely smell,and people would change the channell before seeing the product, so we're probably best without that.- Hufflebunny

id be fat broke and homeless!- james

Then what kinda smell would toilet paper commercials emit? ya'know the ones with the bears would smell like shit, cuz bears aren't the most hygenic animals.- TommyTheCat

we would all die laughing- jumpen jones

eww...that would suck if somone put out an ad for manure.- la femme cinema

Then i would hope that they didnt have an advert for poopoer scoopers showing you how to use them with elephant poo.- hewardtinkleberry

Well, Id get to have a whif of those tampsons with the new smells - monkeeskittles

Then Minute Rice will smell the way it truly does--like CRAP! And Sunny D will smell like it truly does--like OIL! Vegetable oil, that is, not OIL oil. In other words, the TV will tell us the truth about things for once. Well, unless those evil product sellers make everything smell like maple syrup and roses. Those evil minions no human can resist maple syrup and roses..- McDiablo

That would be cool, but it would make you hungry. But then sometimes it would be gross.. if they were trying to sell air fresheners for stinky places.- samiwhami

that would be kewl- megica

i would grow very fat- faye

but they do already!!!!- poothrower

err that would be kinda odd because what if they wanted to sell you something that smelt really really bad so that it would keep bugs or animals away?? I think that would be really stupid- Im Coming For You

i would make a commmercial that advertized Brittney Spears and THEN everyone would understnd that she really does stink at singing.- POOTHROWER

my house would smell like shit all the time- pine tree

Than that be pretty cool i guess.- AbortMe

Agh, that'd be so freaking nasty. Why would anyone actually enjoy the smell of a meaty big mac permeating throughout their home? Smell-o-vision would definitely not be a product of the year, especially if fast food companies got a hold of the evil technology and harnessed it for their own evil.- ferretchick

the sales for Vagisil would greatly improve- Staticca

That would be good- cocoplops

Then I would be alot fatter, cuz EVERYTIME a pizza comemcial came on, I'd have to drive up the street to get a pizza to satisfy my urges.- me

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