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What if we threw salad at you while you were asleep?

I'd throw it back at ya but I'd get those squirty mayonaise bottles and squirt that too.- Sally

That would depend on the kind of salad. If it was something like chicken or tuna salad, I would cry and ask you why you were tormenting me. I would then proceed to crawl under my bed, curl into a ball, and hum various songs from Fantasia. If it were ordinary green salad, I would ask you to join me as I ate it. Care for a fork?- CasualFatality

Is it cold? If the salad is cold, so help me I'll get up, wash my face off, maybe take a shower. Okay, then when I'm done with all that, I'll attack you. - weirdDAR

I would tell you to fuck off and pull the covers over my head.- boing!boing!SPLAT

I would pull out my shotty and kill u.- dick

Just as long as I get a little sevice from the waitress- Igor

i'd come over to ur house and kill you with arsenic in ur sleep- lucky

I would throw it back at you.- Star

i would eat it- nobody_particular

I'd kick your ass when I woke up.- Caty

Then, using my telekinetic powers I would dodge the salad. But because I sleep-walk, I will walk out of my apartment and go sleep in the dumpster.- Anthrax.Boy

I would single out the smaller vegatables first, and methodically work my way up to the larger ones, while the dressing soaks into my socks.- Neoaikon

Then I'd wake up with salad on my face. AND CRY!!! I'd cry and I'd cry and I'd cry. And you'd laugh. So I'd cry some more. And you'd laugh more and I'd cry until i died and then you'd die laughing.- Mzebonga

wake up, grab it all and do like i did to those damned salad dressing salesmen..- SG*

I'd beat you down as soon as I regained my composure. I'd also spend the rest of my waking existence making your life a living hell. - ErinP.

Id wake up the next day covered in salad.- Smarm

I'd hurt you- timmy d

salad? only if it has bacon bits n it- the voodoo bunny

i would probably have nightmares for the rest of my life.- tiff

I would be pisst. I am trying to sleep!- Queen

Pick the bacon bits out of my nose.- drunkennewfiemidget

I might eat it or I might get mad and throw uncooked potatoes back at you.- ver


i would jump on you and eat you hair- elephant poo

I would shoot out of bed and scream "WHAT THE HECK! WHY ARE YOU THROWING SALAD AT ME?! Oooh, salad." And then I would collect the salad from off my bed, get some Italian dressing, and eat a nice bowl of salad with you at my table. - Okami Red

you would wake up the mext morning to find that your eyes have been pulled out and put into your mouth- Airetaari

I'd collect it and tuck each bit of lettuce into its own little bed. Then I'd name each of them and feed them from tiny bottles filled with dressing. Soon I'd become distressed because my Little Ones were not eating, only to realize that I hate children, and set fire to each one. In 10 to 15 minutes I myself would be consumed by the flames as well, having forgot to put out my Little Ones, like the moron that I am. - FartMonkey

i'd threw a hand grenade at you while you were asleep..but first i'd get some dressing for my salad..- soi

i would vamit on ur fucking face- untouchablelexus

If there was croutons and some bacon bits with it......hell yeah- harbingerofhell

i would hopefully wake up get a bat a go baseball your head of your body!- craphead couldn't get into my house, idiots!- rerun

I would awake in a carnivorous rage and kill your stupid anti-abortion vegetarian ass. Word.- draven

I would wake up in an angry fit of rage screaming, "What, no italian dressing!?"- Jack_the_Ripper

you mean people don't ENJOY when salad is thrown at them?- mmmbop

someone has an unhealthy obsession with salad. im guessing you are someone from canada... weirdos who eat salad as a palet cleanser afterwards(if thats still custom)...seriously, get help. if salad was thrown upon me while i slept.... i would continue to sleep. i would wake up and instead of smelling like piss id smell like ranch. id probably have greens in my bed for several weeks-not as if it would not improve the cleaness of my bed.- JAG

I would probably wake up and eat it, not knowing what it was, then die in my sleep from to much healthy food- freak_ninja

You'd cause those reoccuring nightmares i had as a child to well.. reoccur. Yup the mailman dress as ginger from gilligans island sitting on a dead polar bear he previosly murdered in the antartica crying as he ate an salad and i lay on ice as i drank the polar bears blood.The mail man comes over and throws his leftover salad on me crying... still. Turns out the mailman was an surpressed homosexual vegetarian and i had watch to many episodes of gilligans island. The polar bear represented my deep hate for cute animals and the salad being thrown on my head is because i killed rabbits as a child, alot of rabbits. - ChocolateInnerds

id continute sleeping- dani

Wake up and ask for some dressing.........if your going to humiliate me, do it with some style, you cheap bastard!- RealmO

"We" meaning who?! I wouldn't notice, because I sleep like a rock, but when I woke up I'd probably splash you with salad dressing during breakfast.- tinkerbelll

Salad good, no tomatoes please.- sophia

i would hope that i was the one you had thrown yucky salad dressing at earlier in the day, so it wouldn't go to waste.- eva psychotic

id probaly sleep threw it- cooter

wake u and throw it back when theyre asleep.- supermandave

I would turn over and say, "Purple haze, all in my brain. Lately things, don't seem the same. Actin' funny, but I don't know why...'Scuse me, while I kiss the sky!" then wake up and be like, "WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, SNEAKING UP ON PEOPLE AND THROWING SALAD AT THEM WHILE THEY'RE SLEEPING?!?!?!"- tinkerbelll

I would then scream, "TOSS ME! TOSS ME!"- McDiablo

i would scream and play in the salad!- Giytuen

Oy! Again with the salad, always with the salad... I am a heavy sleeper, so it wouldn't wake me up. However, I would suffer from night terrors about the salad people from Dallas coing to eat me. Then I wouldn't care because salad people have no teeth. If they indeed did have teeth I still wouldn't be concerned, as they couldn't possibly be sharp or do any significant damage, because they're, well, made of salad.- Gibbo

I would hope it would have dressing..yum..and well, I wouldn't notice, but it'd be a nice breakfast-in-bed gift!- chill one

I'd enjoy low-carb Atkins bruises- SKYofStLuke

that would be sooooo great, i get hungry at night, and i enjoy salad, as long as there is dressing- Delisa

I'd wake up and probably cuss like a sailor because I have no self controll when I'm tired.- behope

i'd wake up for lunch, as long as you added the dressing- shwee

if i was hunrgy i would eat it, and if i wasnt i would save it, and eat it later. as long as u weren't tossing my salad.- BuRnInG

I would think I was a carrot when I woke up- bluemonkeyfearer

this is insanity.. u shud be jacked... one cant even have unhealthy dreams... fkin HEALTHY DIET IN DREAMS>>>Snow.... i knew they will get there too..... we r dooooooooooooooooomed. u getting a carrot.. u know where.... wn i get up.. - SJ

i'd be angered, i'd get up and throw things at you. mainly sharp things- Billy

i would prolly not even notice till i woke up and i woudl be like wat the fuck.- Esha

It would verily be much akin to being in ye olde stocks at yon market.- Mzebonga

you'd get an armed response - another one

Yummy, i like sleep.- I have Cake in My Pockets

I'd throw the first thing i saw and throw it back at ur ass and tell u to go back to sleep or fuck off- FeFe

I would be turned on by the moist and refreshing lettuce leaves.- Evil Muffin

i would scream, and then eat it.- me

The goblins in my room really hate salad...No, I mean REALLY hate salad. So, I wouldn't do it if I were you. =)- Syko

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