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What if you were turned into an animal,
what would you want to be and why?

A cat, they have the life sleep, eat, sleep, eat.- Sally

I think I would want to be something like a snapping turtle. That way, I could just sit in the water and wait for some stupid person to come by and pick me up, sayng something like "Look at this! I found a turtle! Maybe i'll take it home." And when they picked me up, I would bite off their fingers and anything else within reach. That'll teach those morons to pick things up when they don't know what it is..- CasualFatality

A mongoose. Mainly because they can get into tight places, and I dropped a quarter down a tight hole the other week. I would really like to get that quarter back IF THAT'S OKAY WITH YOU!- weirdDAR

Well I defanatly wouldnt want to be a worm. hmmm I would want to be a duck...but i would be a vicious duck.- boing!boing!SPLAT

orangatang cause they have sex with there bros and sis'.- dick

Monkey....Then I could masturbate in public and not go to jail- Igor

cat--sleep all day and all nite, get other cats to lick me- lucky

I would want to be a cat so I could be soft and cuddly. That way everyone would pet me.- Star

i'd like to be a dung beetle so i could roll around on a big ball, and not be shouted at like sealions and monkeys. just do it in peace. for myself.- nobody_particular

Fox because they're clever and cool looking.- Caty

A monkey because monkeys are smart and amusing and eat bananas because the fling so much poo.- Neoaikon

A duck. Because, if I wanted to go somewhere I could. I could fly to Tenerife, I could walk to the shops. And I could swim around a bit too. What's more, people would give me food for no reason.- Mzebonga

I would want to be a I could ask all my cat friends "who wants to touch my pussy?!"- SG*

I'd be a cat so I could do nothing all day.- ErinP.

I would be a Caribou, as to why...thats my business.- Smarm

I'd probobly be a polar bear because they can fuck up all kinds of mad shit- timmy d

i would want to be a lemur, lemurs kick ass- the voodoo bunny

i would eagle, so i could fly away from all my problems.- tiff

a monkey, they can get an audience and not have to try- Queen

A dog. Then I wouldn't get slapped with lawsuits every time I stuck my nose in some hot broad's crotch.- drunkennewfiemidget

A sloth cause it just sounds good and seems like a nice lazy animal to be.- ver


i would want to be a monkey so i could oogie boogie- elephant poo

I would be a cat. If a dog dosen't come when you call it and runs away for several days, the dog gets spanked by its angry owner. BUT, if a cat does that, it dosen't get in trouble, because that sort of thing is just a cat thing. (Screw you if you don't understand) Oh, and I would also enjoy cat-ness because they get to turn cute, fuzzy mice into non-cute, bloody pulp. And they get to eat yummy cat food and don't get yelled at by their parents like I do. - Okami Red

a phoenix............cause theyre on FIRE!- Airetaari

I'd be a monkey beacuse I could continue flinging my feces at people, but as a monkey I wouldn't get in trouble for it. Also I could pretend to be tame and get hired as somebody's helper monkey so I can spaz out and randomly attack, and get on one of those When Animals Attack shows.- FartMonkey

i'd want to be an's easy to kill yourself then..oh..wait..we were not talking about reality..- soi

i would want to be a tiger cause than i would ripe every mother fucking animales head off and laugh- untouchablelexus

I would want to be anteater. I hate those little bastards and would proceed to devour them with a wholehearted glee unmatched by any other in this world. DIE BASTARDS DIE!!!!!!!!- harbingerofhell

I think i would want to be a monkey....because the i could climb all over you and bit you if i wanted to!- craphead

I'd be a............................whale, b'c then no one would want to eat me.- rerun

A Sock Monkey.- draven

I would want to be a baboon because I would be the poo flinging master HaHaHaHa!!!!- Jack_the_Ripper

a pig. 30 minute orgasms. duh.- mmmbop

lets see here... first of all i would be turned into an animal by cold water. i would be one of the following 1) a badger with superintelligence - because badgers are the mascot of wisconsin dur. 2) some cuddly creature like a koala - girls like me plus id get to sleep all days 3) kickboxing kangaroo- ...i'd live down under...nuff said 4) bear-i'd be smarter than the acerage bear. 5)my chinese animal symbol---no reason- JAG

adog, so i can lick my own balls, then i'd never leave the house- freak_ninja

If i was to be transformed into an animal and it was under my decision to turn into which ever animal i wish to be.. not considering the possibility of me not wishing to ever be an animal and being perfectly content in my human skin.That animal would be and why, a giraffe because ive always wanted to be tall and skinny and finally be able to pursue a modelling career.HoHOHOHOHHAHAHAHA... what the hell did i just say? not insane enough, you say?umm... well i.. umm.. i can settle with not being regonized for being humoures with a dinasaur head. YOUR gonna give me a butt of a monkey? GAH!Its not that cheesy ...or that bad... Fine! ill just be a monkey so i can get some enjoyment out of you giving me that ass. Happpy?... id fuck it... thats right! Id fuck it. pass it over... im humping already just lay it infront.Sweeeet monkey sex OOOO im so insane!!!- ChocolateInnerds

and aphid, your born, you live, you die, all in the matter of a day, and you know nothing of this while it is happening...- dani

I would be a kangaroo for three reasons: 1) Girls think they are cute so I could touch their tits and they wouldn't know I'm doing it on purpose. 2) So I could hop into the shopping centre, freak people out and steal things in my kangaroo pouch. 3)Find people I don't like and fly kick them in the balls.- RealmO

I'd want to be a pigeon, so I could go and ruin people's picnics. Also I would shit on peoples ferraris.- tinkerbelll

A giraffe, with height like that and having to cope with being an animal it would make you feel in control by seeing your surroundings. Damn long sentence.- sophia

i would hope to become a sloth; those guys rock. And its not just because they have a slow metabolism, but extra neck vertebre, so they can rotate their heads 180 degrees- eva psychotic

a monkey so i could throw my own shit and get away with it- cooter

a dog, so i could lick my own nuts, sniff other dogs arses, take a shit where i liked and hump ppls legs- supermandave

If I was turned into an animal I would so be that pikachu guy so that electric shocks would come out of my cheeks and I could sneak over to old men and shock their wrinkly sorry asses.- tinkerbelll

I wouldn't mind being a cheetah. Or a panther...or a lynx, or a jaguar, or leopard, or tiger. Um, I guess I could've just said, "Any animal of the cat family", but that's too easy.- McDiablo

i'd be turned in to a unifeary- Giytuen

I'd be a cat, definately. Then I could jump really high, hunt frogs and pigeons all day, climb trees and rub up against people's legs for sexual pleasure with the smug satisfaction that they'll never know the real reason behind it. Oh, and eat cat food and sleep a lot, as cats tend to do that.- Gibbo

i would want to be a dragon - cause I could fly away and burn anyone who tries to stop me- chill one

I'd wanna be a cow, so I could get really angry, and desroy stuff, and go on a 10-country tequila bender, and do cow stuff like chew on my tasty vomit... ok. Being a cow would suck. - SKYofStLuke

I'd want to be a bat so I could fly and use echolocation- Delisa

If I was turned into an animal I would be a sloth. Know one really knows much about them and how much more relaxed could I get?- behope

a leprachon so i could run around telling people to light fires, BURN BURN!!- shwee

a fucking lion, so i can eat you all, including your mom.- BuRnInG

a monkey so I could fling poo- bluemonkeyfearer

rabbit... and rabbit... yes rabbit.... yeahhhhhh rabbit... more rabbbbit.. .... rabbit... yeah baby rabbit...wanna .. know more... cum.. hare.. lets play rabbit....... yessssss rabbit... wooooh rabbit.- SJ

Golden Eagle, see for miles, fly really high, and fast. have razor sharp talons. whats not to like?- Billy

I would want to be a lap dancing sock monkey ah ya LOL no i would want to be a rabbit cuz the fuck like bunnys.- Esha

I would be a duck. Always a duck. I could walk, swim and fly with the greatest of ease. All the world would be my duck pond...- Mzebonga

a flying pig. whenever somone says "pigs might fly" I'd be able to swoop down and say oink.- another one

A owlion, its a owl mated with a lion. Yea thats right, i saw a picture of it on the worth1000 website and now am currently taking up a role of a scientist to make my new pets WhipperSnapper(owl) and Siarra leone(lion), mate. Im currenty in progression... but it has taken a small setback due to my loss of eyeballs and arms but im getting new ones!no worries... im taking my dieing emu's legs and eyes. uh id like to be a owlion so I can kill whipper and leone.... i mean not kill them...... and just to skip this semen testing and rubber gloveess.. uughh.NEvermind, Just turn me into a owlion and let me admire myself in the mirrior. - I have Cake in My Pockets

I'd wanna be a snake so i can kill all my enimies with out havin to go to fuckin jail...well maybe not all my enimies but the ones who think they kan push me and my crew around- FeFe

A seamonkey, as I could spy on all the children of the world, turn my water into acid and gouge out the eyes of the little darlings.- Evil Muffin

i would be a kangaroo, because they can bounce and i cannot.- me

A cat. Meow. THE END.- Syko

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