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: Feb 2004 Results
What if we offered you the chance to star in a Sock Monkey Porn photo shoot?

I would hope you got a good looking sock monkey as my opposite. Hate to have one of those synthetic ones....- eva psychotic

i would go gain as much weight as i could then parade around in um, well, nothing- irish psycho

Cool! I'll bring my own whip. Do sock monkeys like strawberry, bannana or chocolate flavoured cream? Oh well, it doesn't matter, I'll bring all the flavours! There is plenty to go around. If you guys want me to bring my own lube; that can easily be arranged.hmmmm.....Should I wear the red or the black?..........screw it!!!! I'll come naked, it will save you guys the trouble.- RealmO-K

I would bring my own sock monkey and ask if you wanted him to show full frontal or back nudity.- Jackie

kewl whats the catch? do i get to wear sexy deAD hyena skins and masturbate all over sock monkeys as you shove spiky plastic dildos into my anus?- thathinguywhois

I only do sockmonkey hand-puppets, regular sock monkeys are too soft.....cute, but soft.- eva statistic

im not a sock money you genius, how would it be classed as sock monkey porn?- james smith

I'd love to!- Jari

Only if I could have sex with a 2-day old doughnut.- AnthraxBoy

I would be overwhelemed with joy ! I would get to sample the almighty DC's sockmonkey tail. Hooraay for monkey schlong ! -me

Id say that my portforlio is all full of SMP, but Torn Sock MP is all the rage in the SMP industry right now...- Taco

i would say no to that cause its not my thing and i would rather stick to my boyfriend rather then a sock money who cant give you any thing in the first place.- roxy

i would be very happy- complete dumbass

Full frontal nudity?? Do we get to do doggystyle shots?? Do we get to eat Viagra like candy and walk around with a stiffie for days on end?? Okay,but only if I get a closeup and a copy of the tape.- braindead assbaby

I would show that rag doll how to do things!- Franky_TooCoolo

Well I'd be extremely flattered, as the sock monkeys are a most elite people and their porn is not something to be sniffed at. But from the experiences I've had with sock monkeys, it'd most likely just be a joke at my expense. In which case I'd run away into a corner and cry until the social service people come around and poke me with long sticks like they used to in the old days.- Nelson

I would die. But actually I wouldn't. I find it offensive that you consider me to be a sock monkey. But if I was going to star in it, that's a totally different story. You see, I have always fantasized being eaten by a bunch of sock monkeys and having it put on tape. which is hot. Right now I am pestering my annoying neighbor called Steve Barth, or BARTHOLEMEW, as I like to say. i keep calling him and making him listen to KoRn songs. HAHAHA. I find that to be rather amusing. also, legend has it that he (barth) has a bunch of chincillas which he uses as sexual toys by sticking them up his ass using a glass tube. i also find that to be rather hysterical, and i would seriously recommend putting that in the porno as well. also those freaky Quizno's rats that they show on the commercial sometimes. i should shut up now...i love you guys - Ka Ka Chawinga

I'd bring Emerald. It would be a lovely afternoon, wouldn't it?- McDiablo

I would bow down at my sock monkey shrine and grin in a very scary and somewhat insane way. - Turquoiseraven

yea ,no LOl- failed abortion with a clothes hanger in my brain

Wouldnt that break the rules? I dont mean to surprise you but im not a sock monkey, i guess for a special session and a hundred bucks, it'll get done. hm and shagging in new freaky experimental ways, im finding my self arosed, My we can get that photo shoot done now!oooooo, c"mon over, rush yer self.- Yer I's BeTha Challeelow

hell yeah- moose

how much does it pay- monkey butt

.....Really? No kidding? ALRIGHT!- SkyofStLuke

i would be hell ya ill let that monkey put it where eva he wanted to. ill fuck it if u want and u could video tape it lol- devilsdaughter

i could die a happy man, just make sure those sock monkeys got some hot chicks working them. if this is just some chance for you to jerk off a dood, then ya need help.. badly- Daniel

i would do it. and to show u my skills i wud bring u some of my home made sock monkey porn :) - glitter me

i would fuck something - JuggaletteCrystal

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