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: Feb 2004 Results
What if DC never came back?

i'd cry, but only when we got the fee we discussed in the ransom call, uh scratch that...- eva psychotic

i would sacrifice myself to the god(s) and pray while i die that he will once more grace the earth with his umm, stuff- irish psycho

Offer him the irresistable gift of Brittany Spears's head on a silver plater, (pre-stuffed by my favourite taxidermist "Billy") If I know DC, he'll be so excited to come back his tail will drop off. Seriously!!! if that doesn't work, I will have to assume that he is dead.- RealmO-K

I would cry and build a shrine to him in my dorm room. When everyone entered they would have to take their shoes off and light a candle.- Jackie

don't care he left us in dire need of someone to give us insane answers to our insane questions... obviously he doesn't much really care for our insanity and wishes we would get proffesional help... how sane! DC has gone sane! fucker!- thathinguywhois

I've been stood up by many sock monkeys in my day, and i'll take it like all the rest: hold the NASA shuttle hostage and hope this time i actually remember to close the hatch. Damn cops... damn sockfuckers....- eva statistic

wtf's DC?- james smith

DC? Dreamcast? Wonderful. *grins*- Jari

DC's gone? *psychotic break, followed by rampant dry humping*- AnthraxBoy

I would cry untill my body dehidrated. I would try to remebrr him by making mashed potatoe statues of him. Then after it got to be too much ( probably 2 hours ) I would swallow some chlorine and alcohol. If not that I owuld just hang myself with my tie. -me

Umm.. then I would go to mars and find his exact duplicate and return it to here.

i dont know or care- roxy

i would cry - complete dumbass

What about it? Would you come back if you had all these assholes asking you innane and boorish questions all f-ing day?- braindead assbaby

I would be afraid. If he's not here, he could be anywhere else... he could be in my own room right now... or he could already started his plans to conquer the world. Wouldn't you be scared?- Franky_TooCoolo

SHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Don't even say such things! You're talking to an insane mob of internet forum addicts here. If the notion rises too much in their minds, they will hunt you down and peel off layers of your eyeballs until DC is returned to them.- Nelson

Okay, so, yeah, that made me freak out...and when I freak out, I tend to, er, 'lose control' of my bladder. And I forgot to wear Depends. Because I wear them because of this, um, 'problem'. So, yeah, I need to change my pants now..- McDiablo

I'd sacrifice a pink banana (yes they do exist but are very hard to get hold of!) and bury it properly, then mourn for 6 months dressed entirely in white. Its opposite to the normal y'see. I figure if normal people dress in black for a funeral, i am not normal so i should not wear black.- Turquoiseraven

who cares- failed abortion with a clothes hanger in my brain

I'd print out every word that I even suspect DC has written and along with my artwork and artifacts construct an elaborate shrine. And I'd cry at night because that would really, really suck. Really.'re not trying to tell us something are you? Are you?? DC ISN'T coming back, is he?! Mzebonga killed him, didn't he! Mzebonga, you !! *sob* What is there to live for?? Come back DC! Come back! *weeps*- FartMonkey

Dc, whos dc? oh yes thats right he's that chum who uset to give answers for the Q&A.... oh god i sure miss that fellow. He knew how to satisfy the questioner and seemed like he had that real passion for it. Oh, how he'd dedicate himself to answering it within 2-3 days. Why'd that fellow have to abandon us in the hands of step-answerers?, its just not the same. If that bugger never comes back, Im not coming back to this ol'frigger of a website and thats a threat. Well hypathetical threat, this sure does have a differnt feeling, ye ol website, now that i come to relize it. Dc YOU frigger!Come Home.we need you!(and expecial the unexperience arses running your area in the site)..(no friggen clue what to be done.. i thinks there just trying to prove themselves as having that intellect 'with sumthin to say', you didnt need that sonny, you gots the charmin skill)- Yer I's BeTha Challeelow

not care- moose

who?- monkey butt

I would shoot myself, then go on a killing spree.- SkyofStLuke

i would fuckin cry i luv DC with all of my heart.- devilsdaughter

it would still suck.- Daniel

whos dc? - glitter me

who the fuck cares- JuggaletteCrystal

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