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: Feb 2004 Results
What if you woke up and find blood all over your room. There is a trail of blood to the bathroom, and when you follow it, it leads straight to the toilet. There is nothing in the toilet now. You glance at your face in the mirror and realize that whatever left the trail of blood escaped from your nose.

damn, i'm glad its gone. I hope the government has fun with that one......Skrew them anyway, i said no, but does anyone listen? Experiment my ass. That thing must be at least 6 in long, urrrggggg....- eva psychotic

I would shout, "MOM, where's the tampax?!?!?!?!"- Tinkerbelll

it was my brain, damn things been tryin to excape for years- irish psycho

Damn FBI! putting those damn remote control tracking devices up my nose. Trust them to take advantage of me while I lay dazed and confused in a pile of my own vomite down at the local bar that friday night,when I accidently fucked george bushes daughter!!!!.........It wasn't my fault......hahaha!!! too bad I'm back home in Australia, lucky my visa expired the day after..phew!!!- RealmO-K

I would walk over to a wall and hit my head on it to make sure there was nothing else in there to crawl out. Then I would just scream till someone came to see what was going on.- Jackie

i would wonder why the bizzare aliens were eating my soul again and why the don't just clean up the blood instead of leaving it allover the place like this what were they thinking don't they know by know I'll flush another alligator down after them so that they are eaten again? but that never seems to work either..... maybe this time I'll just use draino.- thathinguywhois

he may have won this round, but, by crackie, i'll make sure when he comes crawling back, he gets the brown hole this time....- eva statistic

Shit - did i just has a male period?- james smith

Gee, good ... why not? Sounds like a wonderful morning to me.- Jari

I'd know that those stupid underpants gnomes were at it again. I try and hide my underpants well. I went so far as to shove them up my nose. But I see those crafty devils got away with me lucky underroo's.- AnthraxBoy

I would smoke some pot and try to create something good out of it. -me

Wait up for my brain, it'll come back- Taco- Taco

that would be freaky cause i wouldnt have known what i did or what happend but what ever happend sure left a hell of a mess to be cleand up when ever. - roxy

i would ask how that i knew it escaped from my nose just from looking in the mirror.- complete dumbass

Dammit.... I was right..... I didn't think that you could use tampons for a nosebleed- braindead assbaby

I would roll all over the blood trail, in a desperate shot to understand what had happened... mainly reamembering with who was I last night and if she said anything suspicious or related to her period.- Franky_TooCoolo

i'd wonder how much i drank the night before and what the person who (may have) hit me's face looked like..... a kinky lil freak - assmonkey

No no no. You've completely got it the wrong way around. It didn't escape from your nose, it has invaded your nose and taken over your brain. In which case, I'd advise that you should immediatly find a rifle and shoot it out. It might sting, but it's the only way.- Nelson

First I would take a scrap of toilet paper and wipe my nose until i have a chafing rash. then i would chuck it out the window screaming "BARTHOLEMEW, BARTHOLEMEW, BARTHOLEMEW" until my voice goes out and I curl up in the fetal position and pass out on the floor. when i wake up i will use luminol to find the remaining traces of blood (yes, I watch forensic files) and use my stepmother's hideous lengerie to clean it up. when that too is done, i will go to school.- Ka Ka Chawinga

So that's where my tampon went...- McDiablo

I'd lick the trail of blood on the floor then go back into my room and go looking for the dead hooker. Probably find her in the wardrobe.- Turquoiseraven

lol!!! id be like was i sleep walking? since when u woke up the blood was already there :P- failed abortion with a clothes hanger in my brain

Well it'd probably take me a couple hours to get to the toilet because I'm a stupid wuss and the sight of blood makes me lightheaded, so I'd probably faint a few times on my way. - FartMonkey

I hate when that happens. sometimes i wake up and my nose is bleeding. maybe it is possible. maybe that little fly thing did lay eggs in my nose or something. i took a nap this one time and my nose was itching, after picking it there was this little insect thing, but it was dead. i thought, "thats really creepy," but i was too sleepy to actually care. maybe it laid eggs in my nose and died, and whenever the eggs hatch, my nose starts to bleed. if i did wake up to find that there was all this blood and it came from my nose...i suppose that particular baby insect was really fat, and ate the other eggs. i wouldn't be that surprised if the thing had mutated into something large after exiting my nose, it probably took in a lot of cocaine while it was in my nose waiting to hatch. but now that i think about it, maybe the cocaine was the reason for my nose bleeds...- Phantom

Now thats a insanity, I know and we know the brainer habitators only have acess to escape from the FRiggen' ears.- Yer I's BeTha Challeelow

freask out- moose

cool- monkey butt

God, time for Male cranial menstruation again?- SkyofStLuke

i would be like holy fuck wat the hell happened. musta been one hell of a good nite from wat i can remember.- devilsdaughter

id just be thankful it wasnt my ass.- Daniel

i think i wud shit myself first..and then get a wee torch and investigate my nose..- glitter me

I would stick my finger up my nose to see if i could find anything else. then i would lick up all the blood.- JuggaletteCrystal

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