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: December 2004 Results

What if you found some yellow jello in your fridge when you knew that you didn't have any before, and that no one had brought you any?

What's jello?- Horse

Hah, 'jello'. You Canadians crack me up. I don't really like yellow JELLY that much... it's poo. I wouldn't question it that much, just throw it away.- Mort

I would suspect that Nate (my insane friend in Canada) was attempting to kill me again after I said his girlfriend was mean!!! - *Meow*

I would likely be on a very intense sugar high, so I would probably dance around singing, "Yell oh jell oh! Yell oh jell oh!" Before realizing that it did not smell like jello. Then I would scream, "YELLOW JELLO YELLOW JELLO!!!!!!!!!!" and I would have an emotional breakdown and run around chewing on people's arms.- bluemonkeyfearer

Then I'd put it in an amphibian tank, wait for it to develop into a semi-intelligent lifeform and call it George.- Mzebonga

I'd laugh at the fact that Yellow rhymes with Jello, just because I suck, and I'd bring it to a charity Potluck- Hufflebunny

dump it out and forget about it - frankenpot

First i would ask myself do i want to eat it? I would then feed it to my friend to see if it was really jello. if it was ok then, if it wasnt, O well- ShadowWhisperer

I'll know someone's been pissing in my private gelatine supply again. Those reprobates!- Fish

I'd pull out a spork from the drawer and prod it a bit.. to see how jiggly it is... if it's at the right consistancy then maybe i'll eat a itty bitty bit and see what happens.. or maybe I'll just feed some to my rat and see what happens- SG*

id stick it in my eyes and in my mouth and dribble it all over my chin and run to school and shout i have anthrax in the corridoor so everyone runs away and i can acheive world domination and avoid cross country at last muahahahaa **babybel**

i'd be like, damn i like jello, and sit down and eat it on up(i'd play with it a little too, i just can't resist the jiggliness)- Shwee

I'd wonder at first why it was yellow. Was it lemon flavored? Urine? Or just non-flavored jello that was colored yellow. I'd call up everyone I knew and ask about it. I'd then proceed to call all local restraunts in hope of catching the culprit. If no one gave up the fiend, I'd eat it with a tall glass of Sprite. Mmmm....lemonylime freshness.- a/n/thraxboy

id throuw it out- tfrtrt

Sniff, sniff. Check for fuzz. Nope. Eat! Ask Questions Later!- eva psychotic

I'd say, "Colby! I found your pee sample!"- McDiablo

i would assume it had grown, and would thank the gods that i had been blessed in this fashion.- superman dave

i'd think, 'aaah, so that's what happened to that red jello after all this time... another successful experiment.' ... then i'd most likely eat it- turreima

Sniff it...if it smells like booze...assume its a jello shot and take it...if not...well shit lets see what happens....- Gonzo

i'd be very suspicious that it was ACTUALLY jello. and i would smear it over next door's cat.- turquoiseraven

I would poke it with a frozen hot dog then the hot dog would turn me on and i would stroke it in and out of the jello and make horny noises, after that i would get bored and throw the yellow jello at a wall in the city hall or something or tey to get the mayor with it so that he could find out wether it was piss flavour or not.- thathinguywhois

i would eat it- treepacbuddhaballs

id freak out and make my enemy eat it after i put arsenic in it- Dez-dawg

I would dit there and sing, "Yello Jello, Yello Jello!" because yellow and jello rhyme. But realsticly, if jello just appeared in my fridge, I'd either drop it off of something really high up or just eat it.-me

I have a large metal stick that I like to use to draw on walls. The thing is that the walls are always changing places.- anamnity

I would eat it and then puke it up as i convulse- quanzi_penguin_poo

i'd know that my urine/aspic experiment had worked! joy! feed it to ur parents.- superman dave

Ha ha, oh those Magical Yellow Jello Gnomes. You should see what they leave in the litter box.- j0eg0d

I must have urinated into the jello again. I am sorry to those of you who ate the yellow jello.- Venomous

i would: 1) take it out of the fridge 2) sniff it 3) bring it to the neighbors 4) make sure they consume it in ur sight and 5) observe what happens and pretend to be a CSI to figure it all out.- leadingtodeath

i let my dog try some, if she didnt die id probably eat it- headbanana

I'd feed it to someone I didn't like.- voggit

Then i must have put it there- Claire

i would save it until i was hungry or sick. jello is good when you're sick 'cause it's harder to puke up. then i would eat it.- Techoblood

I would wonder who threw up in my fridge.- FadedRose

i know that very few things can freely change like that, so i would blame it on my room mates stupid boyfriend and beat him up. She likes to watch.- Eva Sock-Dominatrix

I would just assume that one of my multiple personalities put it there. The troops are always doing stuff like that. One morning I woke up with a man who looked like Keith Carradine .. but he wasn't. Damn!- Maverick chinaman

i would think my dead mother put it there...really, i would. she loved jello and i hate it.- cherilicious

then some jello would be eaten, and possibly thrown up.- lexi7817

i'd pee in it- Sweater Monkey

After readily sniffing it for a jello flavoured scent... being that it is, I will engorge my face into the bowl with one swoop and suck in it.. with an occasional blow for giggles, until emptied. I will then proclaim "No more mystery", and wipe the dust off my hands... I take to my eating quite vigorously and victoriously... evident in my obesity... this horrid 127 makes me ashamed to walk outside... oh... um... I'm a young female, its cool...errr. Well since thats the end of my brains imagining wheel... wait... somethings coming... I would suspect piss... ah balderdash.. thats just trash. Um, It ends up poisoning me and causes some insane redemption by monkeys... no, no thats not right. I think it to be a gift from the great lords of Mongolia who have owed me a in debt for the last 2 centuries and this jello was made of sacred gold that would place all the worlds power in my grasp... yes that is the only plausible answer... although... If I already commited to eating it and since it took me so long to figure this out, I would have probably eaten or destroyed whatever they offer before I realized what it really was.. oh my underthinking self how it all unravels untop of you... "drops head in shame"- Gargling&Swallowing(At The Same Time!)

I guess I would think that the yellow was a product of the green aging...and if it was not too yellow then it would still taste ok- downunder

I'd be sorta suspicious. I mean, maybe my cats made it while I was at a gig or something. They could have made the jello and then peed in it. Or maybe the jello has some kind of yellow mind controlling substance. - monkeeskittles

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