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: December 2004 Results

What if we asked you to start doing some naughty and questionable acts with
one of the TID members for the purpose of putting it on this site?

I would tell you to go eat some penis- Horse

Sure, why not? Though I think my suggestions would be beyond questionable. - Mort

WHAT!!!???? NOOOO!!! I would find a wooden sword (I could steal my friend's easily) and beat the hell out of the person asking me to. Then I would squeeze your nose and say "BOO YOU!" and then start singing again. - *Meow*

I enjoy getting things put on the site. I would not object, unless it has anything to do with other females...or cabbage patch dolls....mmmmm..naughty and questionable acts.....- bluemonkeyfearer

I'm game if you are, JCP... This time tomorrow, we could be millionaires.- Mzebonga

I'd be like oh boy , i mean girl just touch my body- frankenpot

Two words, HELL NO.- ShadowWhisperer

I'd have finally graduated to world fame as a porn star rather than the unpublicised cottage industry of dubious 'home videos' found in my native country. - Fish

questionable? thats very questionable...anyways.. I'd do it.. members? am I a member? can I be a member? I wanna be a member! *cling*... hah a member.. my mind is so in the gutter.. >.<- SG*

well normally id say no...but seeing as its for this site get the KY jelly and stick a malteaser up my ass before i change my mind! **babybel**

tell me when and where, and i'll be there with your mom and a camera- Shwee

Oh look. I get a butt monkey award.- a/n/thraxboy

I pick bluemonkeyfearer. Rock on, y'all.- eva psychotic

I've participated in orgies...and when I say "orgy" I mean "lying/sitting on a bed and on top of others...with clothes ON." So, yes, I wouldn't have a problem doing that.- McDiablo

i would happily comply, knowing full well it woud not involve such a long prison sentence as moat of my other hobbies.- superman dave

i'd ask what the hourly rate of pay was.- turreima

Sure! but i reserve the right to refuse service!- Gonzo

Umm. Maybe. It would depend how random they were.- turquoiseraven

I would ask how much you were paying and then get my lawyer to send you a contract stating my terms for a favouraable agreement, then I would masturbate in front of you to show my "style" and try to get you in the face with my come, then I would insert my penis in yellow jello and start moaning for sock monkey pussy/ass to display itself... with shoes! then i would not take your money and say that it was all a game to get laid and look strange in the eye of the public- thathinguywhois

sure why the hell not, only fucking girls though- treepacbuddhaballs

id be like okay do me- Dez-dawg

Ooo, "questionable". I'm up for the naughy, but the questionable kinda acres me. Just as long ass you don't but rats and potatoes in my ass, I would have no problems with performing such acts with a memebr of The Insane Domain, for I loves all of you with a fiery burning passion.-me

There were many times in his life when he wondered if he'd gone too far. When he finally ended up with nothing but a fistful of vitamins and a large circle cut from a sheet of blue stock paper, no one was really surprised.- anamnity

I would ask for how many pairs of mismatched socks!- quanzi_penguin_poo

id need to see a contract first im afraid. i got caught out like that once before. bastard. she said she was 21. how was i supposed to know. she had a driving license for fucks sake! LET ME OUT! the bitch set me up! I DEMAND JUSTICE!- superman dave, what's one more site...- j0eg0d

Will there be animals involved? If they are animals, I'll do WHATEVER you want me to do.- Venomous

I love sex, i would do whatever kinky shit you can come up with!! - leadingtodeath

sick the right wing mafia on you- headbanana

Sounds like we should talk soon.- voggit

Then I will say yes, because i like insane stuff- Claire

depends on the circumstance, but i'm up for almost anything short of pooping on people and bloodshed.- Techoblood

I'd be down for that. I've never been shy and it sounds like fun.- FadedRose

I heart Herbert, My Sock-Submissive. He eats gummi candy all day.- Eva Sock-Dominatrix

Does he look like Keith Carradine?- Maverick chinaman

ehhh. nope, i cant compete against the sock puppets. my thighs are not as fluffy.- cherilicious

meh. where's the cash?- lexi7817

sure that whould be cool i'd do it- Sweater Monkey

Start? Oh I've already started baby *wink*(Blushes about the reason I log onto the site... and revokes sexual fantasies)... Thats if you're the one you want the nasty to be put upon, which I can do on the spot... seriously, even from this distance... ready? ready? Oh, thats right your not here... wellll get back to me about it.. yeehhhh. oooowwwww...yiiip... (believe me the sounds are way better during naughty/questionable acts in ppperrrssssonnn...ooooooooohhh.) - Gargling&Swallowing(At The Same Time!)

the TID member would say that it would cost me money and they never tell me how much...maybe I would pay them...- downunder

Do I get to pick the person? Do I get paid? Do I get anything? Pleasure, Pain? Oh who cares, I'll email you my number and you can get in touch with me. I would be more than willing to do anything with anyone on this site, if it adds to the content. Oh, but can it involve jello, whipped cream, a few chains, a whip, and a mad sock monkey.- monkeeskittles

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