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: December 2004 Results

Many aliens have landed and are just pretending to be human.
They're doing this the way we go on holidays and vacations.
What if this were true?

I would grab a spade and start digging until i just couldnt dig anymore, then i would set up a bunker for my family and I.- Horse

It is true. Haven't you seen the movies? They're everywhere. Regular people. They look like human beings.. but they're not. They're far superior... and one day they'll turn on us.- Mort

It would completely explain why the Prez of the U.S. has started so many wars. OOOH!!! He's GREEEEEENNN!!! - *Meow*

Aliens? Where? Oh no. They've come for me. I always knew that they wouldn't be satisfied with kicking me off their planet to live here. Now they think they have to finish the job. I laugh at their pretend-human selves. They will never find me here. Muhahahaha.- bluemonkeyfearer

Then at least some of us wouldn't be human scum.- Mzebonga

i would love to smoke a joint wit the alien and hit an alien bong- frankenpot

I would like to say one word, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- ShadowWhisperer

why in god's name would anyone apart from a blind consumptive masochist choose to holiday on earth when they could be on Betelguese 7 for the 1500th anniversary of the collapsing Hrung disaster? (you know what I'm quoting. And if you don't, shame!)- Fish

I believe it... I already know it's true... Look I have PROOF! *pulls out video tape and tv with vcr* you see that guy right there? NO IT'S NOT A WEATHER BALLOON! *squints at tv*.. That shiny stuff is metal.. he's eating it! >.< NANANANA nano nano o.o *runs off* ALIENS ARE ALL AROUND YOU!- SG*

good on em! wat do u have against aliens anyway?! it would be awesome especially if they had an alien kama sutra and there were pictures of an alien putting all seven of his penises into a bushes bum and splitting him in half muhahahahahaha **babybel**

It cannot possibly be true, i mean if i believed i would be running around screaming, and i cannot allow myself to do that, i've been caught too many times.- Shwee

You know. That's a horrible way to weed out the aliens. I mean, how many aliens do expect to answer your question? Seriously. You think they are just gonna be all "Oh hey, this website is asking about me, I should tell them it's true" ? No. We wouldn't. We're too smart for your trickery. We saw Harry Potter. Twice.- a/n/thraxboy

Few of them would get past airport security....- eva psychotic

Shit, I've been found out. I, look at how the cursor blinks when it's in this wee little box. Blink....blink........blink blink.......- McDiablo

this question dont make sense!- superman dave

i'd welcome them to our but humble speck of a planet, and offer them many attractions and tourist activities to do... and tell them a false currency exchange rate.- turreima

That would mean interstellar travel were possible and would give me hope that one day man might reach the stars....- Gonzo

Woohoo! Alien goths, woo a new species to get off with. Perfect timing, i exhausted the local goth supply. haha.- turquoiseraven

I would be very un alarmed and would gather evidence of thier arrivals and then sell it to fox for a billion dollars and then go on vacation on one of thier worlds disguised as on of them and then expose myself as an alien to thier media and sell my story of life on another planet to them. Then i would have alot of intergalactic credits and would cruise the universe looking to score.- thathinguywhois

i would be the happiest person alive. Finally this world wouldnt be so damn boring- treepacbuddhaballs

i'd throw a party for our new friends and the eat their heads off saying that earth doesnt need anyone wierder than me- Dez-dawg

These questions get lamer and lamer every month.-me

I would know why my aunt elda only visits on soltice- quanzi_penguin_poo

haha! wile tryin to think of an ansa i dropped my crisps! but i still ate them off the floor! i dont get enough fluff in my diet just lately.- superman dave

What if? I've been AWOL since June.- j0eg0d

It would make me wonder if I'd ever had sex with a vacationing alien. - Venomous

Id warn the FBI, but seeing as they would find me clinically insane, i would be locked away in a nut house. from the inside i would communicate with the aliens and trick them into showing their true identity. therefore, the FBI would release me and pay me tons of money.- leadingtodeath

how do we know its not- headbanana

IT is true. This is no what if my friend. It is just the way things are. Too bad there are not more of them.- voggit

Then someone would have to kill them because they could take over the world- Claire

it already is...fucking alien tourists.- Techoblood

That would be the coolest thing in the world. I would find one and be best friends. I would convince them to take me back to their home planet and make me a guest. I'd be worshipped, not because I was beautiful, but because I was so unique. I would eventually take over their planet by acting like a moron and gaining their complete and total trust. Then with their amazing technology I would procede to take over the rest of the universe, planet by planet.- FadedRose

I would do my best to ruin it. Liars suck pretty bad...- Eva Sock-Dominatrix

I am an alien and I do not take kindly to being talked about behind my back you scum. We got aliens in the White House too.. - Maverick chinaman

cool. send them to downtown manhattan so they can spend their pesos or whatever. we need that cash and the left over green slime.- cherilicious

Then we would fucking exploit the hell out of them, and sodomize random lost tourists.- lexi7817

i'd fuck one- Sweater Monkey

Being the way we go on holidays and vacations is admiring everything and capturing surroundings with flash photography while towing obnoixous kids or consistantly romancing a lover.. with or without kids or spose, Um... Kill all actually tourists... bomb the cruise ships and the casualities will be honoured by writing there name in some form of metal in the valley of dead and we raise a flag big as that wall they have in china with a great massive sive your able to see from earth... whatever you call it.. and place a middle finger on it. They must have learned a least a little something while on vacation besides hello... But now that you remind me... I knew that lost guy was speaking gibberish... Alien gibberish!... well probably alien language... funny.. then he raped a little boy a week later... Ugh, aliens, we must plain an attack before this demeanted nature takes us over. Heh Heh, it'll be like revived salem witch trials, and everyone will ask those who are doing the exuctions "So, Do you think This is the next Salem witch Trials???", and they say "Yes and no, we kill a little to unjustivly, but that'll get worked out, and this time there is really witches" "So theres witchs amoung these aliens???" "No, that's not what I meant... I meant.." And well it goes like that for hour exspecially with those so called established interviewers like "Barbra walters...fucking shithead" dee dee..another historical premontition to be credited via I.- Gargling&Swallowing(At The Same Time!)

I think that I am an alien and no one at work really understands me except for the insane one . Her I worry about- downunder

I'd become scared. What if our drummer is an alien? What if everyone on this site is an alien? Oh Fuck, we are all screwed. Run, hide, the Aliens are coming. Or are already here, oh fuck I don't know.- monkeeskittles

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