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: August 2004 Results

So you're sitting there at your computer like usual,
what if suddenly your walls become invisible?

shit....betterkick that little leprocaun hus doing me favours away from under my seat and close down what ever kind of pixie porn images i have open at the time....boy that could get me in a lotta trouble!- keli_x_james...IM BACK!

I would ignore it. Anyway, if you are not looking at something, then it is not there anyway.- Char

id stop wankin n hide in my bed- dark-angel

Well, i suppose if they were invisible to the people outside, I'd turn my chair around and watch with glee as the crows smashed into my invisible walls, if they were only invisible to me, I'd probably try to get off the crack.- Hufflebunny

Time to put my underwear back on and stop looking at porn. And wave at the traffic. IF they annoy me, I could take my underwear back off.- Mzebonga

i'd ignore it and continue chatting with my friends =D- LivingDeadDolls_Ruler

stand up, look around, then run through the invisible walls.- lafemmecinema

I've been in this situation before when I forgot what a window was. I usually sit naked so my neighbours would probably complain (or watch me). I'd then have to play jokes on people by making them try to walk through the wall. hahaha.- Fredward

What if I'm sitting at my computer unusually and the walls became visible? What about that?- Jay

Again i would scream. and then laugh a little.- saz

Ewwww ! My dad's taking a shower ! I turn around and my sister's masterbating in her room ! AUUUGH !-me

Try to walk through them, of course...ow...ow...ow...ow...- InstantOatmeal

i would run and get some clothes on- hair

Then my whole house would collapse and I'd fall to my certain death under a splintering pile of rubble and bloodied furnishings.- M. Mort

I would laugh because although i am wearing very little, it is infact also 1am so i will not be seen. come morning i may hide. hide like the coward i am.- deadbadger

Dunno. Would they still be padded? Because that would be weird. It would also depend if there were interference patterns from the so-called "invisible" walls when looking through them. If there were, then I would get dizzy. If not, then I would finally be able to repeatedly sprint into the aforementioned walls without that annoying flinch just before hitting them.- Sven the Masseur

the roof'll fall down- Fish

Then I would see the people and the peolpe would see me... asleep.- Lekkerkaas

See through invisible? or like whoah,.. invisible is nothing..oh whosh.. i live in a place that has walls with increadable peeping tom capabilitys. That would be a wish come true that..yes... yes.. oh NO nevermind... no undo! undo! My neighbours are niethar hot or behaive in any suspicous activity... so I'd become disgusted and paranoid stricken when one of my neighbours retarded kids probably partakes in her friday night activitys comprised of eating nachos and staring at the walls..ughhhh... And who says im sitting at my computer as usual.. I may be sitting now but usually I'm doing the splits and facing away from the computer typing these answers... i feel sickly... dammit.- GarglingSwallow~~

I would run into the walls a couple of times and then strip.- Kali

i would turn around and strip naked and die- what

id think "quick cover up, cover up" n say "Ma, honestly this isnt really porn, its just 2 very friendly people who like to show their fealings. Its for school, yeah, im studying the mating habbits of 2 lesbian women, honestly you can ask my teacher" :P- Mike

Dude! I can see through my sexy neighbor's window! Sweet!- L0S3R

I would stop what i was doing(!!??!!) then run upstairs and put some clothes on in case the neighbours were watching. Then I would carry on as normal searching weird and wonderful web sites like this one.- mennisthedennis

i have just recently had new neighbours move in on the house thats joined to my detatched house. when i met them i discovered that one of them was will young and the other was a nun with a slugs head. i would have to go round to the neighbours house and ask to borrow one of the many prostitute outfits the nun has in her wardrobe as these are the only clothes she/it keeps. i would then accuse them of stealing my walls just because they were near the crime scene. as they were sticking up for themselves i would help myself to alcohol from their water tap. casually i would then walk to the police station drunk out of my face clothed in the nuns prostitute outfit and explain to them how will young and the nun with a slugs head stole my walls! - nelly welly noggin

i would go unseen because i live out in the middle of east bumfuck texas- slim jonn

i would wonder if my house were like that movie "Glass House" and wonder if my aprents were gonna come kill me, but i'd be ready for them!!!!! haha!! i'd build all these traps like Kevin did in Home Alone and get their faces knocked in....HAHA!!! THEY WOULDN'T KNOW WHAT HIT THEM!! - heyasshole!

i'd put my music really loud on my computer and start dancing- MarcoPolo

I could see the chick next door naked.- CJ

Why do the Sims keep trying to abduct me into their world???? what did I do to them??? Damn it.- bluemonkeyfearer

Ah man! Right when I was beating it looking at porn! Fuck!- SockMunkai

Hmm....well i'd stop picking my nose for one.- Trepas

I just might see a pair of old people going at it, nah, who am I kidding, they'd be asleep by now, their dentures secure in their glasses by the bed. I'd see a darkened apartment and hopefully some strange shit that has fallen into the walls.- spankmonkey

Again, I would freak out and scream- Person Person

I would shart myself. Shart- When you poot and shit comes out. -cack-n-bulls-

i would listen to the spice girls- roxy

I'd shake my fist at those stupid malfunctioning newfangled walls. Then I'd go get my huge scary crossbow and wait till some guy walking his dog or joggin' mom with a stroller comes down the street, and I'd make a big show of aiming the crossbow at them and firing. I couldn't get in trouble because it would hit the invisible wall and not the person, it'd just scare the freaking crap out of them. Man, now I want to do that...- FartMonkey

I'd become very self-conscious and would probably do something really stupid in order to calm myself down--like hump the monitor. Or trade places with Emerald. Everyone, advert your eyes TO THE SOCK MONKEY!- McDiablo

I'ld grab my loin cloth and my furry beaver skin tank top to hide my goddess-like body.- Jackie

I would start beating off thinking "this is hot"- Mac

BECOME?!? WHAT THE FUCK IS BECOME? THEY HAVE BEEN FOR THE LAST FOUR YEARS! Why do you think I had to cover my body with other people's skin?- unfor2n8

That would be horrible, I'd have to quickly click on my emergency porn bookmark and beging to masturbate like a monkey on Viagra. Otherwise people might see me using the internet to learn and enhance my mind, and I have a freaking reputation to keep damnit.- ArchbishopShaggy

I put sheets up around the room so I can still look at the porn. - Mzebonga

Ok wait, now we need to elaborate on this. Are the walls invisible so that I cant see them? or Are the walls invisible so that I cant see them and other people can see in? Well if its the first one, Id suddenly get very confused as to why I can look outside and see the trees and my car. If its the second, my neighbors would see my looking at sock monkey porn and having my own photo shoots with my teddy bear, Fuzzy McStuff- monkeeskittles

I'd scream cause I hate heights and then I'd think I was falling.. so I'd collapse- SG*

I don't own any walls. A friens owns these ones, my mum owns the ones at home- Me

I'd cover my shame.- j0eg0d

I would check out what my neighbors are doing...- Mona (cross dresser exceptional')

people living in glass houses shouldn't throw stones or go to the bathroom during daylight hours- Fish

iwould run around the front room and call people to come have a look at my computer they would come running and hit the wall then i would rob them and chuck them over my fence so he thinks that they robbed him! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- madma

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