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: August 2004 Results

What if you saw an alien and no one believed you?

i wouldnt be bothered because hed b my alien and nobody elses and id call him my alien and he would belong to me....that was if i ever found his rabbit hole again to finally capture tht little bastard!- keli_x_james...IM BACK!

I would drag it along with me and introduce it to everyone. Then they would believe me.- Char

id b all like, screw u, i dont care, u fuckin mofo noob- dark-angel

First, I'd try to wash the smell of the alchohol off me, and then I'd try and figure out why people didn't believe me.- Hufflebunny

I'd phone him or her up and give them a piece of my mind.- Mzebonga

i'd become the alien i really am...- LivingDeadDolls_Ruler

*shrugs* fine! fuck you then! you can't see the alien...only I can see the alien! you are a pathetic worm!!!- lafemmecinema

Noone believes me anyway, so I'd probably be taken away by the men in white suits. This probably deserves a monkey butt.......- Fredward

I wouldn't tell anyone for them to not believe me in the first place, because I wouldn't believe them if they said the same to me- Jay

I would run away with the alien and create a new culture.- saz

I'd pull the probe out of my ass and show them..... well that may not convinec them, for you could get something like that from any local porn shop. Thye'd probably just think I was some gay attention whore who puts things up his but so people will notice him. -me

Show everyone the alien's corpse, lock him and myself in a steamy room, then splat against the window and say "Release me..." just to creep everyone out...bwahahahahahaa...- InstantOatmeal

i would beat the crap out of them- hair

You see, I get questions like this all the time. No-one will ever believe me. Unless they're just saying that because they know with my knowledge of there being aliens, I could perhaps start what could be the end of human civilisation. There are aliens everyone... repent... the end is nigh- M. Mort

i would tell people of my encounter at exact times everyday until they become worried and institutionalize me. from there the chaos will begin.- deadbadger

Which kind of alien? The "illegal alien", immigrant kind of alien, or the "UFO", "outer-space" kind of alien? In the case of the latter, then my proof of the existence of intelligent life off (or for that matter, ON) earth would be shattered (the proof being that it hasn't tried communicating with us). If, however, it was the "illegal alien" sense of the word, then I would threaten to inform the Immigration Department, force them into submission and make them my slave, until that pesky little conscience got in the way AGAIN! Damn thing, always ruining my plans for world domination.- Sven the Masseur

what do you mean, what if?- Fish

I'd kick the shit out of the people for not believing me!- Lekkerkaas

I wouldnt exactly be the one to tell... but what if i did eh..? hmmm... I would take action, aliens as highly documented in movies as there only motivation is to create havok and force us to depend all our lifes on one mans shoulder and I would make that me. Since no one believes me and Im talking entire populatoin announcment and not even the x-files geeks taking time to hear me out and instead proceed to masterbate to photos of that david guy ( cus i dont know the ladies name.. im sure they have done it anyways) Scully?... girl or guy? ummmmm..this isnt important, what is.. is that i protect the planet and first i will begin by hijacking a plane paint we have come and steering it into a bunch of houses ...shit no bad plan... stupid terrorists... Um, i would go to the place I spotted with a dozen cameras and live my life camping there until its return which will only be seen as a fake so i will capture it... oh yes while protecting the planet by being alive.... much to complicated to explain must duty awaits.- GarglingSwallow~~

I would run around naked, screaming, with a bucket on my head and then ask if they believe me.- Kali

what?- what

I have I have HONESTLY! BELIEVE ME! well id probably be locked up in some insane asylum talking to the walls whilst doped up on so much drugs, ah heaven for me :P goes back to one of my wishes on the first question :P- Mike

I'd send an invitation to the alien for a teaparty and invite the people who didn't believe me. "More sugar?" - L0S3R

if no-one believed me i would have a major temper tantrum until they said that they did just to shut me up. if that did not work( in real life it never fails) i would never evr speak to any of my friends again and then when i become a millionaire they would regret not believing me because i would share my winnings with the alien!- mennisthedennis

if no-one believed that i saw an alien i would start acting normal like everyone else and when they asked me what was wrong i would say "when i was up in the aliens spaceship talking to the ever so friendly alien captain they asked me what the one thing i wouldn't change about myself would be. i replied with well if i started being normal i dont think i could carry on living my life as i would be so insane! the alien captain then said we are trying to find peace on earth (pronounced irrf) so when u are safely returned to your home planet of earth (pronounced irrf) if you cant succeed in explaining to them that when you were pulled up to the spaceship by a stroke of lightning and the aliens or "the angry canniballs" as we like to be called are very friendly and only want peace then u will be doomed into the fire of... no wait wrong sentance you will be forced to live as a normal human being!" as my friends and family listened in shock i would then say i would die if they didnt believe and make them believe! - nelly welly noggin

i would ask that friedly alien for his tazer and anyone who didn't belive me would become "medium rare"- slim jonn

id' get the aliens to take me away, like in Close Encounters of the Third Kind...i've been wonderin when they were comin to pick me up. then i wouldn't hafta live on this miserable little planet called earth and be surrounded by iggnorant little Homo-sapiens who only believe in what they see, and don't get outta their little boxes...THEN they would know that god wouldn't waste all that universe, and put a really dumb race of people on only one planet.- heyasshole!

!!! I'd make them believe me!- MarcoPolo

I would set a trap to catch the alien for everyone to see. Then I would jump around singing "I told you so..."- CJ

I am from Khatizifa. Everyone here is an alien. Of course no one believes me. They ARE the aliens. There's nothing I can do but hide under my couch and hope the insane asylum doesn't come for me again.- bluemonkeyfearer

I'd put myself in a straight jacket...- SockMunkai

I'd cry. and maybe kill some one.- Trepas

I'd start throwing steaks at people and really play it up until I got my own TV show.- spankmonkey

I would have a stroke from the stress- Person Person

I'd hump his green little head next time i saw him.-cack-n-bulls-

i would bring them michael jackson as proof.- roxy

I did! It was just like ET except there was a lot more rectal probing. - FartMonkey

They'd probably say the usual: "For the last time, it was your REFLECTION."- McDiablo

When your walls are padded, no one really believes you anymore.- Jackie

*shrug* "just like the evil garden gnomes... but well see whos laughing when they all take over the world"- Mac

I'm used to it. The guys with the white lab coats have been staring at me in disbelief for the last three months.- unfor2n8

That is always freakin happening to me! I'm always telling people about this time I saw this alien down in New Mexico and how it was a super hot female. We had all kinds of crazy sex and then I gave her 20 bucks and a hamburger. Nobody freaking believed me. I mean what's so strange about that, they're always hanging out down in New Mexico, at least for a while after crossing the border and before they get green cards. Like illegal aliens from Mexico are all that uncommon. And why do they always laugh and talk about this Roswell place when I tell em about my alien sex?- ArchbishopShaggy

I saw a Canadian once. Does that count?- Mzebonga

Id hatch a genius plan that would involve peanut butter and sticky fly traps. I would find some way to signal to the ailens, get them to come back and lure them with the peanut butter to the sticky traps and catch them. Then Id drag them around and shout HEY HEY I TOLD YOU DUMB FUCKS I SEEN AN AILEN. Then theyd laugh while I turn around and notice that my ailen was nothing but a hungry old man.- monkeeskittles

damn them all.. no one believes me now, so I'm not even going to try anymore- SG*

Pah! Just because the aliens are invisible to THEM...- Me

I'd start shooting until they started believing.- j0eg0d

JOKES ON THEM'''' - Mona (cross dresser exceptional')

I'd have finally belonged to something, even if it was 35% of New Mexico- Fish

i would let them abduct me and they would anal probe me and then a massive satelite would fall onto my ass becuasethe probe is magnetic and then they would have to believe me because my ass would be so big!- madman

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