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: April 2004 Results

What if the Mars rovers landed in your backyard and began digging holes?

They be Yard Rovers not Mars Rovers...- Mzebonga

The liberian was accidently bumping into me with her elbow.. and my moves were turned down, shes left to the back room... probably laughing at me....... Fucking hore. I need an backyard, then i could use those holes for her.... although that is a pretty hilaurios concept in reality... hahahaha... stupid naSa.- killjoy

I'd make my friends dress up like Darth Vader and Storm Troopers, and stage battles in front of the little 3-D camera. Of course the Jedi would win, but he keeps his arm this time.- eva psychotic

I hope they die in them too- Moron

I run outside and yell at it in Spanish (swearing spanish) and then I would probably sit in a corner and rock back and forth wondering what happened to my little pink pills.- CrazyPurple

Axe them with my axe.- funkless

Great, i needed them blasted holes to hide the million dollars i stole from the local bank...- Aviendha

I WANNA JOIN!- dreamy_screamy

ID get a shotgun and blow their alien balls of- The Insane One

trade em in for a dodge viper (american rovers). tell the govt why they cant find the fucker, after selling back to them for a challenger tank (british rover).- Hawk

will watch it- Raj

It would confirm my increasing suspicions that the whole "space" thing is another government conspiracy.- Shwee

I'd dress up in drag and stand in front of them with a sign saying "Martians like dresses." I'd then do a strip tease and hope the robots didn't try to molest me.- anthraxboy

what the heck!! i ride on it,i just ride on it...... yeah...i just ride on it - weirdoego

I would sue. Hey, I bet I'd win, and that would be some good money. Then I would go on a permanent vacation to the Carribean.- bluemonkeyfearer

I'd take a truck and go to Mars and start 'burning out' in martians backyards.- I like eggs.

0.0; MY POOL!!!... *throws rocks at the rovers*- SG*

I would begin to slowly in slllooowww mootionn jump around my backyard dressed up as an purple cabage. Then id sllooowwllyy approch the rover and lay down next to it. Look really confused and fastinated then allow it to take a chunk out of my body. Then the whole world will belive there is life in my backyard... i mean mars... They dont have cameras right? if so, my plans for world domination will not be foiled! And those holes it dug will become usful against all those who oppose me.tis wonderful. - NoReconization

join them.- candy

Do what any normal person would do! Take lots of pictures and sell them to the highest bidding tabloid. Of course i'll have to kill off my neighbors and anybody who happened to see this, so that i'll be the only one getting the profits!- ChunkyFlamingoTesticles

I would invite them to have sex with me as I have never laid a rover- spanky_monkey

ummm O.K.! as long as you don't end up in China. I'm not really a big fan of fried rice and lemon duck.- RealmO-K

I would shoot it with my death ray.- Woogie smeep squiffle

I'd help the Mars rovers.- Greggie-Fellie

I'd laugh uncontrollably until i dropped, then I'd simply go ask them to kindly leave my backyard and send them to someone's I realllllly hated. - Christina

I would help them and they would be my best friends- DmD

maybe get lucky and find a treasure hidden- JJ

What anybody would do... disassemble them and make the most awesome killing robot ever!- Geno

What??? Its back??? Agh, now I have to go to all that work of getting it druink enough to fly away again. THe thing never wants to leave me alone!- demon llama

i would dress up in a alian costum and go close to the camra.- simon

I would ask them what they were looking for and help them. Hey! Why would I ask them anything. I like rovers and I like to dig holes.- Rambo

i would hack it up and sell its parts on ebay for millions- nullboy

well, first i'd probably be in a complete state of angry/violent frenzy. id run about my yard yelling "YOU MAY HAVE HEAVY-WEIGHT ARTILLERY, BUT I HAVE A SPATULA! RUN FOOLS, RUN IF YOU HAVE ANY CONCERN FOR YOUR WELL-BEING"but i would soon realize that it is pointless yelling beligerant things at chuncks of metal, so i'd just take advantage of the situation. i would get my friend, the hacker, to re-program the machines to dig holes and make me my own little hobbit-commune. but if this failed, and they touched one of my precious trees, I'd just light the damn things on fire, one by one.- Morshada

click* BANG!!!- gerni

I'd giggle insanely and go out and throw purple balloons at it- Hufflebunny

I'd tell em to mind the septic tank or they'd be in for a stinky surprise.- Knightmare

Ha, i enjoy that idea, ahhh... ha... hypathetically the entire world gets led to believe my backyard is mars, hehe... hmmm... ---- SEACREST OUT!- key "tee hee"

Use my evil chickens and death hamsters to destroy them, then eat the corpses.- InstantOatmeal

they would be filling the holes up . - stringy

take my plastic shovel and bucket and try to strike up a conversation. I love the "worldly" types.- eva psychotic

I'd say, "Fuck off, there's grass here. There's no grass on Mars. Are you saying my backyard looks like a desert wasteland? If you want a desert and a wasteland, go to Las Vegas."- McDiablo

id wait till it rained and go swimming- redlight75

i would auction them off to the highest bidder. possesion is 9/10's of the law, you know.- EmprissNikon

Shoot it with my alien gun, then demand a tax refund for all those bills.- Madman8748

I'd curl up in one and allow myself to perform asexual reproduction and clone myself. Then, slowly release the clones into various places around the world and take it over. And then I'd feed off the clones, but save the brains and form one huge brain and then put the pink big baby sweater on it and keep it on a leash so it could go everywhere w/ me.- Karus

In my highly delusional state I'd become convinced that I was a pirate and had treasure buried in my yard. Now enraged that they were after my loot, I'd get a shovel and proceed to beat the rover into a heap of dented metal. Nobody messed with pirates. - FartMonkey


I would go and dig with them- Squirell

First I would look through the window to see how much earthlght there was to see by. Then I would call the Interstellar Towing Company to come and remove that piece of earth crap from my view. Then I would call my lawyer Greeb to sue those damn earthlings for tearing up my yard. Bastards.....- harbinger

I'd panic and scream at them to be careful of the gophers. If holes needed to be dug, proper notice should have been given to the gophers. It's a matter of respect. Fucking Mars rovers...think they own the universe. Makes me sick. - Babyfreak

anyone need a pair of roller blades?- necrooptic

well you know how sometimes you chuck a piss in the garden.....then spot a flower or something and purposly piss on it...well picture you didn't see a pretty flower but a mars rover......- TeknoHoe

I would tell my dogs to go shit in them.- hot socks

I would hijack that mother fucker and hold it ransom for 50 cents to buy me a sodie. I'm pretty damned thirsty.- freak_ninja

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