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: April 2004 Results
What if there were bills to pay but the only thing you
had to sell was a huge pink sweater that says BIG BABY?

Can you say "E-BAY"? I'm sure it would fetch a mint. And maybe some Rolos- Mzebonga

Id cut it up and burn it, then sell its ashes for 200 dollars on ebay saying it was the offical ashes of john wayne. As i had done with my dog last time i went bankrupt... didnt really help much .. im on a public libary computer and i live on the streets ... and The stupid liberian keeps hitting my head with a dildo.. i got to go,i think she wants me... sry for not completly answering the next question its not because of lack of imagination ... seriously.........- killjoy

I'd put on the sweater and prostitute myself. Some guys are into the dominance thing.- eva psychotic

I would go rob a rich person. and wear the sweater while doing so.- Moron

I would sell it to a stupid big baby of course.- CrazyPurple

Pimp Nadine out near the Regal.- funkless

I'd sell my soul to the devil as well... get rich and go shopping!!- Aviendha

i would go to the place where the bills were to buck naked and give the sweater to them and walk out shakin my ass so much they fall over from seizures.- dreamy_screamy

WHo thinks of these stupid questions?- The Insane One

Bills? why would i pay bills? fools- Hawk

will sell it to the girl next door- Raj

i would go to the supersize bra store and stand outside with would sell in minutes.- Shwee

in order to sell that thing so i can have money, i place an advertisement in any form of medium,saying John Lennon once wearing that thing. maybe I will be rich as beatles haaah!- weirdoego

Hey, how did that get in my closet? I have an idea. I will sell it on eBay. That way no one will know that it was me that sold it....NO ONE!!!!! Then I will have cash...and fuck the bills, I'm buying Lord of the Rings the Return of the King when it comes out on DVD!- bluemonkeyfearer

I'd probably ask the President for some makeup.- I like eggs.

... I would have sold that damn thing a long time ago... and why would I have such a thing anyways??.... no such things are allowed in presence... NEVER!!! *stomps off wear a pink sweater saying 'BIG BABY'*- SG*

hahaa... why would i do that? my pink big baby sweater... id sell whatever im paying bills for and sleep inside my huge pink sweater... if i so happen to sell my house. Im quite a skinny, pale and untouchable girl even with rubber gloves... So i belong on the streets. The hookers are my companions, we have much in common. Like practising sexual favours for a cost... and That how ill pay my bills!!! Ive outsmarted you! now i can sleep in my house and sleep in my huge pink sweater on niccee hardware floor. Actually i would sell it once my bills were paid and then i would buy a huge orange sweater that says "Mucha, Mucha, Fuck you" or "hello, How are you?", it saves time.- NoReconization

SELL IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and maybe my sister's stuff too.- candy

because of my young age (yes, i am only 14, you know) i really have no idea what it is like to pay bills. and so to this question i have nothing more to say then, "i dunno." what i would like to discuss today, however, is that i have never really gotten a stinky monkey butt award. sure, i have gotten a few good answer awards, and i'm always flattered when i get one, but i have never gotten a stinky monkey butt award, and this month, i really want one. It would actually be sort of flattering that you take my answer to your questions deeply enough to even give me a stinky monkey butt award, in my name, Ka Ka Chawinga. (Did that sentence make any sense?) Anyway, I would appreciate it if you gave me a stinky monkey butt award to this question, because i wouldn't be able to come up with a good answer anyway. - KaˇˇKaˇˇChawinga

Well, i would go down to the local freak show and steal the biggest, ugliest, "i can't take my eyes away from it it's so ugly" baby and bring it home. Adding to the marvolous features of the baby i would make it wear the pink sweater and make people pay me money to come to see my baby and offer *free* cake and tea. - ChunkyFlamingoTesticles

I would invite them to have sex with me as I have never laid a creditor- spanky_monkey

Use the sweater as a disguise (in other words wrap it around my head) anhd go rob the local 7 eleven.- RealmO-K

I would put it on eBay, claim that it was a one-of-a-kind sweater, and set the opening bid at $200. Somebody's bound to fall for it, right?- Woogie smeep squiffle

I'd get money by betting if I will wear it and parade around the streets or not.- Greggie-Fellie

I'd go to the bank and loan money to pay the bills, and I'd sell my big pink shirt to a homeless person...for very little mind you, but they'd buy it non-the-less.- Christina

Sexy- DmD

go for it. give it with a sales pitch- JJ

I'd use the sweater to lure a gigantic baby into a trap. Then I would sell this baby to Microsoft, who will probably destroy the baby for it's precious marrow. Then I would simply buy all the companies sending me bills with all the money I would get.- Geno

I would make a kite out of it and sell it to the sheep for 10 dollars. Then smoke a bit on my crack pipe.- demon llama

i would give it to a person how ejaculates all the time and tell them to clean it up- simon

I would put a false signature of a celebrity that has acted as a big baby for the last month and sell it on ebay for one thousand dollars. Because people are so stupid these days they would have to buy it.- Rambo

id ebay it for 6.8 million dollars saying it was worn by an importan person- nullboy

i'd make sure to sell it to this very large, but rich, girl i know. it would be one of those rare things that would fit her, so i'm sure she'd pay a lot of money for it. but after she buys it,I'd pay some orcs to shove her into a secret room in my basement. there i would force money out of her like mad, until i had enough to pay off the bills. but then i'd decide i wouldnt want to pay the government, so i'd just finifsh off the stupid girl, use the money as fual to burn down the local governmental building, and live in a hole underground in some foreign country and eat onions.- Morshada

fat kid at the nursery, or big money hustlers- gerni

I'd sell it to a mother who's baby was suffering from gigantism- Hufflebunny

Get some nancy-boy to sell it for ya.- Knightmare

Well my quesses are that Id be paying bills on that pink sweater cus up there it aint to quick. Well ill struggle and struggle to find large woman with delusion about how sexually attractive they are or socially acceptable in apperance to even step outside there house and actually belive there capable in function anywhere besides an food store... (heh, dont think id struggle actually)Then id find that woman or fabulous man and relize "I have enough money for my bills!"whilst widly jumping up and down gripping bout 40 dollas in my hands... then slowly relizing i have nothing to pay bills on and i have no home or other possesions... My jumping will die down to a complete statue stance then id tip over and shatter into thousand pieces.----SEACREST OUT!- key "tee hee"

I wouldn't be caught dead in pink, so I'd sell it, and buy some salt, then I'd build a time machine to go back to Napoleon's time, cause salt was worth it's weight in gold, then I'd go to the old west gold rush time, and trade in my gold for and equal amount of platinum, then I'd take the platinum, and sell it in current times, and I'd be a millionare.- InstantOatmeal

guess I'de be in fedral prison wouldn't I . - stringy

i would convince mezebonga that it would make him look cool.... - eva psychotic

I wouldn't have a problem selling it. My "Kiss The Chef" apron would be harder to part with.- McDiablo

then i would sell it and get rid of that hideous thing- redlight75

put the sweater on your husband and wait for someone to shoot him. i hope Ver has a good insurance policy. (nothing personal Ver, a girls gotta live :)- EmprissNikon

ybab yo- voodoobunny

Give the sweater to the alien in return for some alien money. Then shoot him in the head and run down to the bank wearing the bloody sweater singing "We are the champions"- Madman8748

I wouldn't pay my bills. If worse came to worst I'd feed off my brain.- Karus

I'd go to my school and get one of those wimpy shriveled emo/goth kids that are all depressed and plan to kill themselves. I'd tell him hey, how'd you like to make a few bucks? He'd say ok, and then I'd tell him I had a camera set up and I need somebody to act for my little movie. I'd put the sweater on him and then tie his ankles to a tree, and then go get a big stick and charge people passing by a quarter a whack. If he dies, then I don't have to give him his few bucks, and I'll just go get a new one. Can't fail! Somebody should pay me for these ideas. - FartMonkey


I would DIE! omg like totally- Squirell

I would put on the sweater and go to the busiest corner in the city and cry and cry and never know maybe someone will feel bad and give up some cash- harbinger

I'd set up a shnazy little sweater stand in front of the prison. Sales would be phenomenal! I could pay my bills off and then go on to open my own "huge pink sweaters saying BIG BABY" clothing store. Yup..that'd be my dent in history. - Babyfreak

I would try and take it to a pawn shop and distract the manager insanly while a friend robs the shop...then we pawn the goods to another porn shop. repeat this step until we end up well off or caught and get free board in a prison.- necrooptic

Well i put on the sweater ofcoarse,go down the road...jump off a bridge and scream all the way down so everyone looks then make as much fuss and act to be in as much pain as possible...then sue the local government,gotta love public liability.- TeknoHoe

I would sell it on E Bay- hot socks

I would rip off the B and the Y and fix it to say BIG BALLS. It would sell millions.- freak_ninja

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