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: April 2004 Results
What if 12 (not 11) aliens came, demanded your pillowcase
and filled it with all your pants before leaving?

I think you mean "What if you filled your pants when 12 (not 11) aliens came and demanded your pillow case". I am NOT going to make a pun on the word "came".- Mzebonga

11 aliens will leave pantless and pillow caseless unless they are immortals, THEN they become my pets and never leave.. those pants mean alot to me, we have gone through alot, That one can tell the horrific stories of the blueish white-green planet people.- killjoy

Musta heard i got new ones. I would send them over to my room mates dresser. She has too many pairs. I don't even have pairs, i have three pants.... Whoa is me.- eva psychotic

I would kick their ass.- Moron

I would tell everyone that I had been pantsed. No actually I think that I would steal my cousin's friend's brother's son's girlfriend's pants. Until I hunted down and killed the 12 (not 11) aliens like the asswhores they are.- CrazyPurple

Well I'd demand I'd come with them- funkless

I'd have no more pants duuuh. That means i get to go shopping!! horaay!- Aviendha

i would go find them and take their pants and see how they like it then i would take their ship and DRIVE IT HOME BABY ALL THE WAY TO ATLANTIS!- dreamy_screamy

I am really clueles- The Insane One

givem some pot hoping for advanced alien drugs in return.- Hawk

I will take em out- Raj

If exactly 12 aliens came to my room i would put my plan into action. First of all my incredible hearing would pick up their spaceship landing and i would jump out of bed...pillowcase in hand. As the began to climp up my house approaching the window, i would kick off the latus...killing one. 11 to go, i would slam the next one's head in the window...10 left. By now they are getting rather annoyed and begin to transport themselves through the walls...this is when i kick into my kung fu state of mind and take 8 of them out. 2 are left hiding in my room, this is when i extend my prefilled pillowcase full of pants to them...they come out of hiding and jump through the window and into their spaceship. And exactly 37.25 seconds after they have departed my room, they have taken off and are just about to leave earth's atmosphere.....their spaceship explodes....and i crawl back into bed just as i do every night.- Shwee

I'm more concerned with the 11 aliens you're not telling us about. They are trying to get at my underwear aren't they? AREN'T THEY?!?- anthraxboy

awwwhhh, i dont care!! I ask them, "who are you?" and if they say they are the aliens, I say "me too",then i ask them to have a party in my own planetary place. actually its only in my imaginations.- weirdoego

Why did they do that???? Damn it thats the fourth time this year. Last week they took every can of tomato soup in my house, and a couple months ago they stole my Beanie Babies, claiming that it was cruelty to small animals. Does anyone know where I can buy a plasmatonic superadiation ray gun?- bluemonkeyfearer

I'd laugh. Hard.- I like eggs.

...are you sure it wasn't 11 aliens??... well they would be able to fill my pillow case with my pants because I only have about 3 pairs of pants... but I need my pants... it's cold here in Vallejo...- SG*

i would get so offended at there lack of criminal activity skills... Dont bring there own pillowcases?? not even a garbage bag? sobeys bag? dominion bag? I know my pants are the treasure of this entire universe, How could they steal them with such lack of effort or skill? Couldnt they stop at the corner store?... i mean 12 aliens to carry my pants?? quanity doesnt equal quality and 5 aleins will do unless they are 2 feet tall... then i doubt 12 will even do. CANT THEY DO ANYTHING RIGHT?!?!... What i'll most definitly do is give one of the most longest and boring speeches but passionate one until they flee of boredom. - NoReconization

i would shoot them in the head. huh, tryna take my jeans.- candy

Anyway, if this were to happen to me, i actiually wouldnt be that surprised. My totally insane and alien obsessed friend tom has been telling me for weeks that he feels "extraterrestrial energy" emanating from my room (please excuse any typos). But as a general rule, aliens always piss me off because they have no consideration for other people's plans. The fact that they pathetically try to take over our planet is not bad as long as they don't do it during a tender moment, like when you are losing your virginity, having a picnic, taking a shit, you know, that kind of stuff. So anyway, if 12 (not 11!) aliens came and demanded my pillowcase, I wouldnt be so happy to hand it over to them. This is because my pillowcase has telletubbies on it and I'm rather ashamed of it. Also, I would never, ever give up any of my pants because I love them dearly, and they were all expensive. I would just give them my horrendous orange quilted palazoo pants (my disastrous first attempt at making clothes on my own) in a plastic bag, and send them on their merry way. But knowing the bitchy nature of aliens, they would probably threaten to blow my head off with their laser guns or something if I don't cooperate. Then I would become pissed off, and I would use my horrendous orange quilted palazoo pants to temporarily shock them with the atrocious orange ness by stuffing them into the pant legs along with some of those glo-stick things. Then I could keep them in the freezer and sell em on Ebay.- Ka Ka Chawinga

....I would probably have to sedate them with my iv alien sedation liquid and interrogate them about where they came from and if they were in cohoots with the underwear gnomes that have been stealing from me for ages. Once i have gotten all of the information i needed, i will make more pants out of the skins of the aliens to scare off any more aliens that decide to come and steal my damn pants and pillowcases!!!!!! *I've been dying to try this w/the gnomes but i can't seem to catch them*- ChunkyFlamingoTesticles

I would invite them to have sex with me as I have never laid an alien- spanky_monkey

Tell them to go the local shopping centre...they have more pants than me (and more pillow cases as well) and thiers are brand new and come in a variety of different clours and stlyes. Besides it all gets claimed on insurance for them anyway!- RealmO-K

I would shoot at them with my death ray, but being the lousy shot that I am, I would get depressed, get into the liquor cabinet, and wander aimlessly and pantslessly through the streets until I was arrested.- Woogie smeep squiffle

I'd go over and demand THEIR pillowcases and fill it with their pants or whatever they wear. - Greggie-Fellie

I wouldn't think too much of it....I'd just go to the mall and buy some more.- Christina

I would turn on the radio, dance with them until they're tired- DmD

gotta go gotta go- JJ

This isn't a very fair question. Were it 11 aliens, then it would indeed make perfect sense, however, 12 is a completely irrational number... everyone knows that if there is a 12th alien, it would just kill your baby and tell all his friends about it. They'd be too distracted by this said baby killing to worry about your pants. Geez.- Geno

I would cry as I watched my sporks start withering. They cant stand pant stufing aliens!- demon llama

i would tell them to suck my cock and do it quickly because mom is cuming in the next room.- simon

I would tell them that if they want my pants then they should go over to some fat person's house and steal his pants. Then you could fit two or three aliens in one pair.- Rambo

i would shove cheese up their 11 not 12 arnuses- nullboy depends i suppose...if they were sexy aliens, i might demand their pillowcase WITH their pants in it , of course. if not, or if they just looked at my foot funny, then i would see if i could make a peace treaty. ill give you a few, and only a few, of my body limbs, if in exchange you take the picklebarf smell out of my bedroom with your sexy-alien-mind-powers. wait, these arent sexy aliens, i forgot. whatever, they can have my freekin pants, im fine without them.- Morshada

then id buy more pants and feel lucky thats all thet took- gerni

I'd invite them in for tea and biscuits and offer them some suspenders to go with the pants- Hufflebunny

I would demand that alien nr. 12 be declared my property in exchange for the pants.- Knightmare

The significance of these 12 aliens and mistakening it for being 11 seems important or not in the slightest. But what really is important is having a nice collection of pants. 12 (not 11) aliens will not get to leave with my pants in my pillow cases which are comprimisable as I only need one which has held up for 16 years.Anyways they will get some kung-fu 'Kill Bill 1' and '2' style(such an cool movie) Im so doin pai pan Eye ball move! Shit that was so cool. I have been studying the first one and memorizing the second so Im ready to kick Greasy alien ass! GARGH! Death upon aliens to attain my honour and sacred pants!GARGH!--- SEACREST OUT!- key "tee hee"

Use giant catapults to throw flameing diseased cows at them.- InstantOatmeal

I would be peed off and kill the aliens .- stringy

i'd freak out. and run away. it's bad juju to have thirteen of anything in one room. - eva psychotic

I think they'd be a little disappointed with my pants collection. My pants either have A) too many pockets B) holes in the crotch area or C) have clearly been given to me by younger family members. That last reason is just sad because I'm the oldest and I get clothes from my younger sister when they don't fit her anymore. I call those "hand me ups".- McDiablo

i would pull a kill bill and start whooping some ass, i pay too much money for my pants for some aliens to just come in whenever they feel like it and demand to have my pillowcases filled with all my pants- redlight75

depending on the size and verocity of the alien... and whether or not he had flesh eating tentacles... i would consider 2 options. 1) I set my phaser to stun and collect the bounty on his head. or 2) i calmly let him leave and surrender myself to certain death (the mall).- EmprissNikon

i thought this was a puppet show- voodoobunny

Run up behind them steal one of their guns and shoot 11 (not 12) aliens. Lock up the 12th alien.- Madman8748

I'd gladly give them my pillowcases because they're a pain anyway. Then I'd sneak myself and 5 others into the case w/ me and go crazy. I'd throw a party and then take over the alien ship and drive around burning the aliens as fuel and escape to form my own civilization of sloth monks.- Karus

I'd travel back in time about an hour, go to savers, and buy a buttload of pants and pillowcases. Then when the aliens came, I'd help them pack the pillowcases and they'd go on their way. Later they'd discover that the pants were mostly old lady slacks with sequins and flowers and poodles sewn onto them, and maybe some horrible 70's checkered ones. Assuming ugly pants are their weakness, they could do nothing to get me, not even shoot me with their alien ray guns, and I'd be left in peace at home with all my original pants. Except those ugly tan ones I got for Easter. I mean come on, Easter isn't even a valid gift day. That made me hate those pants even more. Stupid pants.- FartMonkey


I would say fuck off you dont have a puss to cover!- Squirell

they would have a very light pillowcase because I dont wear pants- harbinger

Well, if it were 13 aliens...I would know what to do, but 12 aliens??..what the hell. Everyone knows that aliens travel in odd-numbered pods. Upon the unlikely circumstance that an army of 12 aliens did land, however, and started barking orders to hand over my pillowcases for pant-filling purposes, I would calmly explain that I sleep with throw pillows as opposed to pillowcase-covered pillows, and they would have to look elsewhere if they expected to satisfy their pillowcase-filling-with-pants fetish. Since aliens never land in groups of 12, however, we will not have to worry about upsetting the aliens.- Babyfreak

i would throw in unused and soiled underwear too.- necrooptic

Well That's simple... first i ask for THEIR pillow cases in exchange...after ive obtained them i fill them with easter eggs,acid,explosives and old socks....walk straight up to them and say "here" them smack them out with their own pillowcases.- TeknoHoe

I would wear my shorts- hot socks

I would feel good to know that they came to me and fondled my possesions instead of going to someone like Mariah Carrey this one queer kid sitting behind me. He is a faggot.- freak_ninja

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