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: October 2004 Results

What if life was like a video game?

Then I'd get bonus points for killing people.- Mort

Well, if Pacman had its way, we'd all be running around in darkened rooms munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music . . . And 'Big Brother' would have to be renamed 'The Sims version 2.1'- Fish

Well, maybe that would be pretty cool. We could have a video game called DC and the magic Crystal, and he could fight all the evil sock monkeys, and defeat the evil Mzebonga to restore all order!- Hufflebunny

life is like a video game!!! an gods playing it- louby

What kind of game? porno game?- mori

that'd be awesome. it'd be like it is know except more laid baxk and exciting at once! and people would look cooler.- JAG

Oh my God!!! I can die and then pop back up again, completely unphased. I'm gonna go jump off a cliff! Splat. Wooooooooooo! Now I will climb into a tank of sharks! crunch. Yeeehaw! Time to see how long I can REALLY hold my breath! Glurgle glub..... What??? Only three lives?? Damn.- bluemonkeyfearer

then i would be the richest and baddest motherfucker alive,walking around with my hard to da core bow arrow - shittyunderwearman

i'd kill everyone and buy something kewl like a fully automatic weapon- Smitty

Stupid people would waste all their lives and start over a whole bunch. Tyranical monkeys with stupid names would hurl things at you. All helpless damsels would bounce up and down, but the bad graphics would make it more annoying than alluring. Wandering around in the sewer is a neat way to travel. And your boss would suck a whole lot more... - eva psychotic

i'd kick everyone's ass!!! Mario, and Luigi couldn't beat me!!! i'd steal yoshi from them and turn him evil and then go swingin through the jungle with Donkey Kong and Diddy...and kick Captain K Rool's ass!!!! yea!! everyone's ass will be kicked and they'd hafta put bandaids on their asses and then they're asses would look bigger and the evil sock monkeys would mistake them for whores. - poothrower

I would be dying everyday at least 5 times just so I can do crap again, because I'd always have extra lives.. and if I ran out of lives I'd have someone bring me back by inserting a new coin.. into the little machine that would bring me back- SG*

Then no one would ever really die until they went out of fashion. - Nelson

Then I'd find little health packs everywhere, money could be found by blowing up rocks, chairs, and other objects, I could carry around eight to twelve weapons without the assistance of a giant back pack, after the twelth level of the same crap, I'd get bored and probably give up, and every time I ran into a wall, my arms and feet would go through it. -me

Then we could shoot people without getting in trouble for it, street race, receive extra lives, hang out with mythical creatures and our voices would be really a bad voice-over. Or...wait, imagine being stuck in a Pong-like world? Talk about insane.- McDiablo

What if a video game was like life?- BananaBooHoo

I'm sorry, do you mean to tell me that my life is NOT a video game? My real life is an alternate reality. I was created by the evil Sock Gorilla, to serve 'entertainment' for the His Gorilla Army, who know how to use computers and type with their feet >.> In my real life, I am a true Sock Penguin, Whos only goal is to [with precise precision] Be almighty and POWERFUL, I GOTS DA POWAH!, err sry, bad english, I HAVE THE POWER!!!! AHAHAHAHAHA, next.- General Sock Penguin

It would probably be online and cost $3.95 a month.- j0eg0d

its themesong would be the super mario brothers themesong played by bungle.- SiNiSTaR

I'd save my life and then go out and spend all of my money on sock monkey hookers, not being satisfied with this, I'd go to the sock monkey school and expose myself in front of all the sock monkey parents picking up their sock monkey kids, then I would go to the zoo and let the gorillas loose to use all the patrons as their bitches, and after getting ass raped by a gorilla and a horde of angry sock monkey parents, I'd hit the reset button and relive that glorious day over and over.- Archbishop Shaggy

I would be an NPC who gave you half an answer to a question you didn't ask, so you set of on a sidequest that I hinted about. However, I was lying, and there IS no sidequest and whenever you talk to me henceforth I will laugh and steal 23.2 gold.- SkyofStLuke

I'd jump on your head and get 100 points.- Mzebonga

that would be pretty awsome- Danni

If life was a video game i'd use my fists to the end of level 1 the hack through the back door programs with my superior human mind in a world of computer programs to obtain the ultimate crystal energy sword, then beat the game and enter the programing, where i free myself of the evil C.P.U.'s control and reprogram the giant machine to let my people free, then they all descover they live on the moon, and it realy is made of cheese... mmmm, cheese. Howl.- Wolfman

it is- thathinguywhois

I'd definatly be dead by now. - hmm

It would be shorter and probably less tedious. - dco

Then Link and Master Chief would be my home-dawgs- Mantis

That would be freaking awesome. Whenever you sense any kind of problem coming on you just save right there, then if you mess up everything you can just go back and start again. Actually you can just save and do whatever the heck you want, tell off some people you don't like, give your history teacher a good smack in the face, set fire to some stuff, whatever. Then when you start getting in trouble for stuff you just go back to when you saved. When you get bored you can just shut it off and you die. - FartMonkey

That'd be awesome. But which video game? Not like Mario I hope, I would like to have more powers and more movement than walking and jumping. Id like to drive around and kill prostitues. hahahahahahaha now I wonder if I can jump into my Play Station - Monkeeskittles

I would kill peoples pets to gain combat exp.- Horse

I would kill everyone.-satan

I'd fuck mario.- Purple Lemming

You would be fucking screwed. But I, on the other hand, would look just like Laura Croft. A very obese Laura Croft.- Ugly_blue_monkey

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