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: October 2004 Results

What if suddenly things went very wrong and then pods of stuff that looked like mustard dropped from the sky on your head, but the pods didn't taste like mustard, they tasted like cheese and no one believes you?

I would go even more insane and capture one of these pods of stuff and announce that judgement day has finally come to the world.- Mort

- Hot dog vendors could certainly cut costs. - Someone would bottle it and sell it with the label 'new WACKY mustard! *may cause blindness, jaundice and an inability to say the word "corpulent" ' - and acid rain would be a whole lot less fun- Fish

Then, I wouldn't believe them when they said pods that looked like cheese were falling, but they tasted like mustard. wow, my answer sucks- Hufflebunny

then i would realise i rilly have no frends- louby

I would kiss them to prove that my mouth tastes like cheese.- mori

i'd pull all my investments out of mustard colored cheese tasting things and move them into wifi.- JAG

The mustard pod rain, it is really cheesy pod rain!!!!! What, you don't believe me??? What is wrong with you? You say that there is no such thing as cheese OR mustard pods falling from the sky? Well, that shows what you know. We Khatizifans know very well that when mustard balls in space are exposed to subatomic radiation, they are tuned into cheese, and then get caught in the Earth's gravity field and fall like rain. It is true, I tell you!!!- bluemonkeyfearer

that would suck- shittyunderwearman

FUCK UM, more for me- Smitty

People never believe me when something goes terribly wrong. their loss. Me and my new pod-pet, Cheesy Mo-Fo, hop in my (insert nifty space craft name here) and make for (insert cheese-tasting pod's home world name here), to plead the case of earth, poorly, and drunk.- eva psychotic

i squirt it up their ass and ask them if they could FEEL IT!!! CAN YOU FEEL IT NOW????!!! GOOD!!!!!! and if they still didn't believe me, i'd become allies with the pale pink dragons and paint the world red, then we'd all be yummy whores to the evil sock monkeys and the stupid bastard Gar.- poothrower

I'd carry the pods around with me and eat the cheesy mustard pods and if no one believed me I'd shove some in their mouths until they did believe me..- SG*

Now I've heard so much talk of cheese being evil and akin to that of dangerous halucinogenics, but I'm going to take a stand right now and say that cheese is cheese. It is good for you, how could it possibly be evil. It is the green jellybeans and blue bear that are evil. They try to look so cute and furry then next thing you know they're on TOASTERS AND TOILET PAPER AND CUSTOMISED COFFINS. But yeah, I like mustard.- Nelson

Then I'd keep the cheese-pods to myself. They don't deserve such a delicious dairy-like treat.-me

That reminds me of my days of eating mustard and Cheez Whiz together on a piece of bread...for breakfast. What, you don't believe me? No one does! I'm going to go and do stuff that's really bad and gets me in all sorts of trouble and this is starting to become a run-on sentence so already the grammar geek in me is about to implode and....urk.........ow.- McDiablo

It might have been custard!! lol- BananaBooHoo

Well, I'd be all happy and stuff because my theories of the moon ACCUALLY being made out of cheese :) but, at the same time, I'd have nothing better do to with this life because the only thing I would be doing, other than recieving thousands of telephone calls from friends yelling, DOOD ITS RAINING MUSTARD ! , and me answering, telling them, DOOD ITS NOT MUSTARD! ITS THE MOON! :), and they wouldn't believe the cheese thing, but they would be like 'so the moon isnt made out of cheese after all? its made out of mustard!' dooooood *nods and narrows eyes* AH ITS A RACE OF um, i uno, my mind went blank all of a sudden >.>- General Sock Penguin

Mmmm, cheese. Nobody believes anything I say anyhow so screw them- j0eg0d

i'd run around with slices of bread spreading the cheesy mustard-like stuff on it eating to my heart's content while everyone stared at me as though i was crazy, then start yelling dont look at me dont you fucking look at me!!!- SiNiSTaR

I would have to punch people hard in the face to attempt to sway them to my view point, as I would be using up alot of energy in the punching I'd be damn glad I had some cheese flavored pods to eat to keep my spirits up for what would be a very long day of face punching.- Archbishop Shaggy

I'd start throwing the pods at everyone, but saving enough to live on - and that'd be all I eat.- SkyofStLuke

I would refuse to wash my hair and keep the seeds as evidence to prove my story and shout YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH at disbelievers.- Mzebonga

then u were on sum insane drugs and should let me no- Danni

well i would simply travel to Nardec 5 where the pods origonated and tell them that the project had faild, and to redirect the pods toward John Kerry so the damned man-eating alien would have yellow goop all over him! Howl.- Wolfman

I would take another couple drops of liquid acid and then walk to the sock monkey intergalactic detention center and turn myself in as a test subject in their research division so that they could anally rape me with jam jars- thathinguywhois

Fuck what everyone else believes I know what I saw, and I know what I tasted, everyone else can just kiss my ass. - hmm

I'm kinda fond of cheese , so I probably wouldn't tell anyone lest they take all the cheese pods. - dco

I'd kill them all.- Mantis

What's so very wrong about that? And do they not believe that they taste like cheese, or can they not see them at all? Either way, who cares? More cheestard pods for me! You should ALWAYS taste strange looking pods that fall from the sky. No matter what anybody says. - FartMonkey

I'd get JCP to stand outside with me and she'd have to have a camera and when they started to fall Id get her to snap a picture to post on here, so all of you can see that they were really falling. If that didn't work, Id lock myself in my room and draw pictures on the walls, using cheese and mustard and mumble about pods. - Monkeeskittles

I would eat the pods- Horse

Fuck them, I've got all the cheese tasting pods I would ever need! Also, this might come in handy as some sort of free pass to the funny farm. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. - Purple Lemming

Poop in front of thier front door.- Ugly_blue_monkey

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