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: November 2004 Results

What if you had to choose between becoming a
(sucking the life out of things with your teeth while little goths chase after you)
or a werewolf
(getting quite hairy and tearing the heads off of things during full moons)?

Like a lot of people, I have a fascination with vampires. Blood probably tastes great. This is a little off topic, but I have a working theory that doctors in hospitals are vampires--especially the ones who work nights. I mean, c'mon, they come into your hospital room at 1am just to 'take some blood for testing' from the poor, frail old lady just on the other side of the curtain. I've had so much blood taken from me in my lifetime that I'm sure it's in high demand by the vampire community. Sweet, sweet hemoglobin..- McDiablo

vampire, i heard the female vampires are fit!- Vaz

Wow, I've been asked this question so many times. I AM a werewolf. If I weren't though.. uh, well there are points for and against both... but considering them all, and not going into particular detail, I'd still be a Werewolf. Or any werekin for that matter. You'd be in homid form during the day-time, leading your normal life, then when a gibbous moon has uprisen, your crinos form takes you over... your flesh is torn from your body, a huge jaw erupts from your face bearing gargantuan razor-sharp teeth... no mercy, no feeling... just dire hatred and misanthropy towards human kind. Bliss.- Mort

I would be...a blood-sucking weremoose!! Bwahahahaha! Then when the little goths chased after me, I could skewer them with my oversized antlers and drink their blood with my moosey fangs...- CasualFatality
- CasualFatality

Oh wow, tough choice. Wait, what if I was the offspring of star-crossed lovers, one a werewolf & the other a vampire? I would have the best of both worlds...- Lynx

Vampyre most definately.. I despise werewolfs.. yes vampyres and werewolfs exist.. no I'm not crazy.. at least I hope I'm not... Vampyres don't have fangs, we use blades, our nails, syringes, etc... and werewolfs can become werewolfs whenever they want, not just on a full moon..- SG*

A vampire, definitly a vampire, because, I would be able to... wait... no... OMG they both are night-walkers! so still a vamp, but if I was a vamp, I could suck the life out of anything I deemed life-suck-able ::ggl::, and than, I'd inject that serum stufff from Blade into me, and be all invincible ^.^ lol, and than, I would go around, killing all the little goths that apparently chase after me, and TRY to be like ME! whos name just happens to be mike... they would try to BE LIKE MIKE! >.> anyway, I would set up a little area, where if I saw a werewolf, I would capture him, and have him bite me or w/e he would have to do to turn me werewolfy, and be all Were-Vamp! AHAHAHAHAHA... err.. ahem, and like, I would, on full moons, be all Tight-o hairy vampy penguin and attach myself to large necks and suck the life out of them, than after that, tear the heads off of them, and suck the rest of the ... juices ::ggl::, out of the *bleeps*!, and than turn my whole Penguin army into Daylight vamps, and Un-fullmoon were-ping-vamps so that I would have the ultimate army ! AHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHA! errm... AHEM!- General Sock Penguin

Vampires live forever(good) and werewolves need the toilet with alarming regularity which is bad thing unless youre a big eater in which case your digestive system would be put under emmense strain if you didnt.- No thanks

I would be a beauty queen and "dance with the wolves" (as they say).- JonTrodd

Well i really enjoy sucking things anyways, so a vampire would probably be my choice. i'm not too keen on hairy stuff and tearing the heads off things - the heads of things should be stroked gently, preferrably with the tongue.- SiNiSTaR

Vampire.......werewolf......vampire.....werewolf. What a difficult decision. I'll go with werewolf. At least then I can be normal for most of the month and I won't have to chew on people's necks. Yay for werewolves.- bluemonkeyfearer

Vampire!!!!!! I looove vampires. and goths. sucking things is also fun.- lizrdqueen

I would choose werewolf, because i enjoy being hairy- Horse

A werewolf cause I like to howl at the moon anyway so what if i would be all sweaty in the summer and i would smel like a wet dog in the rain i would be taller and stronger and bea able to chase lots of cars and eat thier occupants! cool!- thathinguywhois

mmmm hard choice both sound good, what about a mixture of the two like that movie....i think it was...nah i can't remember...shit it was a good movie i think....- lonewolf

A vampire. Many of the famous people of history are vampires - Count Dracula, Vlad the Impaler, Paul McCartney . . . I'd be in good company.- Fish

I see werewolf as being less of a transition...- Mzebonga

A vampire, cuz how cool is that? I could kill people and drink out of them. Then use their bodies as cups and sip Kool-Aid out of their necks. Yum.- Mantis

vampire! i like blood...and little white goths...and CHEESE!- *star*

I dont have to do anything that you tell me to do!!!! Just who do you think you are telling me that I HAVE to do things?? You are not my mother you are not even my gardian. You are just rude and pathetic and smell of rotting leaves!!!! I'd be a vampire.- NoobyFop

Oh, most definitely a werewolf! I really hate Goths- Jules

ware-wolf i like silver - refraineddeath

Vampire, 'cause then I'd raise the dead, and take over the world!!! MMMWWHAHAHA!!!- Dragon_Bomber

werewolf- poonjab

I would choose to become a vampire. I am allergic to sunlight, and my favourite hobby is to fly after other people, scare the hell out of them, and then drink their blood.. Bloody Mary is by the way my favourite drink. I have a lot of pets too, bats! I love them. In the daylight, I sleep with them, up side down. Kind of cool.- Dementia

I'd actually benefit from being a werewolf, because I'm bald. And bald vampires just look silly - don't you think?- j0eg0d

i would choose vampire so i could bone buffy.- refrainingfromdeath

vampire. sooo much cooler.- samsamsam

Vampire, little goths turn me on, love those black eyes!- profdunn

The annoying little kid that is labeled as my brother insists that i choose werewolf, but because of the lack of actual time of being in that state, I have to choose the vampire. He asks why. Because little one, vamps can fly (whoohoo) feed on blood (yummy) and only come out at night and are one with the shadows.- freak_ninja

then i'll choose to be a vampire, werewolf tend to be really messy, as vampire I just have my mouth to clean - loise

i already suck life out of things... you should see my house plants. little goths dont like me (though i do find goth girls cute now and again) i guess id be the vampire... its so close to my life as is. - kuzi

I'd choose a werewolf, because I really couldn't give up garlic.- I know who I am

I'd rather be a wookie. So I could walk around quoting ralph from the simpsons. "I bent my wookie."- Venomous

Vampire...more my personality.- Spidey44

Well, Vampires are gay, I'm sure more than half of the people answering this'll say they want to be a vampire, but what's so cool about that ?( ok, nevermind that, I'm sure some gothy shit can think of a perfectly unacceptable answer.) If a vampire got in a fight w/ a werewolf, before the faggy lil' vamp dude could get to the werewolf's neck, he would be missing an arm or 3. So, my choice would be Werewolf. That way I could take naive little teenage girls up to make out point under the full moon and eat them! Whee ! -me

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