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: November 2004 Results

What if you won a gray leprechaun for a week, but after the week he didn't leave,
insisting that he loved you and wanted to spend the rest of his life in your sock drawer?

Does he have a love affair with socks? If so, he might develop a huge crush on poor Emerald. I couldn't let her go through that! I hear leprachauns are stalkers and once they find someone to stalk then you're screwed. I'd strangle the wee little lad with a Twizzler and be done with him.- McDiablo

rape him!- Vaz

I'd keep him there damnit. Who's ever seen a GREY Leprechaun?! I'd keep him as my only friend. Apart from myself, of course.- Mort

I would allow him to stay as long as he 1) didn't make love to my socks 2) kept his little hands away from my computer 3) didn't touch my slurpees and 4) swore his loyalty to me, and me alone. If he disobeyed me, I would be forced to spit him, cook him, and feed him to my cat!!- CasualFatality

I would politely explain that it wouldn't work out for the sole reason of not having a sock drawer. I don't believe in socks, pre-marital or extra-marital.- Lynx

then I'd let him stay in my drawer but as long as the little guy would give me sexual pleasure- SG*

Well, if the *beep*-in thing really had to inSIST on loving ME... of all people, pssh, I'd have to concur... BUT!!!!! [emphasis on the but] if he decided to use my *beep*-in SOCK drawer... which doesnt have ... ONLY socks in it... if the little *beep* *beep* *beep* decided to use anything in my *beep-in* dresser, as bathroom accomodatoins, than I'd have to *beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep* [TV ANNOUNCER VOICE] "We are sorry, but due to excessively used *beep*'s that do so continue after this point, we, strictly, have to issue a request to not display such things on the telly, so, as sorry as this is, we must cut it off... *continuous beep from TV* BUT !!! I do have good news, I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to *beepo*- General Sock Penguin

Liverpool 5 Arsenal 1 (fingers crossed)- No thanks

Well he can just stay in there for all i care...i'll "accidentally" put in some rancid socks, and he would choke to death in my sock drawer, in which i will never open again...he can rot there till hell freezes over...which i never will so he will be there forever!!!muahahahahaaa!!...until of course, he becomes the gray leprechaun zombie...and he would chase me down the street dancing Thriller, along with the purple, brown, orange, and red leprechauns. - lalala i can't hear you lalala...

I'd poo in my pants and keep them in the sock drawer as well.- JonTrodd

if he was really hard to persuade to leave, and after being really polite exhausting all other avenues and he still insisted on staying, i'd agree to let him stay but once he got into the sock drawer, i'd nail it shut, and then set the whole commode or chest of drawers on fire and throw it out the window shouting "begone, yer little shite!"- SiNiSTaR

There's a grey leprachaun? Where did he come from, and how did I win him? What does this leprachaun want with my sock drawer? Well, as long as he isn't in league with the blue monkeys, then I suppose he can stay. I just hope he decides to build a sock monkey out of my mismatched socks, fall in love with it, and run away with it so I don't have to worry about being attacked by a leprechaun.- bluemonkeyfearer

i would stick him in there and lock the drawer. after a couple weeks with the not-nice me he might be more persauded to leave =D.- lizrdqueen

I'd give him to my mother- Horse

I would sew him into a sock monkey and then maybe i would be able to stand him - thathinguywhois

cool bananas, what the fuck is a gray leprechaun ?- lonewolf

I'd let him - you never know when a leprechaun (or more specifically, a leprechaun's gall bladder) may come in useful . . . usually on the vernal equinox . . . - Fish

I wouldn't wash my socks at all ever and I'd stuff them back in my sock drawer until he suffocated.- Mzebonga

Drag my sockdrawer to the nearest entrance to Harlem and tell the leprechaun to dress up like a "Ghost"...- Mantis

id let long as he didnt eat my knickers...they are tasty...taastyyyy- *star*

I'd let him stay. I've always wanted a leprechaun or a goblin or a pixie or a robot or a talking animal or a magic wand............- NoobyFop

I would insist he fold according to Martha Stewarts sock folding rules!- Jules

i would shoot him in the nuts - refraineddeath

Kill him and take me prize (the pot of Gold!)- Dragon_Bomber

kill him - poonjab

...well... there's already so many leprechauns in there... hmm I don't know.- j0eg0d

i wood kill him in his sleep and take his pipe and pack it with weed and take his gold and then start singing puff the magic dragon.- refrainingfromdeath

set him on fire.- samsamsam

lock him in my shed until he froze to death- profdunn

I don't have a sock drawer, or a sock basket, or a sock closet, or a sock bassinette, or a sock bag or anything of that matter so he's fucked.- freak_ninja

i'll tell him, i'll color him pink, let's see if he stays a second after that- loise

It would make me feel better about myself. I would be sooo much closer to my goal of being more like them. Maybe even surpassed it!- Joel

I'd let him stay. If he tried to put the moves on me when I was getting socks, I'd pat him on the head and say, "I don't like you that way."- Joel

If he really loved me, he'd be willing to do personal favors for me, which hopefully would include wishes.- I know who I am

I'd steal his lucky charms.- Venomous

WTF? - Spidey44

How flattering ! I think I'm blushing. I would buld him a little 3 room apartment in my sock drawer, feed him lucky charms, and make him dance and sing me a lil' tune when I was down. But sadly, the rare and dying breed of grey leprechaun's life span is only a week and four days, so he'd soon be gone anyhow. How sad, I loved that lil' fella. -me

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