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: November 2004 Results

What if your personal hero came to your door and after talking to them for awhile,
discovered they were horribly pathetic and stunk like rotting leaves?

So, Richard Simmons really DOES smell like, I mean, what? Personal heroes? Is that what we were talking about? *Noticeably sweating* Richard Simmons...who the hell is he? What--sequined outfits? An afro? Scary workout videos?? I've no idea who, um, you are talking about.- McDiablo

rape him!- Vaz

I cannot knock on my own front door.- Mort

I would probably tell them how horribly upset with them I was and start crying. I would then spray them directly in the eyes with Lysol disinfectant, since the rotting leaf smell MUST be coming from their eyes. Then I would cry some more....- CasualFatality

I would probably turn the fire extinguisher on them, and vow to never again have heroes.- Lynx

then I'd chose to have my second personal hero move to being the first personal hero.. and everyone else behind that hero goes up one notch - SG*

Well, because this question technically does not apply to me, I cannot truthfully answer your questions... so, I must appologetically assure you, that no matter how much I wish such an absurd thing to happen... It will not, because I... sadly *dramatic hand gestures* have no... *sniff* hero *crys*- General Sock Penguin

Id kill myself.- No thanks

I already think my hero (sock monkeys) are horribly pathetic and stink like rotting leaves. So that would be like a dream come true. (fake magic power is no match for REAL horrible smells)- JonTrodd

my personal hero would never be pathetic and stink like rotting leaves, he would be incredibly good-looking, and sexy. when he does show up, i'll open the door naked and coveredin chocolate sauce and he'd lick it all off me and then we'd fuck like a couple of horny bunny rabbits for several days.- SiNiSTaR

Because I have no "personal hero" then I will have no worries of being bothered by pathetic stinky-leaf morons. And just in case, I will go barricade myself in my bedroom and write insane rants of doom forevermore.- bluemonkeyfearer

i already knew they were horribly pathetic and stunk like rotting leaves.- lizrdqueen

I would say "go away"- Horse

I would not be suprised as my personal hero has always been pathetic and smelled like leaves they are the hallmarks of greatness you know - thathinguywhois

i'd shag her anyway- lonewolf

My personal hero is John Howard. What's your point?- Fish

Fuck you. All my heros are dead. Apart from me. And I wouldn't be seen dead with myself.- Mzebonga

Have sex with them anyways.- Mantis

that would never hapen to michael jackson- *star*

i'd be mortified for a while. But then id get over it and lock them in a cage in my back garden and charge people to come and throw stuff at them.- NoobyFop

I would say, Hi Mom- Jules

butters is not pathetic sp - refraineddeath

NNNNNNNNNNNNOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111eoneoneoneone How canv this be? The great Napollian PATHETIC???? STUNK OF ROTTING LEAVES???? DAMN!!!! DIE!! DIE!!! *rules World*- Dragon_Bomber

kool- poonjab

I'd keep him chained in my basement anyway.- j0eg0d

i would kill him- refrainingfromdeath

they would no longer be my personal hero.- samsamsam

throw them to my dog- profdunn

I hate humans. I hate them with a loathing fury with the power of 1,000 suns. Anyways with that stated, it's easy to assume that no human may take the role of my personal hero. However, this still leaves room for beings such as Dick Clark (robot), Dennis Rodman (extra-terrestrial), and Anna Nicole Smith (walking blow-up doll). There's no way any of them could be my personal hero. With all that nonsense stated, my personal hero would be myself, and if myself came to my door, i would kill him (hoping that a fuckin' time/space paradox wouldn't retroactively kill me) ithen i would use him to fake my own death (how does that one work), collect insurance money and have some fun. - freak_ninja

i'll probably keep it with myself, let the other suffer- loise

It would make me feel better about myself. I would be sooo much closer to my goal of being more like them. Maybe even surpassed it!- Joel

I'd suddenly realize why they took the time to look me up and find me at my house.- I know who I am

I would lock him in my basement and make him do things for me. Strange things.- Venomous

That my friend, would not happen. My hero is David Gilmore. He basically made a movie of what happened to me. Except a little different. - Spidey44

What's wrong with the smell of rotting leaves? It's the only good thing in fall besides thanksgiving. My personal hero is Mr.Rodgers, and if some crazy ass unearthed him and put him on my door step, and I sat and talked with him, I wouldn't be surprised if he was horrible pathetic; he's dead. The smell of rotting leaves probably would've came from him being dragged through the feilds of leaves, and I woldnt have minded it much. -me

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