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september 2003

what if you had to choose between vampire, betty boop or priest costumes?

I deal with too many vampire roleplayers the times I venture to chats, I'd definitely not want to take part in such heinous behavior. A priest costume would be quite amusing if I worked for a daycare center or an all boys' school, I'm sure the faculty reactions would be priceless. Betty Boop is a bit fetishistic, we all know she's quite the little tramp. Can I just opt for a bit of all three? I want to be a vampire priest that goes "Boo-boop-ee-doop!". Oh yes.-Kitten

Betty boop! Duh! Big big titties! -The A Man

Choose them for what? For me to wear, the vampire is prolly gonna fit in best...if you want my first reaction, I'd choose little children in betty boop costumes to throw nets over them and take their candy and then maybe squirt some fake blood on them and scream for a bit...then throw a blanket over them and dissapear cackling into the mist before they can get it off-FartMonkey

do i really have to choose? hmmm lets see...wait...i noticed that vampire is evil and priest is holy...hmmm....i'll have betty boop-leigh

Well, if I someone else chooses vampire, I could take the priest costume with additional cross and ward them off. Boop-oop-ee-doop.-Mzebonga

Definately a priest; they get the most action-happypurplemush

I choose priest costumes. Then I have an excuse for my obession with young boys.-mavis

vampire. even if i'm gonna die by being bitten, it's a lot better than being clubbed to death by betty boop in a priests costumes, plus, i might live and become one to! that way can live forever and be mad forever too. imagine all the hate i could muster, keep and savour... hahahahahaaa-hill

A vampire priest with big titties.Sweet I'm on that one for this Holloween...-SlaveScream

I would choose the priest costume and start my routine of "Priest gone BAD"! I will give the nuns and congregation a FullMoon, have holy water baloon fights, have sex with the youngest nun on top of the alter during mass, put anthrax in the holy bread and vodka in the chalice...... but most priests do this stuff anyway, so what is new?-DZ

in my mind the vampire is george bush and george bush is gay and he dances to gay music on my computer when i dont look at pornography and he looks really funny and i like costumes because dress up is fun and i like pornography too but not as much as dress up or making my own pornography also. my pants feel tight.-Ralph Wigum


betty boop so i could say i got in her pants or her dress that is.-skulleosis

Well I'd most definitly take the priest costume. My wardrobe is just busting with betty-boop-esque gear and I'm mistaken for a vampire on a daily basis so that one is probably not much use to me. Then The following sunday I would kidnapp a priest, and stand in for him whilst wearing my brand spanking new priest costume. Then during the sermon, I would fool them at first, reading from the bible, then I would go into a trance and say I'm the devil and that everyone in the room has sinned and is going to hell unless they convert straight away to Wicca.-Nelson

vampire-hip stylin leXXXy

why would i want any of those when i can be a turd?c'mon..think reasonable..-SG*

then i'd have to do some serious thinking and make a desison. thats right a desison. or maybe a decision.where am i? -larold (but my good friends call me larold

i dont know. definately not betty boop. i guess a vampire just cuz its the only half cool one.-Germs

i don't know which one i would use. the preist one might be the most useful, but the vampire one would be the sexiest.-strykkerr

I'd put them all together. A betty boop vampire who is a priest on Sundays.-weirdDAR

I would start a nation of vampire-dressed people and prey upon betty boops, keeping some as slaves, while in constant war with the priests. We would eat the priests and have fun with their bodies too(not necessarily in that order)...-G.Rasputin

Seeing that I'm a vampire already, I'd put on the priest costume (no one would expect that)--complete with a huge cross necklace. Sure, it burns, but I like that warm burning feeling.-McDiablo

i'd be the priest who fucks the vampire and betty boop.-SiNiSTaR

i would choose vampire-LIZVICIOUS

Priest Costume! "This is a Pagan Holiday, you will all go to hell." "And the Lord said that he who weareth the dumbesth costume will suffer in the deepest pits of hell for thou has embaressed theyself beyond redemption. Shame!" "Come 'ere little boy, I've got a jolly rancher for you!"-Doegs

Well, priest costume so I could molest small children AND get candy. Two for one sale on aisle 10. Bwahaha, candy, sex, lets see you mock me for this one.-ferretchick

Id choose the vampire outfit because girls dig the bad guy.-doctordetroit

Probably the vampire-Elle the depressed cow


Vampire in a business suit. I'd be like the devil's middle-man. Buying souls and sucking blood from 5 to 9.-Oopa

hehehe i would be a priest, their just SCARY-wikidklown

Betty Boop because I can be "The Modern Boop" with sagging boops, caked make-up, and face-lifts gone horribly wrong.-...Oopa

A priest as I am far more holy-*ZAP* *sizzle* ...-Angel

Vampires are h4wt!-Trixie

I would choose vampire because black is an awesome color. It gives it that creepy feeling. i am a vampire. Lend me your neck and I'll give a shot. ;)-T.P.

I would choose the vampire, dress my girlfriend in the betty boop and sexually exploit her while a friend tries to talk some sense into me dressed as a priest.-Harbingert

Q:)I walk into a room, and see three costumes.... a vampire costume a betty boop costume and a priest costume..., based on my intelligence level....which costume do i choose? POSSIBLE ANSWERS A:a) hmm, i would definately say Betty Boop, bcuz i am a sexy beast A:b)i would be a vampire, so i cud suck on peoples necks, and consume their blood to stay alive A:c)Definately a preist, bcuz i want to devote my entire life to god Well, i can tell ya answer is definately NOT possible answer "A:c)"....hmm...i would have to say.....ehh, this is so hard....alright ill go with "A:a)" =) yay-JimBoBob

priest, coz then i can hav sex wid nuns ;o)-abdu

vampires kick ass, but betty boop was whacked out on goof-balls, shit, i might just go as the priest. it would be cool to hit on little boys, i think the parents trick-or-treating with them would have a good laugh.-duch bag

What if I don't want to choose any of these? Vampire always looks good but, is too Gothic-posuer obvious. I would only do the Betty Boop if I was a humongous drag queen. Women in cheesey-fuck-me Halloween costumes look like dummies. I guess I would be stuck with the priest costume for comic value and to keep drunken clowns and pirates from staring at my boobs. If you're talking about for the rest of our lives and not just for Halloween, I would probably revert to the vampire costume since I already have a lot of black clothes but, wearing the teeth all the time would piss me off. -Truly Pathetic

What is Betty Boop? I have no idea. But it sounds cool, so I'll pick that.-frolic is a funny word

i would stay home -Keli

What if i couldnt and mixed them all together.. I wonder what that would look like?hmmm?...I guess id look like a hooker priest that has fangs...nothing to interesting.If i took the tights and tiny feet of beety boop then had my top as an preist and accesories of an vampire...yea that'd look stupid..i should have just choose it'd end up looking like betty boop just slept with a vampire priest and lost her top so had to take his.Yea i think i should have just choose to be a asshole and answered "but i dont".-so You wish to see my penis...

why choose when u can be a very attractive undead person who can also perform marriage rights-vladamir

id b betty boop the priest who secretly becomes a va,pire at night only wen the moon is full!it just aint possible to chose 1....they r all so cool!-keli_x_james

Betty Boop. My hair looks just like hers.-mahatma

Vampire, I could kill people AND drink the blood. Good deal. Perhaps I could even throw small children into oncoming traffic.-ferretchick

I think if i HAD to chose between the three, i would be the priest. Little kids would run in terror, holding their testicles for dear life ! i would have the scariest costume in the neighborhood ! Though, the man dressed as Micheal Jackson might frighten even me.--Me

I'd take them and melt them all down into a bubbling, evil-looking mixture which I would cool into the form of one giant SUPERCOSTUME. Then I'd wrap it in duct tape or something and lumber around scaring kids for a while...then after a few minutes I'd be like hey, it's too freakin hot to keep wearing this thing. I'd take it off and then the seniors would be like Hey! Its just that stupid kid that caws at people! And they'd come and beat me up and take my Supercostume. But I'll never forget the times we shared. This is for you, Supercostume. -FartMonkey

I'd stop celebrating Easter.-Babyfreak

id shoot the person responsible for making my costume options, then id be the vampire cause they suck just a little less than the other too!-asmodeus

im a major slut so i guess I'd obviosly chose the costume that would get me the most the priest's.-BritneySpears

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september 2003
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