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what if someone you didn't know began to send you postcards, holiday cards
knitted socks and letters in the mail every week?

are they orange and black striped socks? cuz if they were orange and black striped socks then I could look like a fericious man eating tiger and have an excuse for visciously and indiscriminately attacking people. how do i get this person to send me some socks?- MeowMeow

yay! a friend, just like everybody else...- Bill Clinton

I'd feel loved for the first time in my life. And have socks.- Mzebonga

That's a good idea. I'm going to do that.- Popo

I'd realize that i DO have a purpose in life and that they're forcing me to take depressants for a reason. So people like this never like me. Why do they always run?! WHY?! I need my corner, and some drugs. White powdery ones...- ferretchick

I would get the squads onto it. This person is obviously stalking me and trying to obtain very important information pertaining to my whereabouts and the location of our god DC the sockmonkey. Be on the lookout, this person will be heavily armed, scary looking, and will also smell strongly of corn. We must stop them! If they reach DC they will execute them and it will be the end of the world as we know it! Of course it could just be my grandmother.- Nelson

i'd fantasize about it being robert plant back in his day...i'd reply religiously, sending that person home made cakes and an assortment of jolly trinkets. when the time is right...we'd make a plan to run away together...away from the realities of life that we are just to pansy to handle...we'd love each other forever... just like all those idiots who can't get dates normally so they 'meet' other idiots on the internet and get married.- shari baby

First, I would wonder if it was the guy who used to do that five years ago. Then I would try to find out who it was (just out of curiosity.) Then I would carefully arrange all the things I have recieved from this person and wonder what it all means. Is he cute? - stalkerchic

i would feel very special- thetwolovers-meandmyhand

coolios mann!my feet won't be cold anymore!but what color are they!?ALL I WANT ARE PINKY SPARKLY TOE SOCKS!!!*runs around with all colors BUT pink and begins crying*..*gets up*postcards?what do they say?itd be funny if it or sometihng..except over a cards?o0; fvuck holidays..unless its candy..ok..typing too much now..ja ne (cya)- SG*

This is one of those trick questions, isn't it?- weirdDAR

I would find out where they live, then start sending them thing like paperclips, rubber bands, and other useless shit along with threatening letters. If they still continue, I would send them a ransom note for one of his family members saying that if they didnt come up with 2 million dollars I'd kill that person.- Harbinger

I'd be a little creeped out, but if they sent me something really cool in the a thesaurus, rat poison, a Slurpee machine...then I'd refrain from hunting them down and killing them.- McDiablo

I'd send them to someone else i didn't know....just to see if i got them back or not....muahahahaha- shwee

they would be really busy, being as i woul probably throw all their shit away or give it to my dog without even looking at it- SilverJackal

I would shred them and report the person to the FBI- Bawk Bawk

fuck off- misfit

well i would think that sum stupid fucker from church was tryin to convince me to cum over and be a part of them. but hell i would be happy to get the socks!!- Freakshow

I would piss on their cat.That'll show'em !-LB

Than i would kill my grandma's friends- Draven

i would probably start sending all the stuff back...or i would send them dog/cat shit in a box every week- BlueRaven

i'd take them all and wait for them to send more.- LuckyBuck

I htink if someone was sending me socks in the mail, I would be flattered ! Every Holiday i could have something to look forward to, like every Christmas morning i could wake up delighted and run down the stairs and check my mailbox for socks and cards ! WOW !. Maybe i could save up all the socks I recieve and send them back to her/him and tell them to knit a giant sweater. Yes, that's it ! I only have to live knittedsweaterless for like 4 more years. I'm such a Jeenyus. Hmm... that reminds me, no one I don't know is sending me socks and cards in the mail... not even people i actualy KNOW are cool enough to do that. What a bummer.-off

knitted socks? knitted socks? knitted fucking socks. what kind of sicko site are you running here?- cy

HA! No one can out stalk me! I'd teach that bastard a thing or two!- Natasha

I would thank them for the gifts, and tell them my address would change soon, and that,due to a recent surgery, i wouldn't be able to reply for a while....- evapsychotic

That's cool. Won't have to buy socks again. Unless the socks suck, in which case I feel bad for my mailman, hauling a whole bunch of worthless shit around.- Radnor the Crippler

i would collect everything they sent me and use duct tape to stick it all together, forming a large box. then i would find this person, put them in the box, drive into the desert, and bury them, while telling them that they should have made the socks black insted of green because green makes me do crazy things.- Ripper

id write back and ask if that person would like to get to know me and ask for any benefits besides knitted i have cronic cold feet..that would be have that..hmmm..."if only"- KinkySpaggetti

I'd ball up the cards and letters, stuff them into the socks, strap them to my ears, set them on fire, and dance the moon dance of Kaloo-Kalei.- Loshi

well as long as the sent me knitted socks it would be fine.- mariedk

Granny's not so bad once you get to know her.- Amingape

who cares?- xXDARKSTARXx

I usually send them nude pics of Donald Rumsfeld, then Martha Stewart, then Gary Coleman, then Rosie Odonnell. They've usually stoped by then; no one wants to find out who comes after Rosie.- ShawFits

feel very loved- me

I'd enjoy it, it would be entertaining!- Ammo

isnt that called stalking?or maybe..... it could be a person suffering from social anxiety disorder thats really lonley just tryin to make friends with me...awww poor thing, i would report him to the police anyways though.. cus you know What if its a stalker?!?- ThisIsYourDestiny

id fart- potty bum

I would send them stuff back, such as porn magazines, disturbing pictures, cds with my voice recording on it repeating very dirty sayings and also maybe a sex toy here and there- JimBoBob

i like socks- the voodoo bunny

would it have a return address? if it did i'd send them grandma's fruitcake and homeade candy from Christmas 1987. would i be required to send them mail weekly telling them how i enjoyed their strawberry preserves and poem they wrote just for me? - cassie

i'd send 'em back w/ somethin attached- joemomma

id send them a thank you card- Satan

i would fuck them and then marry them- Pink

Yes, still penis... sorry. - Is that a bannana in your pocet or are you just happy to se me ?

i would use the postcards, and holiday cards as fuel for my fireplace, the socks shall keep my feet warm.- nailbomb

i'd be happy. i would finally have a tru friend.- big dave

id wear them- fjk

i'd wear the socks, they'd be comfy- Trainwreck

As long as i got money in the postcards and i could sell the socks i'm happy. otherwise, at least it would make me feel special. i get tingly feeling in tummy...- Freak Ninja

i would be scared- Gidget


Hhhmmm...that's gonna be weird. I will lose sleep thinking who's sending those things and why. Wait a minute....i've read this scenario in one of my sister's book before. title is 'Sophie's World' only there's no knitted socks. - leigh

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