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what if you could win a million bucks by partcipating on a show where
things are shoved up your ass for 'medical' experiments?

i would agree to go on the show but i would secretly drug someone i don't like and sign their name and LAUGH AND LAUGH AND LAUGH as all of the ass-fetishists in the world watch people shove random things up the person whom i don't like ass on national tv. (i'm assuming this would be a reality tv show, because isn't everything?)- MeowMeow

i think that show's called "Jackass"- Bill Clinton

Then I'd get my girlfriend to enter and keep the money for myself while making extra cash from selling the MPEG on the net. But I don't have a girlfriend...- Mzebonga

It would depend on the size of the objects. I mean, a toothbrush. Fine. But an eggplant. I don't think so.- Popo

Would they mask my identity like they do on all of those cop shows? Maybe it really IS just an undercover cop show, trying to get me to perform indecent exposure or something dumb like that. My ass is far too smart to be duped into such a foolish venture. They'll never catch me!- ferretchick

hehehehehehe sounds like fun! But no electrical eqipment this time ok? I still have a few too many teeth embedded in my rectum walls to forget that incident quickly.- Nelson

i'd say hell yeah bring it on baby. if me and my ass can help the world by furthering human knowledge in the field of medical ass shoving stuff...then i would be honoured to. the million bucks really doesn't matter to me.- shari baby

I wouldn't do it. I would be afraid of side effects afterwards. Then a million dollars would just be used to cover all my medical bills trying to recover...if I ever could be the same again. Oh, you can't trust those weird experiments. Too "iffy".- stalkerchic

sighn me up - thetwolovers-meandmyhand

egh...umm domo arigato DR.roboto but anything other than a dildo is a no-no..and win or get paid a million?- SG*

The only problem I have here is how I would frequently wonder, "Who comes up with this shit?"- weirdDAR


Then I'd have to take out all that other stuff I've shoved up my ass before because they might think I've cheated or something. Yeah.- McDiablo

Hell N....ya, but only if it was somehow related to being abducted by aliens and i had no other choice, so in other words NO!!- shwee

i would have to find another way to get a million bucks.- SilverJackal

They do tht???....Where do i sign?- keli_X_james

I would soooooo not do that.- Bawk Bawk

umm no- misfit

well i would say hell yeah... a million bucks is worth it. i mean i've already shoved numberous things up my ass for fun... so yeah- Freakshow

I'd do it, yeah i would. Because that sounds like the most funerest thing in the wholest widest worldy. -LB

Than i would get a million bucks because i enjoy shoving things up my ass :X- Draven

i would just have to find another way to get a million bucks...maybe i could steal it before the show and run off with it..- BlueRaven


Well, as exciting as it sounds, i would be fairly disgusted if someone had asked me to do such a thing , so i would be forced to put a sock over his head and madly shove "things" up his ass.-off

hmm medical experiments? how many doctors have you heard saying,"NURSE QUICK, SHOVE THAT DEAD TROUT UP THE PATIENT'S ASS." this whole thing sounds a bit fishy to me.- cy

What if a pack of rabid hyenas chased you, and your only chance for salvation was to give a leprechaun a blo ... on second thought, let's not go there.- Natasha

A show? Why would anyone perform medical experiments on TV? Aren't the results of some medicines worth more than a million? So why are you giving them to America? Yes.- evapsychotic

Is the show a half hour of a full hour. Either way, for a million, yes.- Radnor the Crippler

i would turn to the "host" of this show and ask him/her if he/she would be willing to have random objects shoved up his/her ass for money. if he/she said yes, then i would procede to try to shove a pineapple up his/her ass, and when they said i couldn't do that, i would scream "HYPOCRITE!!", grab the money (and/or anything of value) and run away, sobbing like a little boy at a slumber party in michael jackson's house- Ripper

Id say jackass would be coming out with a new movie and id be starring in it!!but i bet id have lots of male homosexual to compete worries.. not like i havent done anal actually i havent...- KinkySpaggetti

Where do I sign?- Loshi

it would deppend on the camera angle, but id probably do it.- mariedk

I'm game so long as Bob Barker isn't host. Twisted fuck would love to see me spayed or neutered ... - Amingape

I'd move on quickly- xXDARKSTARXx

* ass chitters angrily * ... I think that was a no ...- ShawFits

no i believe strongly in things not going in my ass for "medical" experiments now if it was for pleasure.....- me

I wouldn't do it!- Ammo

i could win a million dollas by doin stuff and i didnt want to do and id go home to do stuff i wanted to do which is going to the insanedomain website and sittin back to enjoy the cute coluns and writings for no chance of winning a thing cept loser of the year. - ThisIsYourDestiny

id do it neway- potty bum

i dont need a million dollars as a bribe for a show to shove stuff up my ass =)- JimBoBob

no way jose- the voodoo bunny

i'd accept the million dollars, and as they were about to put the whole orange up my ass i'd take it away and shove it up their dirty ass. - cassie big are the "things" hahahaha- joemomma

million bucks hellzz yea ONE MILLION $ never hafta work a day in my life- Satan

Then i would be a millionare- Pink

Penis. - Is that a bannana in your pocet or are you just happy to se me ?

what kind of things are we talking about, and is there going to be lube?- nailbomb

if i could, i would- big dave

well that wouldnt be fun but it would have to be something small- fjk

how many things?- Trainwreck

It wouldn't be the first time so... I'm game.- Freak Ninja

i would do it in a reason- Gidget


There's no way I'll join. I'm sure before I even get hold of a single buck I'm dead already. If I dont die of excessive bleeding, I'll die of heart attack. So what's the use?- leigh

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