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what if your plans for world domination failed miserably?

they already have..thats why i've given up and stayed here on the net..- SG*

I'd do what I always do when things go wrong; bitch slap Regis Philbin.- ~ Natasha

I'm living out the rest of my days abord the ship of...lost souls, because my plans for world domination HAVE failed miserably. Did I mention it's the ship of..lost souls? - FartMonkey

Then I'd be no better off than the lonely failure jerk that I am now...and whose to say they haven't?- ferretchick

blame it on inflation- shibster

:O *gasp* IMPOSSIBLE! - boing!boing!SPLAT!

i would probly blame everyone else but me... goddamn smurfs- the vodoo bunny

It would be like any other day I wake up.- infinityw00t

The i go to plan "B"! you always got to have a plan "B"! Duh!- scooby

how did you know about my plans for world domination?! how?? who told you?! was it moo moo? it was, wasnt it!? tell me!!!!- Ripper

Then id go for continental domination till i figured out a new plan.....d'uh!- keli<3james

bullshit!- noname

become a cook- Bubba

...Self destruct in 5...4...3... po0f!- spazzattack

i'd kill all my minions, strip off my clothes and ride my horse bareback into the sunset.- SiNiSTaR

i'm sorry, i would really like to answer this question but my room smells like pot really bad, and sealab is on so i'm leaving.- duch bag

i would cry for a while, then i would go get some cheese because i would be hungry after crying. then i would kidnap all the important world leaders and put them all in a very small room and alternate between playing pop music and christian music really loud through cleverly placed speakers until they went insane and/or died. i would then announce to the world that they had all been infected with some rare, un- named disease and that in their dying/last sane breath they had unanimously decided that i should take their places and rule the world myself. all people of the world would then bow to me!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! <hacking, coughing>- Asylum

Well, considering my plan for world domination was to attach dynamite to small kittens and threaten to blow them up if I didn't get my demands, I would have alot of cleaning to do. -off

WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHAT IF!!! They already have, many many times. *sob* Thanks for reminding me. - sniff

What a silly question. Of course my plans won't fail, because I have the chickens on my side. He who controls the chickens controls the McNuggets, and we all know that's what makes the world go around. My plans for world domination are flawless. Flawless, I tell you!!- Indomitus

Don't remind me.....*cries and cries and cries*- McDiablo

I'd be horribly sad...but I have back up plans...oh how I have back up plans! - weirdDAR

As opposed to all the ones that have succeeded so very completely to this point? Yeah - right!- Mzebonga

id open up a soup kitchen and kill the hobos off first.- chuckroast

I would buy a cab and realize that other plan: Be a cab driver.- Franky_TooCoolo

failed?- anailbom

i would crawl back to my evil lair ( a cave in afganistan) and think up a new plan- yawn

i would go to the pub and get drunk.- ammeg

id stamp, slam a few doors, punch some walls, get up and start some new plans, this time learning from my mistakes and getting more powerful and reliable people to help me - making sure i promise them everything and anything they want, but go back on it all when ive got what i want.- DeadlyNightshade

then i might be compaired to Hitler- JimBoBob

i would kill my dog- Peggy

it would suck- emaweed

find out who fucked up my plans and then kick thier ass.- *Realmo-k

id b crush and probably comit suicide- Lady Lazaroo

i woul scream, cry, and sacrifice a can of tuna fish to the ant god(s). then, while everyone thought they were safe, i would be plotting the downfall of boy bands and britney spears *gags*. then, with them out of the way, i could create false music icons and slip subliminal messages into the music. muwahahahahahaha!!! the world will be mine! all mine! you hear me?? MINE!!!!!- CasualFatality

they already have, so I've decided to side with the cats- harbingerofhell

If they were to fail miserably then i would probably die in an explosion of some kind. - Freak Ninja

i'll live in a cupboard...FOREVER!- leigh

i played that game Risk before and lost, so it wouldnt be that big of a deal.- Bubba

I'd tell my trusty sidekick Pinky..Back to the drawing bord to do what we try to do everyday...try to take over the world-jazzibel

I'd do a GB and blame it on misinformation and exagurrations from the CIA- silkmaid

they already have. apparently poisoned semolina wasnt a great plan.- supermandave

id be extremely unhappy.wouldn't you?- keli_X_james

YOU KNOW WHAT WE'LL BE DOING TOMMOROW?WE must get ready for tommorow... do u know why??because we need to start on new plans.- peaganSPA

i'd go to the cops and say lets have a gang bang- monkey butt

I'd make up an even stupider plan and try that an if that failed i'd make up another one and eventually i will rule the world1 Muuuuuuhahahahaha!!- emlingremlin

Then it would be just like every other single day in my life.- Renegade

i'd be sad, but i'd make myself feel better by disemboweling some one i don't particularly care for...and saying sneeezle.- shari

I would just snuff the world out with a cloud of toxic fumes- butterfly-flavoured-pancake

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