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what if you could be anyone you wanted for a week?

most likely i would horribly horribly mess up their reputation because i couldn't help but hump his friends...and band mates...- SG*

I would be Carrot Top, and would have myself castrated after publicly apologizing for being born. - ~ Natasha

Easy. I'd spend all the money I could on everything I've ever wanted, tell off all their friends for no reason, and maybe kill some people. Then when I switched back I'd have all the cool stuff I bought, laugh at them for being confused when their friends are all mad, and the people I hate are dead but the cops all "know" it was them, not me. - FartMonkey

I'd be Smitty...careless parent, all the pot you can smoke without your own body, you don't even have to respond to people with more than a "wha?" and a confused look. Not to mention you don't even have to do your hair because you're a guy...and then I could be the princess too.- ferretchick

I would be that guy from that show in the 80's... you know him? had the hair and the nice shirts...o wait that was a dream, GRAPE SODA- shibster

Then I'd probablly want to be myself again.- boing!boing!SPLAT!

i would be one sexy looking sock monkey- the vodoo bunny

I would be a sexy guy so I would know what it's like to own a penis.- infinityw00t

i would go on a rampage of my choice knowing that after that one week i would not be responsible, They would! MUWAHAHAHAHAHA- scooby

i would be bill gates. then i could write out a will leaving everything to me (when im back to my old self). i would then put poison in my wife's food so she would die and i (as bill gates) would be setenced to life is prision without parole. and since it would take more than a week for the sentencing, i (as myself) would be home free. bill gates would be killed in prision withing the first month, and his fortune would be mine!! mwahahahahahahahahaha!!! oh, and then i could sends lots and lots of money to TID, and i could buy lots of cheese!! <evil grin>- Ripper

id b bill gates n transfer all his mony into my account n thn id go to texas n murder sum ppl....makin sure theyd catch me.....cos texas is the only state with the death penalty so bill gates wud b dead......n hed have to pass on his millions of billions of trillions!- keli<3james

good- noname

Jim Carey- Bubba

I would wanna be... Marilyn Manson- spazzattack

Michael Jackson so i'd know what goes on in that freaky mind of his. I'd also like to play with the prosthetic nose. Wonder if 'blanket' has ever chewed on it before...- SiNiSTaR

i would be johnny depp. he's got that goofy mysterious thing going. plus, if i were him i would know where he gets those cloves i can't find anymore. they taste like soap.- duch bag

anyone? what if they're dead? say i wanted to be joey ramone or brandon lee? since they're dead, would i just lay there in a coffin for a week, or would their bodies rise again and terrorize mankind for a week? ooh, that sounds fun!! i think i'd like to be brandon lee (dressed as draven, of course) so everyone would think that he was back from the dead just like in The Crow..- Asylum

If i had the choice, I would be my principle. I would fuck up her job, her family, her life, and when she gets it back, she'll be screwed AHAHAHA! Pay back for all the times she calls my parents for stupid reasons, like asaking for hugs. That oughta teach the lil' bitch ! -off

Oooh! I'd be a superhero. One that flys, weee! So then I could alternately save the world and cause havoc in the skies! - sniff

I would be Dubya, just so I could kick Cheney's ass and get away with it. Or maybe I could be Cheney, because then I could kick Dubya's ass and get away with it. Ah, hell, either way it would be craploads of fun.- Indomitus

Then I would be the Governor of California. Okay, I didn't mean that. I know you were expecting me to say "Slurpee Tester" or something, so I thought I'd write something you wouldn't expect. Yeah, sure. - McDiablo

I'd be nothing...yeah! And then I'd run around in cirlces and no one would know because I would be nothing!...I think everyone should take a cue from this when writing THEIR answers.- weirdDAR

I'd be George Bush Jnr and initiate a campaign to hand lots of American money over to developing (but stable) countries, change affiliation mid-term to the Green party and donate vast amounts of wealth to Environmental causes and sacking the Vice President and appointing Nader as my second in command. Just before the stroke of midnight on the final day, I'd set myself up in an unbreakable suicide trap which would detonate just as I leap from the body like Sam Beckett did in Quantum Leap, thus I would rectify the State of the US and leave it in the much better hands of Mr Nader. God, I'm clever.- Mzebonga

id be schartenegger, then id kill myself.- chuckroast

What, like, just one person? like an existing person? could I switch persons for the whole week? Like, today I'll be my ex, and tomorrow I'll be My ex's new guy?- Franky_TooCoolo

i would be me, im a sexy bitch.- anailbom

i would be a police officer so i could legally kill people and have the easy access to the o-so-grand narcotics- yawn

i would be someone stupidly rich and transfer all my money to my usual self so at the end of the week i would be stupidly rich!!- ammeg

id probably get my millions of pounds, get sum people to build me a really kewl gothic mansion with loads of secret passages and stuff, go on a massive shoppin spree to Bats (in Afflecks) buy almost everything out of the alchemy catalouge, go on loads of internet sites and get even more kewl new clothes the settle down happily to carry on the life ive got now - only better with no one to tell me what to do .... *i wish*- DeadlyNightshade

Id be SEX...bcuz sex rules- JimBoBob

i would ruin their lives and reputations. not to mention their credit.- Peggy

id get high 24-7- emaweed

I would be brad pitt for three reasons: 1.So I could steal all of his money 2.So I could fuck his wife 3.So I could smoke all the imported weed he allegadly has.- *Realmo-k

id be the invisible man and play sum triks- Lady Lazaroo

i would be george w. bush so i could make him look like an idiot and everyone would think he's a jackass. oh, wait...everyone already thinks he's a jackass. damn! someone beat me to it.. *cries*- CasualFatality

I would still choose to be myself, everyone else pisses me off.- harbingerofhell

I would become Paris Hilton and take ALOT of photos of myself, then by myself alot of cool shit, then gorge myself in food. - Freak Ninja

then i would definitely choose to be elvis...*whispers* i wanna know how he feels wearing those costumes...- leigh

I would want to be myself, cause i wouldnt want to wear someone elses underwear. thats just not sanitary!- Bubba

I would be Charlie of willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory so that I could get a lifetime supply of Willy Wonka Bars!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....CHOCOLATE!!!-jazzibel

I would be my boyfriend and spend the week fucking myself silly.- silkmaid

what if i could?- supermandave

id be a guy n get kicked in the balls........cos it really cant hurt as much as they make out, can it?!well im gonna find out!- keli_X_james

id be the boy/girl with the most handsomiest/beautiful face and make him hideous with a pair of siccors and scotch tape... because when the week is done id have destroyed his life and thats all i want to accomplish in life... to take down the blesed, im satans seamstress and i make santas bad list, I drown myself in misery to break the atmosphere... nothing should be prettier then what is asked for. BLEED BITCH! BLEED!- peaganSPA

i would want to be a slug with three heads....and smell like garbage- monkey butt

I wouldnt. I dont want to be anyone else. It's not who i am that sucks its life that sucks so i'd have a different life for a week and just be myself.- emlingremlin

I would be George Bush. The Muslim world would know true terrorism as fire would rain down from the skies. They want a Holy War so why not give it to them. I would put our troops on the offensive, taking over the borders of Syria and/or Iran, and possibly nuking the capital of any Muslim country that complains. There would be outrage and everyone would hate America for it but they do anyway, so let's make it worth it and kill some Muslims.- Renegade

i'd be britney spears, record the pop, techno and rap versions to 'enter sandman' ,then release them the day before i go back to being me. then i'd pee myself from pure happiness hearing the news report that britney spears was killed by irate metallica fans.- shari

i would be a rock- way groovey man!!!!!!!!- butterfly-flavoured-pancake

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