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what if you woke up one morning and trent reznor was there and he followed
you around all day reciting lyrics to you and refused to leave?

Well i love trent from Nine Inch Nails,devoid everyone else, I think he's a great musician! ... Well sorta, I might have to kick him around every time he recited songs that i hated.-NNY

i would not be bothered. i'd show him off, in fact. and make him do my work for me.- sxkittie

Who the hell is Trent Reznor? Well, whoever he is, I'd tell him I can get him a great deal, but he has to keep it hush-hush and *just trust me*. Take him to club in some dangerous part of the city, introduce him to a hired hit man. And if any of his lyrics were catchy enough I'd sell them off to some popstar.- Anazi

i'd say, "go away trent renzor, i don't know who you are". .... your mum's a trent renzor- Batman (na na na na na na na na )

Yay! Trent Reznor! I would try to have sex with him- Homo-Man

i would turn around and put my fist in his face- Lazy


I'd hire him as my intern- Bill Clinton

trent who the what now? as i have never heard of this person i would say "hello person i have never heard of, please hold still while I stuff anthrax into each of your orifices and inject nerve agent into your eyeballs" (evil laugh) muh ha ha ha ha... muh ha ha ha ha ha ... muh ha ha ha ha .......- Sadam (thats right, i'm not dead)

Well, I don't know who trent reznor is, but there are VERY few people who I wouldn't kill in that situation. Most likely he is not one of those few.- FartMonkey

pull out my shot gun and take care of the situation.- Syko Morgana

id slap him between the legs with a pickled herring. those sorts of things get rid of artists.- frazicus

Is this the same guy in the questionnaire? Is he singing about dead guys? I'd kill him. I said I'd kill him before and I'd kill him again. And I wouldn't feel no regrets neither.- Mzebonga

I would say "Trent, Im sorry but I really don't appreciate you following me around like this. I am trying to work!" And he would say "I wanna fuck you like an animal, I wanna feel you from the inside." and then I would say "in that case, ok, lets go!"- Fresh Fruit

id kick my back leg up way behinde me to knock him out without any warning... thatd get him to stop.- NSuxbum

I would fuck him hard..yea...wanna watch DC?- SG*

beat him up into a pulp- Sally

i would let him follow me round but hope that no-one saw me.- bintyjo

whose trent reznor- april

suprise trent by turning arround and listening with relentless intent.- rayyo77

i would ask him if there is any thing that is not red- howlingwolf

I would be like COOL! he has some bad ass lyrics but im pretty sure he would leave when my fiancee came home to kick his ass- PHOENIXcherry13 or fairy

wow...I have nothing to say to that- Allie

Kill him and hang his head up on my trophy wall next to Brittney's head and other slain (and annoying)celerbties.- Pancake

Since I don't know who Trent Reznor is I would spent most of the day laughing at him, then when I know the songs, I would go down to the mall and sing for some money, making a complete jackass of myself.- KellyBean

I would give him a full moon and fart at the same time to kill him.- DZ

i'd lock him in my cellar- skiddo

I would say "I understand Trent. You are trying to show me what it is must be like to have sheep following you around constantly and invading your privacy due to your celebrity status, however, I am not a fan of yours and I would never follow you around so you have chosen the wrong person to make a statement to. Now leave or I'll rip your body into pieces and place your internal organs out on a stake in my front yard."- Josephine Stalin

I'd sign at him "I'm Deaf". He'd either have to write it all down or go learn to sign. And before he's done I'll put on a pair of shades and tell him I'm blind. Then he'll have no choice but to leave.- Riku

It wouldnt happend IF I got up = sand Id try to get back to sleep Old dear trenty would be concretated under the patio within 16minutes DEFFO. Id post his toenails to his fan club- <issy Lucid Lupin Loofah the Second

I'd make use of my mutant powers to blow his head up.- Lexorousmith

i'd kill myself- Willow

I really can't imagine how that'd be, so why don't you pay him to do it so I could answer this?- Omuletzu

Who the fuck is trent reznor? and can he be shot?- Ninja

would it be good lyrics or bad, make your ears bleed lyrics? 1 of 2 things could happen A) i would clap and encourage him for more only if they were good or 2)He would be thrown into the closet with the dead clown and the dust guy who tries to escape every week. The dust guy does not like people who talk to much so if he wished to continue with his damn reciting, the dust guy will be forced to kill him- monkeeskittles

he would eventually starve to death- thiskid

I would...ha ha shit I dont know- bill

i would kill him- sue

i'd be really happy especially if he mentioned fist fucking.- SiNiSTaR

i would kick him SQUARE IN THE NUTS then cut his nine inch nails- motherbitch

I'd go into all the swanky bars and clubs, by going, 'i'm with trent'. Then get drunk enough not to care about him following me... or so drunk that I forcibly stop him from following me.- Loz

I'd let him become involved in my daily routine--he could help me clean the house, tell the neighbour's dog to shut the hell up, and, of course, accompany me on a Slurpee Run or three.- McDiablo

I would play pretty hate machine and see if he'd stop. Singing to himself doesn't seem like something he would do. But if he did, i would proceed to tie him to a chair and stick his testicles in his mouth, thus making it impossible to recite anymore of his shitty-lyrics. -BLAZEMAN

id turn around and give him a big smack round the chops with some dried flowers, shove a smiths record in his gob and tell him he was made for morissey- fluffkid

murder him.- Herrod

I'd start insisting that some random nonsense was better. Then start putting it to horrible tunes and sing (I seriously cannot sing). Every time he'd try to get me to listen to his lyrics I'd only sing louder. Then, when my neighbor with the shotgun comes over to ask what's making that horrendous sound I'll point at Trent with a "It was him!!" and run like hell. ...Then get some plaster and bleach to fix the living room.- Armadillo

i would like that a lot. i've always wanted a stalker, so he could be my personal stalker and do sexual favors for me and my pets.- Mrs. Hoohoo

i would kill him- Tony Touch

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