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what if we came into your place and smashed your favorite cds?

I would thrash about the floor until it all went away.-NNY

fuck you! you're buying me new cds!- sxkittie

I don't think you'd get that far because of my tastes in music. You'd look at one cover, snicker, show your friend, see the rest are as much if not more amusing, and you'd all fall over yourselves laughing. If I get lucky you'll asphyxiate.- Anazi

what if I came into your place and smashed your favorite knee-caps?- Batman (na na na na na na na na )

I would try to have sex with you- Homo-Man

then i would kcik your asses- Lazy


i wouldn't mind, i'd have trent reznor there to sing all my favorite tunes....... who the hell is trent reznor?- Bill Clinton

oh really... smashed my cd's aye?..... now that wouldn't be very inteligent would it? Why would you do a thing like that ... its just silly really isnt it? Really reallly silly. Honestly....- Sadam (thats right, i'm not dead)

Except for DC who I have a soft spot for, and who would get off with only a scolding and perhaps a spanking, I would gather the CD shards, come into YOUR place and use the shards to rip your jugular(s) open. Also, I just realized that CD is DC backwards, and this must be another reason why I shan't kill DC.- FartMonkey

Id take the broken ends and stabb you with them.- Syko Morgana

then i would tie you down to a large hot plate. Beneath which is a large fire. then id take all those tiny cd pieces, and slowly, one by one, insert them into your slowly roasting flesh. making sure i twist as i go. and just for kicks, im going to squeeze lemons over your body when im done.- frazicus

I'd smash your kneecaps in retaliation and then mug you so that I could buy them back.- Mzebonga

I'd be overwhelmed with joy that the Insane Domain actually came to my house. Id have to take everyone out for drinks afterwards.- Fresh Fruit

Ummm id go to you demanding money to replace them and if you said no id cry and beg you to be your slave- NSuxbum


i'd burn yours.......burn baby burn........- Sally

i'd come to ur place and kick u so hard up the arse that it would break your back. then i'd bite "it" off. no-one touches my cd's- bintyjo

i would cry- april

only have 1 so would have to sing out loud.- rayyo77

i got copys haha- howlingwolf

then id have to kick your ass myself!lol! good thing you dont know where i live . i better not say that lol!- PHOENIXcherry13 or fairy

I would systematically beat the shit out of all of you- Allie

I'd proablay be smokin'a joint when you guys walked in....I'd be really mad and be all like "hey maaaaaann...what the fuck dude?" and then after you broke my CD's, Id be soo..pissed..and then id be like, HEY! GET OUT OF MY FRIDGE! but then if i knew you were coming over in advance I'd set up huge speakers outside my door blasting Nsync and Pink's top hit songs until you were too scared to come in.- Pancake

I would cut you with them... No really, I would . . .- KellyBean

I would then come to your place and smash your CDs and give all of you a hiding to teach you a damn good lesson.- DZ

i'd come round your house and burn it to the ground- skiddo

Download and burn them once again.- Josephine Stalin

I'd be grinning and looking for a camera to wave to and say "I know! It's a joke! I'm on candid-camera or some other reality show!" And continue to do this until after your gone and a little bit into the next day because I'll think you'll turn up again at any moment to catch me buy suprise. Eventually it would dawn on me it was just a malicious act... I'd got to my Mom's house for a hug because a bunch of bullies came and smashed up my CDs. And we'd have cookies and milk too! So ha!- Riku

That'd be cool - Id use the pieces in my current mosaic I making and keep grooving on to me tunes as Ive already turned them into MP3 files - no loss to me. Send in a claim to the insurance company and buy some new ones when the cheue arrives Yippee!- <issy Lucid Lupin Loofah the Second

I'd go back to casset tapes.- Lexorousmith

eh...- Willow

One small problem! How do you know which are my favorite cds? Oh, ok, so I don't really answer a question with a question... i'd give those cds to you and then wait to see if you smash them, then invite you to dinner, throw food, act insane, give you the tour of the town... just tell me when you'll get here so I could wait for you at the airport.- Omuletzu

I'd decapitate you with a broked shard of cradle of filth's 'lovecraft and witchhearts'- Ninja

I dont care do it, do it...come on i dare ya *watches in disbelief as cds are smashed*fine u did it leave!!! *goes and picks up the peices of the cds* aawwwww my poor babies im so sorry *yells*Hey Ma! we got any super glue?- monkeeskittles

i would burn more- thiskid

I would laugh because all my favorite CD's belong to my roomate- bill

i would give a good hiding- sue

CDs? WHat CDs? all's i have are MP3s nowadays, they're the way to go. steal steal steal!!!!!!!!!!!!!- SiNiSTaR

id kick you ass and rape your sock monkey- motherbitch

I'd swear at you for a while, then when you leave i'd put my hands on hips and swear a bit more, then look round for a hidden camera. After that i'd probably scratch my head for a bit.- Loz

I would go into my Emo Corner with Miss Roger's Sweater and cry...cry...and cry some more. Then I'd take out my M-16 and--well, you can fill in what you think will happen here:________________________________________.- McDiablo

I would wait for you to finish. After you were done, i would go out and buy more. -BLAZEMAN

id arrange the fragments in your head so you looked like like a cd hellraiser guy- fluffkid

if i kill you all there will be no witnesses- Herrod

I'd tape it all and send it into one of the funny video contests. You'd be smashing and I'd make an idiot of myself. But I'm not sharing the prize money.- Armadillo

i would just re-burn them off the people i got them from in the first place. but after i was certain i could get new copies, i would probably hunt down one of you crazies and pretend like i was being vengeful by putting the cd shards on your bed.- Mrs. Hoohoo

i would kill you- Tony Touch

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