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what if everything was red?

Then i would be out of blood vessels in my eyes and i would have to kill myself in and everyone else at the nearest "Blimpe" sub shop. Bastards thik they can top subay HAH take that assholes !-NNY

the world would be...pretty red. and your eyes might hurt a bit. if everything was red i'd keep all of the lights off.- sxkittie

I'd accidently eat raw chicken and think it was squid. Or just go around starting arguments by claiming something is fushia.- Anazi

your mum's red- Batman (na na na na na na na na )

i'd run out of the toilet screaming becuase i thought i was pissing blood... then i'd start a course of antiboitics for goeneria until a few months later when i find out that i didn't actually have goeneria, then i sue you for mental distress and all those months of sex you deprived me of.- Homo-Man

my eyes would hurt- Lazy

i LiKE THE COLOR RED. i LiKE BLOOD. BLOOD iS GOOD. iTS RED.- TheAmazingInsaneBrittneyFuckface

it would be impossible to distinguish a certain stain on a blue dress- Bill Clinton

blood would be indistinguishable... dead soldiers would become "sleeping, wet soldiers"... so much nicer- Sadam (thats right, i'm not dead)

Then murders would be easier because you wouldn't have to bother trying to conceal blood splatters; also the red text on this site wouldn't be visible, which would cause everyone to drop to their knees and scream "NOOOOOO!!"- FartMonkey

id proabaly get paranoid and then come and blame it on you and rip all your stuffing out and eat it like a raabid animal. and then id go take your cat on a walk.- Syko Morgana

then i could lacerate whomever i like, and the world would never know.- frazicus

Then it would be very hard to read because the page would be red and so would the writing and I couldn't fil out this form at all... Bummer...- Mzebonga

Mass hysteria. It would be like September 11th all over again. Except this time the terrorists are the government who are using a color like red to drive as many people mad as possible so that they can rob them blind of their old copies of Punky Brewster episodes. In the mean while while all the citizens are jumping off of cliffs into oceans of redness, the government will be hiding out in their bunkers somewhere eating Hormel Chili and watching stolen re-runs of Punky Brewster.- Fresh Fruit

Death would be on everyones mind and not many people would be left alive... or... they would cuz everything would blend in together... arghh i dont know- NSuxbum

i would be oh so thirsty...mmm...blood....Nick:mmm blood...Me: STOP READING MY MIND!!!- SG*

cool, that would be ok- Sally

then all the reds would look like differnt shades of red n everything would look like differnt colours.- bintyjo

then i'd cry- april

blue would be priceless- rayyo77

if every thing was red it would be normal because we don't know anything else- howlingwolf

Since red is my fav color along with aquamarine blue i would have to say it is okay until my eyes began to swell and i went blind from the monotonous color day in and day out until we all ran off cliffs and stuff to kill ourselves and the funny thing is that the last thing we would see was ourselves! cynical huh!- PHOENIXcherry13 or fairy

Not bad...I dun mind red- Allie

It will trigger memories from my childhood in which I was forced to drink gallons of red paint because we couldnt afford Koolaid. Mom said nobody would notice the difference and they both stained my clothes the same way.- Pancake

I wouldn't have to worry about a certain type of stain that women get sometimes... *cough cough* ... what?- KellyBean

I would start a new cult, calling it "The Cult of Red" and we would start worshiping DC, The God of RED.- DZ

i'd wear black tinted glasses- skiddo

while pondering the sheer nature of my exsistence, i become inebriated off thoughts of red and all its wonders leaving me in a acid-tripping like state in which i die by jumping off my apartment building believing that i can fly.- Josephine Stalin

Then I'd think I was color-blind. And the art world would be full of monochromatic paintings. And I'd never again get to tell a teacher to start marking my tests in green because all those red cross-outs are depressing.- Riku

I would dress up in full spanish female flamenco dancer outfit frilly skirt and all Mantilla in hair, tappy soes, castanettes and flamenco my way around the world/envirnment in which I live - (I look spanish - dark) Every person who said that red suited me and goes with my hair/eyes/overall colouring would receive a secret lethal injection (like that spy edid from tip of umbrella) lastly Id kill the organ grinders monkey and wear it as a stole,. Ole- <issy Lucid Lupin Loofah the Second

It'd be difficult to identify the period as "Time of the month"- Lexorousmith

my head would hurt- Willow

Oh, no! You can't mess with my brain! You already did it to my friends, but you won't get me! You can't get me to think that lemons are bitter and right is left and everything is blue! I know! I know everything is red, I know what red is, my mother taught me and you can't change my little synapses!- Omuletzu

Then the communist revolution has succeeded. viva la che- Ninja

It would remind me of that time i went on a killing spree...that was cool...- monkeeskittles

we would all be blind- thiskid

I wouldnt be able to read this question because the red question would blend into the red background- bill

i wud go blind- sue

The world will cease to make sense, we will all be sent spinning off into space, and mars would cease to exist. We'll all live on an island, climbing trees and flinging our shit at each other all day long until we finally drop dead.- SiNiSTaR

then no one would notice my dick iv been jerking- motherbitch

Then Eiffel 65's song of I'm blue dabadeedabadi would become obsolete.- Loz

Then we would have real trouble figuring out if we were bleeding--and you'd be looking at life through a rose coloured lens...literally!- McDiablo

Then everything would be invisible . you7 would not see anything or even know what's in fromt of you. You wouldn't be able to find food, thus making all for of life die of un-know causes, because you don't know what the fuck happened, for it is all red. Maybe with a black outline it would be a bit easier, but all red would make it impossible for anything to continue to be. -BLAZEMAN

then everything would look like like blood- fluffkid

bulls would take over the world.- Herrod

Then everything would match your website nicely. Only the incredibly stupid would have to worry about not matching when dressing up for something important. How can you mess up red, red, and red? Oh, and make that joke "What's Black and White and read all over?" totally obsolete.- Armadillo

i bet a lot more murder would take place. red is the color of blood, and i dont know about you but when i see the color red i get the urgin' to see some blood. so i try to kill...but then they bite me in my rage and i cry from the teeth marks.- Mrs. Hoohoo

it would suck- Tony Touch

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