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what if we asked you what sort of stories we should write?

Well, if you really asked me, I would say that you should write stories about cheese, pranks, duct tape, and of course you could put MY story, Conversations With's even about an insane sock monkey! Named George! Even though you can't bring yourself to link to geocities...I'd just have to get down on my knees and scream PLEASE STEAL MY LITERARY WORKS OF INSANITY PLEASE! etc. Of course you haven't really asked me, so that all wouldn't happen.- FartMonkey

i would basically laugh at you.. the insane domain already knows everything it write for the next 50 years and the insane domain is so smart that if it possibly failed at this well the world i think would probably plunge straight into a hell of no monkeys or socks... or jello- pussy toe

what if? uhhhh I guess I'd answer you. And then after you asked me I'd say WRITE LOTS AND LOTS OF STORIES ABOUT NOODLES THAT CAN TALK!!! Ooooohhh boy! I love noodles! Noodles with creamy alfredo sauce, yum! Noodles! Noodles!- Syko Morgana

how bout little monkeys trying to steal money from little kids, the little monkeys selling their sock monkey image on e-bay and the sort, silly little monkeys- monkie boy

you should write some yaoi (guy on guy) or lesbian stories..oh ya...that would rock..*goes to room to do "stuff"*oh yea...- SG*

Well, given your mandate to be insane, I should have thought insane stories would have been the order of the day.- Mzebonga Y'think?

Id say write a story about cows... cows and monkey... because without cows and monkeys the world would be pointless.- NSuxbum

I would say write more about sock monkey porn.. That is what life is all about!- JeEpY!

Id say you need to get a life... than you wouldnt have to write stories- Jugalo love

what if i said i need paying to be your muse. i accept drugs or alcohol. or maybe sex. but i doubt ur hardcore enough.- communist queen

Are you sure you wanna do that with all the sicko minds out there- Sally

more interviews actually or weird things about strange subjects. try "suicide bob" you need more about tony- irish psycho

i would say write whatever kind of story you want dipshit!- shawn

I would look at the wall and pretend that I didn't hear you. When you repeated the question over and over again I would rage at you and tell you that I am not deaf...I'm just ignoring you because you already know the answer...I want to read the story about the person who went around asking people what stories they want to read and why this person has no more vocal chords since someone decided to rip them out!- ChunkyFlamingoTesticles

I would tell you to right stories about a gay monkey who dresses up like a dinosaur to entertain young impressionable children, and he sings gay songs that the little kids who are with him in his TV show all magically know the words to!- ShadowClaws

then youd eventually get stuck with worse than writers block. 'muse block'. we're all useless. you know it.- frazicus

Then i would say.. stores about people reeping what they sew- Felicia

Stories with mean endings like you get in the Outer Limits.... they make me Laugh!- DZ

Do you think I'm stupid? You would never do that, so stop asking!- Omuletzu

Then I would tell you to write intersting weird stories.- Phishiewell

then i'd answer. way to ask the really intriguing, thought provoking questions moron!- turtle

write about non-shitty things.- irish psycho

you should write stories about crazy people because crazy people are more fun than noncrazy people- myo

I would tell you to lick my hairy dingleberried ass- Draven

I think you would find me telling you to write stories on the Mishaps of Miss Rogers' Sweater & McDiablo. You could make us go on Slurpee Runs all the time, steal...I mean, borrow, pylons and you could even throw in the odd cow tipping to jazz it all up a bit, if you want. I would definitely urge you to use your imagination.- McDiablo

I honestly wouldn't care.- MrHappyPants

well, uh, didnt you just do it already?- mullet

what if you could actualy write?- Batman (na na na na na na na na)

I'd know that you'd only pick out any good bits and go off and do what you want, warping my ideas, regardless of any plot or characterization.That aside, I'd like to see something about Techi-ninjas with their deadly throwing CD-R disks. Assassins in the cube farm. It'd make millions! Would you like to read my screenplay? - Riku

i would cry, you're suppose to know this stuff, running out of ideas hmmmm? I told you about drugs and sex and drinking, but noooooo dont listen to me.. Its ok though i can help you out this once, id say a big breasted girl who is horny 24/7- monkeeskittles

who am i to tell you what to do?- pupkin

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