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what if all lighters came in ugly colors so you'd never look cool with one?

Here are multiple solutions for you: 1)Use matchbooks. 2)Hire stunt doubles to use the dumb colored lighters so that you yourself will not recieve the blame for looking lame. 3)Use a flamethrower. 4)Use your powers to summon lightning. 5)And the most common solution: Just paint the freaking lighter some other color! Be creative! Use feces! Use blood! MY blood! I'm getting dizzy! Oh no *thud*- FartMonkey

well i know its hard for a lighting device that causes cancer and death to look uncool so basically I would just cry and pull my hair- pussy toe

Who gives a fuck. As long as it doesn't have one of those WWF wrestlers in spandex underwear, like the ones you see next to the register at 7-11.- Syko Morgana

well then all those damn potheads might quit smoking weed and start drinking, so when everybody gets drunk, we wont care if we have an ugly lighter when we light up some weed- monkie boy

...colors like barf or something?...that'd be actually kinda cool....unless it was real barf..that wouldn't...- SG*

Less people would smoke. And they'd be cheaper so I could throw more on fires and watch them go bang... Wahoo!- Mzebonga

I dont carry lighters...Im too stupid... Id probablly end up lighting myself on fire... and then wouldnt that be a great show for people to see... hehe... maybe i sould rething this...- NSuxbum

Then no one would ever have one. But if they were all ugly then they would look cool to you at that point cuz that is the way your mind works and you would think it was cool even though it wasn't!- JeEpY!

Im a artist, I pimp my shit out, (it also helps me kick you snagle tooth monkey humpen cum bubble sluprin asses who try and nab my shit, I mean seriosly, WTF!)- Jugalo love

id cover the ugly coloured lighter with pictures of nice things like hammers and sickles- communist queen

Thats ok because I don't smoke and I think everyone should stop smoking- Sally

i don't smoke so it probably wouldn't be a problem i'd kill myself for the good of all nations- irish psycho

i would mess with the lighter making it just shoot gas at people and then when somebody said i didnt look cool with it i was spray gas on them!- shawn

Those damn companies are trying to stop the fires again huh? Well well, we'll just have to go out and buy our very own human lighter that comes in whatever color you choose to paint it. All that you have to do is pour some fluid into their hands, light it, and you have you own personal fire. (old congress guys that you don't like work perfectly) No more losing your lighters because they are constantly behind you...and if that get's annoying....paint them invisible!- ChunkyFlamingoTesticles

I doubt I'll ever be seen with a lighter, and if I ever was it would probably be my dad who sees me in my room smoking pot, but to punishment would definitely be much worse if it was an ugly color, so to answer the question, if I was seen with an ugly colored lighter I would never be seen again at all.- ShadowClaws

carry matches. very cool. theyve got that whole rattling thing going, and that awsome box shape. yeah- frazicus

then you pull out a blow torch to light your cigaret!- Felicia

I would quit smoking to avoid humiliation. Then again, I could use matches- DZ

You're insane! What about the people who hate lighters?! Lighters are the only bad thing I can think of right now and it's all your fault! Never speak about lighters and smoking again!- Omuletzu

so what, a lighter is a lighter and it's cool as long as it works.- Phishie

get the ugliest one -like baby poop green- so nobody would ever steal it.- turtle

i'd go the magical land where dogs are trained to make lighters and i tell the ruling cats that the dogs were making ugly lighters and then i make a sacrificial episode where i burn lighters and then i ask the cats to stop the evil dogs...when i left the magical place i would go to a store and buy a cool lighter and go to a club and light up with my cool lighter...- irish psycho

then i would have to resort to lighting my bombs with matches- myo

Lighter, what lighter, me use flint and steel, grr, ugh- Draven

I merely use lighters to satisfy my inner pyromaniac. Being, or looking, 'cool' is not my motive for owning one.- McDiablo

I think it would take more than just ugly colors. Mabey if you made them all hot pink with sparkles and inscribed them with slogans like "HOT GAY LOVER" or "CAN I SPARK YOUR MAN STICK?" some people might turn to matches. Then again, some people mightn't.- MrHappyPants

well id defiantly be screwed because i love to burn people i meet, i mean... they ask for it check this out----you walk up to someone and they put their hand out for you to burn it, and when you do, they freak out or get all pissed off.....i just dont understand- mullet

then we'd probably look like you- Batman (na na na na na na na na)

Have a peaceful protest where I blow up one lighter every thirty minutes until they start making cool ones again.- Riku

id burn down the lighter place, then id take the lighter which is most likely with my luck an ugly shade of pink ::shudders:: and procede to take a black sharpie marker and color it- monkeeskittles

stop asking me stupid questions- choo choo

i'd have to go with the always popular fireplace matches, the ones in decrative holiday tins are bitchin'- pupkin

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