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what if you were forced to chose between fire and water?

Do you mean by this question "Would you choose fire? Or ice?"...Because what I've taken this to mean is that I am standing in a large room with one side of it on fire, and the other side of it with a big tank of water. I stand in the middle and you ask me, "FartMonkey, which of these colored fabrics do you think blood looks best splattered upon?" And I would make my choice- between fire and water. So does the fire and water really have any impact on my choice of fabric? Does it? Huh? OOOoo- FartMonkey

i wouldnt choose i refuse to!!! I will first piss myself and fling defecation on my face before i would ever do that- pussy toe

I'll chose water and drown whoever forced me to decide such bull shit.- Syko Morgana

fire, burn, ouchies, water, wet, drown, firewater, tasty, drunk- monkie boy


Water. i'd tell water to go kick fire's ass. Then I'd go swimming and have a drink.- Mzebonga

Id choose fire... Im a pyro... and I have a great fear of drowning...- NSuxbum

I would go with water. Fire you would burn with.. water you can drink, freeze and make ice cubes or even make that snow stuff and make little tiny snowmen- JeEpY!

Id go for fire, burn your ass for makin me choose, and than take the water, sit back and have a cold one, and watch your ass burn for your own stupidity of denyin me my rights punk ass dorf monger- Jugalo love

id choose fire baby cos its red hot like me. id resent the fact that you were making me choose between two such yummy elements though. how bout u make me choose between water and mud? thats no contest- communist queen

Water you can drink it, bathe in it, play in it,cook with it but I would need the fire for that damn!- Sally

i can swim and tread water and float. i like to play with fire. if you mean as a resource i'd choose water because a fire is easier to start then it is to find water that is drink-able ..i'd choose ass because you can make BOTH fire and water from it- irish psycho

bring on the fire baby!- shawn

I would pretend to be thinking hard of what I am going to choose, when in reality I am thinking about how to kill the person(s) who are forcing me to chose. I would then Attack them with swift karate non-merci and take both the fire and the water and gallop out on my super-speed sheep! Laughing the whole entire damn way!!!!!! Muah Ha Ha...Muah Muah haha...*cough* do you want tea or me...I mean coffee?- ChunkyFlamingoTesticles

I would have to choose fire since you cant light a bong with water, and its just plain cooler.- ShadowClaws

hmmm...lets see...dehydrate...raw meat......tricky...i think id renounce both, so as not to create jelousy, and become a bretharian.- frazicus

id go fire, because you cant live off of just water... so you mide' as well burn to death....wait is that all we get is fire and water? is there food too?- Felicia

Water, so I could be cool... :) What the hell do you do with fire..... burn yourself?- DZ

Water, for I'm thirsty.- Omuletzu

I'd choose water- Phishie

for what? to die - water, apparently its like going back to the womb. as a super power - fire, for toasting marshmellows in bed and striking back through sneaky long-distance blue angel attacks.- turtle

fire- irish psycho

fire fire mwahaha pyro- myo

Fire, Fire, the hot embers fuel my soul to do bad things.- Draven

Fire....because it's warm and I am cold all the time. And because it. "This tastes like burning."- McDiablo

I'd chose fire and use my 'Hot Gay Lover' to start it.- MrHappyPants

it alll depends.....does ice cream really have bones?- mullet

what if you were forced to shut the hell up?- Batman (na na na na na na na na)

Fire, because with my luck I'd get something undrinkable. You can't mess with fire, it just burns and that's that.- Riku

fire fire fire fire fire, burn down wheres that ugly pink lighter?- monkeeskittles

i would chose fire so that nobody could have water HA HA!- choo choo

if i was real real real thristy i'd have to choose water, cause the fire would just give me dry mouth...okay more like scared and burnt mouth or no mouth but a gaping hole where my mouth should have been...- pupkin

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