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what if your mom turned out to be a robot pieced together by your crazy grandparents?

i kinda already knew that when one day she just shut down all of the sudden and my dad took mom to the shop..- SG*

That would explain so much, like why she has tubes connected to a battery pack on her waist. As well as the fixations on what the "Johnsons" have, keeping a clean house, and methodic cleaning process that must, always, absolutely be done ONE thing at a time. Though it doesn't explain the mood swings.- Riku

I'd wonder how my dad must have felt on the honeymoon.- zappya123

no, she is really a robot pieced together by the CIA to spy on me- flaming kanuck

I've indeed thought about that possibility, but then my mom's parents are still having troube with the fact my mom is still having trouble with the VCR..maybe they're just playing dumb? Oh, I see it all now...that was their plan all along! I can't believe I fell for it...thanks for helping me solve this mystery!- FartMonkey

really, noooooooooooooooooooooooooo not mum no way- sally

o well- Rina

Well, it wouldnt bloosy well surprise me. everytime we visit the olds, mum is gone for days at a time. rechargin i suppose. i guess, now that i know the truth, i need to know if i myself am a i shall see if my siblings are, wheres that scalple. - frazicus

awesome- Carmy

one day she was cooking dinner. It was clam chowder. well,i ended up swallowing a bolt. well, turned out that someo f her screws came lose. i felt bad for her so we took her down to grandma's and had her fixed up.s hes better now.- Syko Morgana

...would help make sence to the fact she's missing a sixth of her brain- allbeautymustdie

That'd be AWESOME!- drunkennewfiemidget

After plotting my crazy grandparents death, I would plant a chip into my mom that gave her the impulse to bake me cookies and brownies whenever I asked....- Josephine Stalin

Then what the fuck am I? Half human, half robot? Cool...- Mzebonga (I am king!!! King!!!!)

i'd finally understand her senseless babble of the neighbor planting a listening to our conversations...and why we never did see her sleep...- sxi purrsin

Then what would I be?- nsuxbum

not to break the rules but would i be a human-robot hybrid? i would probably have a dominant trait from my mom and a recessive trait from my ass hole dad...thats really freaky to think about and i would be right about her being scary and un-balanced.- irish psycho

they're dead you fucks- Ninja

I would try to reprogram her.- Keiko

I would say "Cool, could I be a robot too?" Only to find out I am just as pathetic creature of meat and bone.- DZ

Then I would wonder how exactly I was concieved. And I would approach my father only to discover that he never had sex with my mum and thought that holding hands could get you pregnant (or at least I hope he's never had sex). Then I would look to my grandparents who would most likely be my real parents but were too ashamed to reveal to society that even old people have sex. But that couldn't be true!! No it couldn't !!! Mummy!!!!!!!!!!!- Nelson

I would bash her into a million pieces, then piece her back together so that she would do everything I asked her to. She would repeat the word invigorating and would scream like a monkey when she was bored. Then I would get revenge on the grandparents... I'd give 'em ex-lax while we were at a picnic and they'd be forced to use a port-o-potty and then i'd tip it over. And laugh hysterically while they screamed.- fartblossom

that would explain why there are bolts sticking out of her neck.- SiNiSTaR

i would destroy her with a hammer and an electromagent. then i'd seek bloody revenge on my grandparents- total shit

First off, I'd wonder where the fuck I came from, like a test tube in the robot's stomach or did they buy me out of a catalog or something? Then I'd back my dad into a corner and ask him why the hell he married a robot. I'd ask him if it chafed when they did it, or are there any sharp edges or anything, and if she came with attachments and stuff. And then I'd see if my universal remote would work on her, so I could get her to do some of the housework for once, and maybe bring me a beer. I'd have to unplug the voice box, no way am I leaving that plugged in.- Indomitus

Grandma...Grandpa....Quit screwing mom- ferretchick

I was right then, thank you.- bill

then who would really be my mom my grandparents or my mom and how would they be my grandparents if my mom really wasn't my mom- Onlysmart1here

id make sure i found her controls- Joe

Well, then that'd explain a few things. I'd rather not get into what those 'things' are. It's too painful for me and Miss Roger's Sweater will not share her Emo Corner, I know that much.- McDiablo

I think she is, because come on, when your mom tells you dont sharpen that pencil youll poke your eyes out, or dont play soccer, youll kick your self in the head, you know something is not right, besides she eats a hand full of screws with a glass of oil everynight- monkeeskittles

Sorry i'm just wondering why you don't have a capital letter at the start of the question, but feel it necessary to end with a question mark?- Loz

Well, that would explain alot wouldn't it? If it's true then I now realize that her extreme mood swings are just malfunctions and I can stop locking her away in the closet. It also explains why she has wheels for toes, and to think my grandparents told me she lost those toes in 'nam! But wait, what would that make me? Thank you for letting me know, now I get why my friends quote Styx whenever I'm around..- Kitten

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