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what if we told you that you weren't too big to put over our knees?

..wait..what?- SG*

I'd say you were kinky bastards. First sock puppets, now this...- Riku

I'd go watch sock monkey porn. Wich is the correct answer to every question.- zappya123

fuck you- flaming kanuck

I would ask you to confirm that fact after seeing a picture of me. Instead of sending a picture of me, however, I would send a picture of that guy that wieghs like 750 pounds that I saw on Jerry Springer when I was flipping thru the channels that one time. Now it's gonna be difficult to put that over your knees, even if you mean what I think you mean by your phrasing "our knees", meaning all of you InsaneDomainoids at once, and you all gonna get smashed. Perhaps you might reconsider?- FartMonkey

I'd enjoy a good spank, can DC do it though?- sally

i don't care!- Rina

then id think myself very lucky. its not often you get spanked by a cute -arse sock monkey.- frazicus

i would be amazed...NOT- Carmy

id say then..ooohhh, kinky. spank me DC!!! I LIKE IT!!!- Syko Morgana

...purr- allbeautymustdie

I'd tell you you were full of shit.- drunkennewfiemidget

I would say, "Well damn. Thats interesting. Do you want to go out for coffee?" - Josephine Stalin

Okay, but you might prefer kneepads. Then you can move your knees independently.- Mzebonga (I am king!!! King!!!!)

i'd get all excited and smile bashfully....i've been rather naughty- sxi purrsin

Id sit on you... and then youd probally die... cuz I am too big for you to put over your knees...- nsuxbum

i would ask to be spanked violently and then engaged in oral sex....PLEEZE?!?!?- irish psycho

then your a powerlifter- Ninja

Id be ecstatic!- Keiko

I would say you are a rotten liar, because I am too big.- DZ

Now that sounds slightly suggestive ;). I would first ask if you had any whips handy and if not, I would offer you my own collection. Then while having rough sex on "your knees" *ahem* I would say something so comletely disgusting and off the subject that everyone would immediatly lose their sex drive for the rest of their lives and have to build robots for any kind of recreation from then on. Thet'll teach you! bloody old people. *shudder*- Nelson

I'd give you " the eyebrow". Then I'd just sort of sink away into the crowd.- fartblossom

i'd get all horny and wet.- SiNiSTaR

i'd tell you to bring it on, motherfuckers- total shit

Oh, baby, that's what I'm talkin bout. I'll bring the cat-o-nine-tails, you bring the nipple clamps.- Indomitus

Egh, don't hit me, all i ever did was kick you in the balls- ferretchick

I'd put a book with nails and razors sticking out of it in my pajamas where my unprotecte ass normally the time i did when my dad got home to beat me whilst I was sleeping. Hahaha getting beaten by those mangled scared stumps he used to call hands always brought a smile to my face...very bittersweet.- bill

I would say I'm not too big (fat) like some people I'm just too old to be put over our knees.- Onlysmart1here

id slap u- Joe

I wouldn't care. I'd just sit down, put Emerald in my lap and play with her tail. I can see why those things are so fascinating.- McDiablo

I would cry cry really hard yell that you have to catch me and lock myself in the bathroom, then if you somehow managed to get in, i would just give up and cry and sniffle while you put me over your knee- monkeeskittles

I'd point out, that you're not too big to be put under the wheels of my car.- Loz

Well that would be great as long as it'll be DC doing it and he'll be using that wonderfully long tail of his to administer the beatings! If it isn't then can I atleast watch one of you spank DC yourselves? Oh that would be lovely. - Kitten

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