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what if there was an evil picnic basket and the only way to destroy it was to sing about it?

but waht if i'm hungry and i can't help but eat everything inside...:(...- SG*

"I'm going to an evil picnic and I brought a poisoned apple, carving knife, poppies, Cannibal brand hamburgers, dirty water dogs, stale pretzels..." and sing about every other evil kind of food I could think of in a list. Unless the basket sings back, which makes things a little more complicated, but I'm confident I would win.- Riku

I'd say:"Why would i want to detroy a freakin picnic basket? What a weird demand, i wonder why they ask it?" Wich counts a a song, so no more evil picnic basket.- zappya123

then the green gerbils would find vegeance and wreak havoc upon the green screwdrivers.- flaming kanuck

AN evil picnic basket? You people have a lot to learn..there is no such thing as a single evil picnic basket..where there's one, there's bound to be evil minions of hundreds and hundreds of picnic baskets...we'd all have to collaborate and steal a bunch of megaphones..- FartMonkey

then I'd sing ,you can't let evil picnic baskets roam about- sally

then you sing about it- Rina

the the world would become a loving place, where everyone would inevitably break out into song over anything, all because they discovered the wonder song could bring when it destroyed the evil picnic basket. yes, the world would be a place free from sin, and evil baskets, and full of sing, glorious song. and those who do not embrace the beauty that is the 'song' will be punished for there sins. they desrve to be persecuted at the hand of the bass, and sentanced tpo forever live in tone deafness. let it be said that those who see a man not singing, and filling his life with the glory of song, be within their rights to remedy the situation by the STONE!- frazicus

thats would be cool- Carmy

I'll bash it up and bash it and bash it and bash it into the ground and say "you cant make me sing about you you you EVIL picnic basket!" and then Id set it on fire. I like fire.- Syko Morgana

...i'd fart in it's general direction and ask it for plastic cultery- allbeautymustdie

Evil is OK.- drunkennewfiemidget

Going straight to my bible I would recall the verse in Samicus 14:3, where Cannabis says to Borlabus: "Aleiluia, Aleiluia. It shall be destroyed." The first thing I would do is break the handles off of the picnic basket, turn it upside down, and with the detached handles use it as a drum. I'd beat the drum while making catchy and rythmic beats until a song popped into my head. - Josephine Stalin

Could I play my guitar as back up? I like the guitar. I'll write a song now: Oh crappy basket that is evil, Leave is be? I will give you this shiny pebble, So make like a tree. Why don't you just fuck off and die, Or maybe shag DC, It's better than a poke in the eye. But you might get VD.- Mzebonga (I am king!!! King!!!!)

id find my banjo and sing and sing and sing....then giggle myself into a coma when the police try to tell me i've been singing to a pile of eggshells.- sxi purrsin

Id sing and sing and sing and sing and sing... then id probablly get shot becuase i cant sing...- nsuxbum

"that damn picnic basket!'s gonna get it's ass kicked! the evil lawn knomes across the street!.....and i'm gonna laugh and shoot at their feet!...."- irish psycho

Then if i sing about shave dmonkeys will the president be destroyed?- Ninja

I would ask for its life story, then sing about it.- Keiko

I would sing Princes of the Universe in from of it- DZ

Well I'm not a very good singer so I think I'd have to ring in the help of Phil Collins. Of course, it may not work as everything in the area would die as soon as he opened his mouth......Also, I don't actually have phil's phone number right at the moment. I did though, we used to be secret lovers in the jellybean war. He was a confectionary sympathiser, but we still found love. - Nelson

I would sing at the top of my lungs out of tune. - fartblossom

why would i want to destroy it? i'd take it with me, load it up on my moped and go eat it at the park with my friends the homeless pigeon man and the weird lady who pushes her pet duck around in a supermarket trolley.- SiNiSTaR

i would fucking sing about it man! absolutely, i'd sing about it all fucking night, until the acid wore off- total shit

No problem, cause I wrote an evil picnic basket song for just such an occasion: "Oh, evil pic-a-nic basket, you suck so much, because you won't give me my baloney sandwich, and you made my beer get warm, so now I have to send you to hell by singing my song, la la la". And if that didn't destroy it, then at least my singing should make it run away screaming so it would leave me the hell alone and make somebody else's beer warm instead.- Indomitus

To hell with it, I hope it kills everyone- ferretchick

I cant sing so i guess id just shit in it- bill

It depends what the evil picnic basket could do, if it presented any real threat I would suggest singing something horrible like some Spice Girl song or Britney Spears, etc.- Onlysmart1here

id sing smeg off picnic basket- Joe

I'd just start making some whistling noises, start quoting odd things and even throw in a siren sound or two. I'd be sure to make it really, really long, too, and almost never ending. In short, it'd be a techno song.- McDiablo

well Id take it home and sit it on the counter, Id go to my room and proceed to call someone who can write music, they would write me a little song for the picnic basket, I would set up strobe light things maybe a disco ball and a smoke machine and i would sing to it, then it would blow up and i would be sad- monkeeskittles

To be sung to Imagine, be Lenin sorry, Lennon. Imagine there's no picnic basket, it's easy if you try, no picnic basket trying to kill us, no evil picnic baket at all. Imagine all the people, living without fear, from THE picnic basket. Etc Etc. - Loz

Well, I wouldn't be quick to kill it off. I'd imagine that this particular picnic basket has some underlying problems making it so angry, so my first step would be to try to counsel the basket and see just what's on it's little woven mind. Perhaps a gluttonous bear kept stealing it's contents, driving it to insanity? I'd investigate this and after earning it's trust I would betray it completely and steal it's contents. While running away I would shout "Lalalala I fooled you, pic-a-nic basket! Why would you think you could ever have a friend? LALALALA I fooled you, pic-a-nic basket, as I sing this tune you'll come to your end!" As I am not a song writer, nor a good singer. This would not kill the picnic basket, and I would probably be captured and turned into neat little finger sandwiches. - Kitten

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