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commercials are getting worse and worse...
what if there was one so bad it actually made you vomit when you saw it?

I'd sue...Then I'd hunt down every last one of those bastards responsible and hang them on meat hooks by their toes in my basement and force them to watch the commercial and vomit on themselves. Fair enough?- Goober

I would attempt to vomit in the sink or toilet, and then try and avoid the commercial.- Leon Bushnell

I'm pretty sure that's why they stopped showing britney's pepsi commercial.- FartMonkey

Yes they are. Well, I'd file a complaint or take up bulimia, wouldn't you? - Kitten

well..i would finish vomiting first..then i would call the people and yell at them and vomit on the phone...hey..this sounds like crank yankers now doesn't it?- SG*

I'd buy every copy of the product advertised until there they had made a comfortable profit and the need for the commercial would pass. - Otocan

That advert would still be better than about 90% of television which is on at the moment.- Mzebonga

Lots of people would vomit on superbowl night- Pat

They do already. It's called Pokemon. *vomits at the typing of that horrid word*- Anthrax.Boy

Then I will find these advertisers, cut them up and then advertise their body parts for sale.- DZ

i would vomit. then i would get some paper towels and a spray-on stain remover. then i would masturbate.- swarthy

what do you mean what if? There is one know the one about the pregnancy thing that tells you when you can get pregnant...ok first of all, why would you want kids?(Just email me, I can give you millions of reasons why you dont) second of all the chicks on the commercial are so freakin ugly, y do they want to reproduce...actually why would anyone want to reproduce...they should take filth like that off the air, we dont need little teeny bopper peoples running out and buying the kits so they can trick there pathetic boyfriends into having a kid and living off of his money after they break up and off that so called governments money or whatever i dunno...did i even answer the question...we'll just call this Tee's ranting answer- monkeeskittles

I'd say lets get together a lynch mob and kiiillll them. Those bastards would deserve it after torturing me!- ferretchick

I'd stop watching TV- rubyblood

being the stupid stoner that i am, id proabaly just sit there in my own puke for weeks until finally i got pissed off and scooped it all into little bags and sent it to the creators of the commercial. - Syko Morgana

i'll get a vomit glass container. and if the next time i watch tv i saw it again...i'll stock more vomit container...and if there's really a good show that i wanna watch but can't help seeing that vomit generating commercial again...i'll hunt those worst ever vomit generating commercial maker and present all my vomit glass container and say " SEE THEEEEEESSSSSSEEEEE (tsk...tsk...just too many of 'em) YOU VOMIT SUCKING MONSTERS, I'VE NO MORE VITAMIS LEFT IN MY BODY!!!!" - leigh:(

i'd drill a small hole in the side of the tv, and vomit through a straw into it as payback!! haha. - drumroll_please

i'd sue the company for, um, sexual assult, lol, yes. and if they denied, i'd sue them for being evil dirty liars, that make me want to throw up. not only that, but i'd make people who i didn't like watch the commercial over and over until they died from vometing so much. ahhh yes...- deathmagick

i would hold my vomit hailing a taxi. then i would hold my vomit while on the plane (Now by this point im sure my vomit would be watery but that alone would make me vomit more, case being this vomits gross). ok so still holding vomit hailing a taxi in hell called Advertiser Land. Then I would go promptly up to the asshole who made the commercial and puke all over his face. while hes screaming from the grossness of it all I would alternate kicking him in his kidneys and pissing in his eyes. "What about this for a commercial? It can be for a disease that is passed through piss?...asshole"- illegal alien from mexico

It'll get there. That'll be a commercial for some medicine against vomiting and it'll be a good one too!- Omuletzu

I'd locate the person who created such commercial and vomit on them- korky

Curse them!!! I shake my fist at you!!! (vomits) Oh yes, once my cats have ripened and I've plucked them from the vine (vomits) I shall request the cats do them in!! But, the cats don't take my orders. So I try to win them over with offerings of ladybugs and cheese. Instead of accepting my offerings they imprison me in their underground labor dungeons where I'm with the work-force that sustains cat life.- ferretchick

i'd get hysterical and throw away my television, then, as i pant with the effort of lifting a tv, with vomit dripping down the sides of my mouth and some out of my nose, i'll let out a mighty yell and beat my chest and run off to the secondary forest behind my house and stay there for the rest of my life, living i peace with the chimpanzees and eating nuts and leaves.- SiNiSTaR

Id buy the product.- Hooligan

OH MY god... !!! usualy... i change channels when the commercials start!- la curve

then vomit i guess- Pat

I'd walk down to the people who made the commercials, vomit on then, and beat them senseless with said 2X4- Rock

when will those damn retards learn that A FUCKIN COMMERCIAL IS NOTHIN WITHOUT LEMONS!!!!!!!!!! LEMONS u fuckers- u smell like lemons

laugh and then cry and piss my pants as i love that one with puppies- little ginger kev

It wouldn't surprise anyone in know, that's for sure. They're used to seeing me vomit at random times and then act totally fine afterwards. I don't call myself an unwilling bullimic for nothing.- McDiablo

Simple get a shotgun- joe_sucks

i tend not to watch hopefully that would be one of the ones i'm able to not see by watching a different show during them/it- butt

i'd feed the puke to my worst enemy(an asshole named russell) and strap him down in a chair and make him watch it over and over and over again.- irish psycho

hehehehehehehnmhehehehmehehmeh....that would pretty cool butthead...- Beavis

the girl who was preforming fellaicio on me would be very pissed or very turned on. either of wich would be VERY bad.- demonboy

i'd find the writer of the commercial and everyone that had anything to do with the making of the commercial and i'd puke all over them and i'd make them eat it...that sounds pretty damn vile to me...- irish psycho

i'd become bullimic. aren't u glad i'm honest?- irish psycho

what is the world coming to?- Melissa

Hmmm... I keep watching TV.- kabeli

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