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what if dinosaurs had learnt to eat rocks and were
found living under the earths crust where it's warmer?

I would never dig any holes in my life.- Goober

Then that would be the biggest science discovery in a long time... I mean nothing I can think of is wierder than that. Is it true?- Leon Bushnell

That would be so cool! I'll have to ask dc if sock monkeys and dinosaurs get along though...wait a minute...why do they have to live under the crust what with global warming and all? How do they cool off? Did they also become warm blooded? Maybe those are just lost spelunkers who don't want you to know the terrible truth about why they've grown scales and tails- FartMonkey

Ahh so they've learned to get along with the mole people? Well, I'd invite them up for tea and then politely ask if they have any extra Steves lying around.- Kitten

they did and they haven't noticed?! its scary..careful when you sit on the toilet ok?...- SG*

Good luck to them, I'm not here to judge the livng or eating habits of anyone or anything. Why do dinosaurs need to justify there existance to you, me or anyone else? - Otocan

I think that's possibly a good explanation for why they went extinct. See, ancient man used to heat large rocks to cook on because they retain heat but do not burn so easily, thus, as Dinosaurs had stomachs full of rocks, they slowly cooked over a long period of time with their stomach contents retaining the heat until the dehydrated, passed out then died.- Mzebonga

Then we would all be screwed- Pat

Then I would learnt to eat ice cream and go live in Antarctica where it's cooler. Then me and the dinosaurs (though I would call them magmasaurs cause of them being under the crust) would battle it out for control of the world, Ice v. Fire, Cold v. Hot, Human v. Magmasaur...NO ONE WILL SURVIVE!!! Coming to a home near you, any damage cause by freezing or razing is YOUR responsibilty.- Anthrax.Boy

Cool, so Jule Vernes was right all along. So dinosaurs might come back to rule the world, but the Cats will beat them to it and make sure they will never win.- DZ

i would masturbate.- swarthy

I would never dig a hole again...what happens when your outside some warm sunny day and you think oh Im going to dig me a big hole over there and you start digging and you look down and you have knocked the mama dinosaur out and the baby dinosaur is eating some rocks...but looks up at you pretty funny and pretty soon you are dino food?- monkeeskittles

I'd feed them the world's supply of garbonzo beans, they're worthless anyway- ferretchick

I'd stop doing drugs.- rubyblood

haha..damn dinosaurs..why do they think they are so smart? Eventually they'll eat their way back up to the surface and be stuck with US! Hahahahaha!!! thats what they get for trying to be sly! HAHAHAHA!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHaH!!! *cough* ahem.yea.- Syko Morgana

that's good. it only means that my ancestors have done great in tricking those monsters to eat rocks. they were an almighty pest during those days. those folks(my ancestors) were genuis...they foresee that eventually those rocks in their(dinos) stomach will weigh them down to the ground, under it...where its warmer, and to the core where they will burn alive and GONE FOREVER! - leigh:)

we could turn the earth inside out like a popple or a reversible jacket, and force god to live in the center of the earth where he could keep an eye on us. inevitably he would burn to death, and dinosaurs would live free- drumroll_please

i'd try digging one up so i could see what size they really were. i'd prolly get a lot of money, and if i wanted even more, i'd charge people to look at it for a maximum of 9 minutes, at $10 a head. then i'd watch as the people got to close, thinking mr. t-rex was a non-man eater, and they'd get eaten in a horrible bloddy mess, leaving nothing but bones which i'd give to my dog. everyone would be happy!- deathmagick

well hell lets have a party! im sure those dinos are up for some living after those hundred or so years down there (or thousand whateve). I'd crank up some Kenny Rogers and Celine Dion and I bet wed get along great! Oh yea then id use them as my army to take over the world- illegal alien from mexico

Eh... that's dumb! You try learning to eat rocks!- Omuletzu

kill myself- korky

I have a plan laid away for just such an occasion involving the world's ice cubes, ants, and a bunch of hungry coon-dogs. The ice will drive those rock-eating monsters out, then i'll enlist the help of the ant armies. The coon dogs will help clean up by dragging the carcasses to their masters in Louisiana.- ferretchick

i'd ask them if there's room for one more, and snuggle up with them, and we'll crawl around under the earth crusts, and create earthquakes just for shits, and bringing about the extinction of mankind, while i begin to morph into a stegosaurus, and the age of the dinosaurs once again arrives.- SiNiSTaR

id ride one.- Hooligan

COOL!!! I would love that!!! - la curve

they must have a hard time shitting- Pat

I'd try to kill them with said 2X4, and die a horrible death- Rock

i would carve a rock shaped as a dick so then the third thing dinasaurs would learn is how to suck a dick- u smell like lemons

id cry and eat my pant crust- little ginger kev

That would be good since I've always wondered what dinosaur meat tastes like...*gets beaten up by thousands of vegetarians*....I mean, then there would be dinosaurs living in the earth's crust....Is it normal for my arm to be bleeding this much...?- McDiablo

while I can't go with shotgun again sooooo...... bozooka?- joe_sucks

it would be a more fabulous way to explain earthquakes...darn dinos- butt

i'd finally know that my basement is NOT infested with giant rats...but with dinosaurw.- irish psycho

I hope they eat all the top Music company exec's so i don't have to worry about downloading music. Cause the stuff on tv sucks. I'd rather go work or something. huhuhuhuhuhuhhuh.- Beavis

we as a human race would be amazed and overjoyed that such majestic and wounderous creatures long thought extinct adapted and survived all these millenia. we would them take them from theyre natural habitat and lean some way to exploit theyr rock eating abilities. humans are the least "humain" of all the spicies on earth- demonboy

more power to the damn dinosaurs!!!- irish psycho

i'd join them when they go streaking...wouldn't u?- irish psycho

i guess we would be screwed- Melissa

Then we all have a problem.- kabeli

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