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what if there were cats all over your roof and
if you tried to leave they'd swat at your head and hiss?
<Your responses were being monitored by the Cats>

I'd swat and hiss back...I'm not a pussy (no pun intended)...OUCH DAMMIT!- Goober

I would get a water hose and attempt to fight them off my room, without hurting them too badly. If you mean I cant get out of the house, then I would wrap myself in thick clothing and make a break for my car to escape.- Leon Bushnell

I'd explain that I was only trying to leave to bring them more food and maybe some ammunition if they want it. If they still don't look pleased I'll go back inside or dig a tunnel or whatever I need to do to comply with their demands.- FartMonkey

Well obviously they have good reason to keep me inside. I wouldn't question their intentions until I ran out of food, since I'm not one for cannibalism I would throw one of my Steves out the window as a distraction and make a run for it. If by chance they caught me, I would beg for forgiveness and offer to buy a smorgasbord of rodents and small birds as a truce.- Kitten

i' again?- SG*

Don't try to leave by the roof. Stupid Queston wan't it? Feel silly? Good.- Otocan

I must obey the cats. If they bid me stay, it must be so.- Mzebonga

Depends on if they were declawed- Pat

I would make paper airplanes and set up a contraption that would shoot them out tricking the cats. Then I would dress up like a cat and climb on the roof and push them all off. But realizing the futility of pushing them, they would bounce back up and maul me to death. But the paper-airplane thrower would continue to throw the planes and confuse the cats.- Anthrax.Boy

I will have leave them alone and stay inside, I must obey my Feline Masters.- DZ

i would throw rocks at them. then i would set my house on fire and watch the kitties burn. then i would masturbate.- swarthy

Id take my trusty flyswatter, Spanky and dangle it back and forth hoping to distract the kitties, when they were distracted I would make a run for it, but my shoe would probably come untied and I would fall to the ground, the cats would realize they had been set up and jump on my head and claw my eyes out.- monkeeskittles

It would remind me of the good old days at granny's house....- ferretchick

Remove them with a fire hose.- rubyblood

I start blasting Nirvana songs on my home entertainment system really loud until the walls and roof vibrated, and all the cats slide off. - Syko Morgana

i'll hold their tails in one other hand's going to my pocket ((ouch!!!...the bullshits almost scratch my eyes!!!)) to get my imitation of sock monkey and shove it to their mouths and LET THEM CHOKE TO DEATH!!!When their dead i'll retrieve my imitation sock monkeys...nah...why bother? their just imitations anyway. - leigh:)

then i'd break their jaws with industrial staplers, and give them all mittens (which i would charge them for), and film everything for the local news/the planet's funniest animals/cat lovers everywhere.- drumroll_please

lol.. well i like cats, but i'd get annoyed after awhile. i'd prolly get out the hose and spray at them until they left, however, if they were used to water and wouldn't flea, i'd have all my necesseties (spelling?) delevered to my house, and live in peace, away from cats, and humans. - deathmagick

They did that to you too????????? fuck we've gotta do something with these damn cats...wait, that black font?? whats that say there? CATS!! your in fuckin cahoots with the cats!!! fuck shit theyre fuckin everywhere man..*runs off clutching hair and subsequently shitting pants*- illegal alien from mexico

I'd invite them all inside for lunch, dinner, etc. The roof's not at all confortable - too hot when it's sunny, wet when it rains. And I would never leave.- Omuletzu

hiss back- korky

That reminds me of Grandma and her large cats....I would feed them tuna, lots and lots of tuna, enough tuna so they would roll off the roof. The mice would come in large numbers, providing enough food for the cats to become even larger. Then, I would breed the cats, creating a species of large super-cats to help in the inevitable takeover of the world. Yes my precious ones, eat.- ferretchick

I'll dig an escape route through my living room floor, but first to make sure the cats won't know what I'm doing by disguising myself as a common mole going about his business digging holes.- SiNiSTaR

id make a helmet out off Dachshunds- Hooligan

I would not go on my roof to chase the cats! I would call animal protection...- la curve

shotgun their asses- Pat

I'd kill them with a 2X4- Rock

i'd come up to the roof with them and if someone catches me and try to leave, i would swat at their head and hiss...damn bitches and bastards- u smell like lemons

cry and piss my knickers- little ginger kev

I can see the subliminal message under this question. I'm able to 'read between the lines', so HA! Anyways, I'd choose to stay on the cats' good sides by letting them stay because everyone who's anyone knows that cats hold grudges against stupid, smelly humans.- McDiablo

Simple have a shotgun- joe_sucks

1. throw a match up there... 2. start chanting "the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire..." 3. film a video clip with Nelly.. 4. use residue cat meat to bake cookies. - Martha Stewart

i'd never leave my house....or i'd call cat patrol or something...and hopefully they would be able to take care of the daggum cats...i don't enjoy them all that much- butt

i'd invite them all inside for some champagne and we'd all sit in the hot tub naked.- irish psycho

I'm not afraid of pussy...unless it's a really fat chick..then I'm scared.- Beavis

over time i would devlope a fear of hissing noises such as arosol cans or air leaks, and wonder the streets in a lite, but cozy stuper from the constant loss of blood. my roof would also start to reak of cat piss and i would be prosecuted for animal crualty for not giving the cats proper food and shelter.i would then be convicted for several counts of animal crualty and two counts public nudity.and arraiving at the state pen, givin my damb good looks and and my inability to comprehend whats going on from the aformentioned constant loss of blood, would be passed around courtyard like a peace pipe. thats the breaks.- demonboy

i'd swat back and hiss at them. but then, of course, i'd feed them all gourmet food from my GARBAGE and i'd send my huskies after those damn cats.- irish psycho

i'd personally clean the cats with my dads tongue and by the time i was done they'd love me and my dad would have fur balls...NOT LIKE THAT,ASSHOLE!!!- irish psycho

i would leave anyway- Melissa

Then I have a problem.- kabeli

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