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what if we ran out of what if questions and then our heads exploded?

i don't know about you, but i would go to 7eleven, cuz really, what else are you gonna do when your head explodes?- Miss Roger's Sweater

I would eat your brains in order to absorb the insane goodness..- Fido Dido

Then there would be no more questions and no more us. Scavenging animals would eventually eat our corpses and our ceased existance would ultimately benefit the universe.- FartMonkey

id laugh, laugh very hard, until i peed my pants, then id go hide in the closet with the dead clown and cry, maybe molest him a little, whatever happens, will be between us.- monkeeskittles

lots of delicious and easy-to-access brains for my night of Bacchanalian feasting and orgiastic rites.- Fish

I believe you are referring to theinsanedomain staff? Because if their heads exploded I think theinsanedomain cult would have to disband and all the cult members would have to find another internet home to whack off to sock monkeys in.- Nelson

i dont know. my head would be gone!- BoobsMan

then we would all go to the under world and live are life there and all are what if's would never exsisted and disappear before we ever thought of a what if... what ifs are just thing that could happen before u made ur past accure. so what if i said something diffrent???- BaByGiRl

small green sock monkeys would start oozing out of the stumps of your necks...monkeys who already know the hypothetical answers to everything. except one...which will most likely keep them occupied for the rest of eternity..."what if we /hadnt/ run out of what if questions?"- frazicus

i would cry- Elli

then we would be covered with sock monkey blood and brain fluid and probably some shards of sock monkey skull. it would be a sad sad day. but we would immortalise the wondorous sock monkey brain fluid in a special mausoleum where it would be honoured and respected until the end of time, and people would make pilgrimages to the mausoleum of the sock monkey.- communist queen

well nobody can live without what if questions but it would be kinda cool if everyone was running around without a head- FlynMonkeyLuvr

well.....then we wouldn't be alive anymore so there isn't much that could happen- coperate rock whore

My head would explode. Then pineapples would then take place for our heads and we would start a cult and drink the magic Kool-Aid.- Vile weasel squeezer

ahhhhhhhhhh the world would no longer exist... with slurpees that is!- ~JeEpY!

Then we would grow new heads with new what if questions!!!- Chunky Flamingo Testicles

Well that would be okay because I'm sure at some point we here would probably get sick of answering your questions but be to ashamed to say something, then throw a party when the explosion happens.- Sally

then, i don't see what the big deal would be, it's not like i look forward to the new questions every month, hoping snd praying that maybe i'll get a good answer award, it's not like i lay awake at night trying to come up with the perfect answers to the questions that have yet to be asked, geez, who do you think you are????- MARISSA

well then. it'd be a real big mess for someone to clean up, huh? probably me. damn i hate janitorial work. :P- malice oblivian friend said that one day..- SG*

Thats too bad- Omahastylee

Well...then I guess your janitors would be really busy.- Highlander1010

well i would hope that mine didn't go that i could see what it looked like when it did happen- LittleBit

I would slap the scorched stubs of your headless necks around until some more what ifs came out.- Enfante Terrible

That's be very sad. Well, that's life.- Omuletzu

BWAHAGHAHHAHAHAHAHEHAHHHHAAAAA....(breath)..bWAHAGEAHAHHSAHAHAHAHHAHDFH<----------Millions of people who hear and see about this will start doing that over and over again till it turns into a dry, bland ,old stale thing (but they wont stop till it does, causeing some heads to explodes over that long time till a nerd finds out about it and starts laughing causing everone to stop and say "dear lord, is he laughing at that dry bland old stale thing? well no wonder he is called 'a nerd'"then they would skip away.other stuff would happen to but i gotta headache right if this makes no sense to ya, dont worry(and im not fucking reading it oVER!!..thats stupid shit...and headaches aint cool kids, so always remember to stock up on tylenol..even if that means stealing.- Spaggetti

the chasm from your exploding heads would cause a ripple in the time space continuum. DC's head being big enough to send a shock wave into parallel dimensions, would cause entire clusters of galaxies to implode upon themselves. this would be a feat within itself, if it were not for the spectacular effects following jcp's explosion. all life would cease to exist for 6 lightyears in every direction and without anyone to keep the population in check, millions upon million of octangular shaped shades of green would inhabit ever planet in the vicinity... this is only speculative of course.- Empriss Nikon

I would know it was a hoax and that you had really been kidnapped by yuppie extremists who intend to plant idiot-chips into the bases of your skulls so that your personalities could be synchronized to your assigned social behavior programs from a centralized, remote location. I would immediately activate a silent chain of ninja assassins to track you down and to take hostages and slay managers at all Starbucks and Old Navy franchises in the western hemisphere until you were all safely returned and declared Joint Executive Ministers of Inquistion to The UN and a parade was held in your honor where people threw money and underpants and software at you. Captured yuppie militants would be interned indefinitely in sweatshops and forced to make sneakers and toys for Malaysian children, while being fed ketchup and french fries intravenously until their gallbladders leaped out of their throats and independently sought political asylum.- sixhairytits

I dont know but i wouldn't clean it up.- Epic

it really wouldn't make much difference...if our heads exploded we kinda wouldn't care about questions anymore...- deep

*picks up DC's remains*...Maybe this will sell on Ebay.- Pancake

Then I would have lots of brain soup with eyeballs and ears and such.- SlimJD

then we would all day and everything would be great and peaceful.- deashie leashie

Well, that definitely wouldn't be good. If your heads exploded, then there would be no one left to think of these lovely things known as What If's. It would be a sad day indeed...I would mourn for the loss of the What If's, not for your heads I'm afraid.- McDiablo

we all would have nothing to do for the rest of our lifes, so id die and a couple of other peple would make a website dedicated to your lifes some others would grin and move on to find some people to bother and a couple people would be happy(i think you know who im talkin about)others the more emotinal would cry and scream "WHYS!!!!" to god.THe secret cult thats dedicated to destroy all of you would go back to destroying mr.t's reruns to stop airing.Then some wont believe the news and laugh...thats what-if would happen.- spapoo

I'd laugh- Chemist

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